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(Wedding (3)

The night breeze was as gentle as water that flowed uninterrupted. The night’s stars were bright and splendid as the car drove through the little town underneath the blanket of stars and past the gentle, dim yellow streetlights before it slowly drove into the manor.

The car had just stopped when Ah Mo, who had waited for quite a while, came to greet them and opened the car door.

“Master, Missus…”

Before Ah Mo could finish greeting them, in the driver’s seat, Mu Yuchen already reached out to stop him as he slowly got down from the car.

“Master, the two of you are finally back! Grandfather and Grandmother have been anxious.”

Ah Mo carefully looked at the front passenger seat. Indeed, he saw Xi Xiaye sleeping soundly against her seat, covered with Mu Yuchen’s jacket.

Mu Yuchen nodded. “The scenery was great over there, so we stayed a day or two longer. Is everyone here?”

Ah Mo went up to take the things from the car, softly answering, “Mmm, Master Su and Master Mo are here too. Now, we’re only waiting for Mayor Xi and Teacher Shen who aren’t here yet.”

When he finished, Mu Yuchen’s handsome face sank and his brows furrowed. He turned to look at Ah Mo. “Did you try contacting them?”

“I did, but both their phones are switched off. When Elder CEO Shen came over, he said that because of Teacher Shen’s eyes, she was worried that the atmosphere of the wedding would be affected, so she didn’t come over. After that, I called them, but I couldn’t get through,” said Ah Mo with a frown.

Mu Yuchen walked slowly to the front passenger seat. “Did you call the Shen residence?”

“I did, but no one picked up.”

Upon hearing this, Mu Yuchen’s handsome brows knotted even more. He fell silent for a moment, then returned to his usual calmness. “I got it. Don’t tell your sis-in-law first. Okay, go and rest earlier. Just let them know we’re back.”

Then, he opened the car door and gently carried Xi Xiaye in. The sudden movement awoken Xi Xiaye and his voice softly whispered by her ear, “Sleep when we get to the room, Xiaye.”

Then, he took huge strides towards the residence.

When he reached the room, he settled her on the bed and then did a simple wipe down of her face and hands before tucking her in with a blanket as she continued sleeping. He took a shower before slipping into bed to rest.

He looked forward to the arrival of the next day, but…

Sleepiness engulfed him. Just when he was about to hug her and fall asleep, there was a knock from the outside. He got up in his sleeping gown to open the door and saw Wang Hui and Zhuang Shurong standing outside.

“Grandmother, Mother, why aren’t you asleep yet?” Mu Yuchen asked when Wang Hui reached out to pull him outside. He staggered a little and almost fell, just managing to steady himself by holding the wall on the side. He looked puzzledly at Wang Hui.

“What are you doing?” he frowned and asked.

“Sleep with Su Chen and the rest tonight. You’re going to be a groom tomorrow, so rest earlier tonight,” Wang Hui instructed.

“They’re already asleep. Plus, without me around, Xiaye will wake up in the middle of the night.”

“Chen Er, be good. Just endure one night. This is tradition anyway. You hope to have a good wedding, don’t you? Go. Su Chen and the rest aren’t asleep yet. They’re still playing cards with Ah Mo, but tonight you’ll have to rest earlier since you have to wake up early tomorrow.” Zhuang Shurong’s voice came with a gentleness that was unlike her usual self.

What did they mean by enduring one night? And tradition? He had already slept with her so many times!

He frowned and turned to peer into the room. The light in his eyes flickered from dark to light.

“Don’t worry. Lingshi and Su Nan will come over to accompany her. Just go! When you wake up early tomorrow, don’t come over too. You’ll have to get up and prepare in a few more hours. Su Chen’s at the Will Grand Hotel. Quickly go over. The driver downstairs will send you over directly.”

When he heard Wang Hui, Mu Yuchen could not help but hold his forehead, and then sigh helplessly. “Why are there so many rules to follow? We’re already married!”

“Enough with the nonsense. Hurry! It’s already very late!”

Mu Yuchen then turned to walk into the room. “I’m getting my phone. You guys had better take good care of her.”

When he returned to the room, Xi Xiaye was half-asleep. She saw him fiddling by the bedside and looked up at him through half-opened eyes. Her voice was a little raspy from the drowsiness. “What are you doing?”

Upon hearing her voice, he turned to her. She propped herself up halfway to look at him with misty, twinkling eyes. He sat down by the bedside and reached out to pat her head. “Tonight, Su Nan and Lingshi are going to be with you. I’m going over to Su Chen’s place. We have to wake up early tomorrow, so take care of yourself and rest earlier, hmm?”

“What are you doing?” Now, Xi Xiaye was more awake. She subconsciously reached out to pull his hand and quickly sat up.

“They say it’s tradition. We’ll see each other tomorrow. Rest well. Be my beautiful bride, alright?”

Then, he lowered his head and planted a kiss on her forehead before he got up and took the phone from the table. “I’ve already charged your phone. Remember to bring it with you. We’ll talk again tomorrow. Rest now.”

Xiaye just watched him take his phone, and then his jacket on the side before she nodded with her starry eyes “You rest earlier too then. Is the hotel he’s staying at nearby?”

“It’s a little far, but don’t worry. I’ll text you when I reach and I’ll get them to prepare something for you to eat. I’m leaving now.”

“Mmm…” She lowered her head to answer, yet she did not let go of his hand.

He looked down as well, and then he reached out with his arm to hold her by the shoulders. His soft voice was very tender. “Can’t bear to see me go?”

“What do you think?” She went along and circled her arms around his strong waist while peering up at him.

“Let’s look forward to tomorrow then.”

He finally used a kiss to console the timid girl before he left.

At this moment, Su Nan and Mu Lingshi entered the room.

“Xiaye! Why did you take so long to come back? We’ve already been here for two days. The scenery here is quite lovely and is very suitable for your wedding and honeymoon. Did you have a lot of fun these few days?”

Xi Xiaye had just finished her shower when she saw Su Nan sitting on the bed, flipping through her and Mu Yuchen’s wedding photos. Beside her was Mu Lingshi in shorts and a t-shirt.

Xi Xiaye casually tousled her dry hair, and then lay down on the bed. “It was alright. Initially, we wanted to return sooner, and bring you around.”

“No need for that. Ah Shi already brought us around the past two days. In fact, I think managing your wedding is more fun. Also, let me secretly tell you that Master Mu seems to want to give you a very different wedding. Do you want to know what kind of wedding it is?"



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