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(Wedding (2)

He obviously did not realize that he had already unknowingly let her slip into his life and his social circles.

Some things evolved and silently influenced things with time, settling in without a sound. When one came to realize it, the subtle changes would already have happened. Perhaps, the amount of change would even have accumulated to becoming a fundamental change in effect.

Yet, upon hearing him, Xiaye immediately frowned unhappily. She narrowed her twinkling eyes at him and said begrudgingly, “Is my EQ really that low?”

He nodded calmly. “Yes, very!” he answered swiftly and certainly. Immediately, her beautiful face crumpled.

When he saw that she was unhappy, he cleared his throat and added on, “However, you’re a good woman. That I completely agree with.”

Then, her darkened expression started to look less miserable. She looked radiantly with delight at him. “Obviously! In fact, Aunt Susan called me beautiful. The reason you liked me so quickly back then must have been because of my angelic looks!”

He rolled his eyes at her. “Do you even know what the standards of your Mr. Mu’s dream lover were?”

“What standards?”

This was the first time she heard him mention something like this. Her twinkling eyes could not help but flicker with some interest as she fixed her gaze on him.

Nonetheless, Mu Yuchen continued to drive leisurely and calmly with a faint smile on his handsome face. He spoke calmly, “She should be about 160 meters in height, reaching right below my chin when we’re standing. She should have long, black hair that reaches her waist. Her figure should be moderate with fair skin, starry, bright eyes, likes tomato fried eggs and hot and sour shredded potatoes. When she’s angry, she won’t speak to me and will roll her eyes at me. When she doesn’t get past a game level, she will slam the mouse to pieces, a 34B…”

When he finished, Xiaye immediately compared his description to herself.

About 160 meters in height?

She was a match!

Long, black and beautiful hair that reaches the waist?

She was a match!

A medium figure, fair skin, and starry bright eyes?

She should qualify too!

Tomato fried eggs, hot and sour shredded potatoes?

She definitely fit this one!

Lastly, 34B?

Her first reaction was to look down at her own chest, then she frowned and punched him.

“How dare you mess with me!? Aren’t you just describing me?”

“Be careful, Missus. You seem to have an inclination of becoming a barbarous wife!”

“I’ll show you what domestic abuse is too!”

The husband and wife couple bickered all the way to the manor, yet at this moment, the people at the manor were beyond anxious.

Wang Hui, Su Nan and the rest had reached the manor since yesterday. They started to decorate the wedding venue without getting any rest. The wedding dress was directly delivered from France. That morning, Shen Yue and the rest rushed over too.

“Quick, quick, continue calling your brother. Why aren’t they back yet? They’ll make it back in time for tonight, won’t they?” Wang Hui looked down at the busy crowd as she urged Mu Lingshi to call them.

Mu Lingshi shrugged helplessly. “Grandmother, I’ve called brother an hour ago. They’re still on the way back and will only be back at 10 p.m. It’s only 8 p.m. now. Just calm down and don’t worry too much, okay? Bro and Sis-in-law aren’t even worried. You’re not the one getting married. Why do you seem more anxious than them?”

“What do you know? How long has it been since the Mu family had a happy occasion? We finally have this! Can’t you just act with the times and let me be happy? Is it wrong for me to be worried?” Wang Hui rolled her eyes at Mu Lingshi. “Also with you and Ah Mo, once your bro and your sis-in-law’s affairs are done, the next one’s going to be you and him. You should work hard for yourself and maybe do something now. When some time has passed, you can just get your certificate. You young people don’t care about those things anyway.”

“We were talking about my bro and sis-in-law. How did the topic turn to me? How about you just look forward to Bro and Sis-in-law’s great grandchild for you?”

As Mu Lingshi spoke, she could not help but feel a headache. Ever since she moved to live with Ah Mo, they had already set their mind on them. In fact, they subtly hinted for her to have a shotgun-wedding. She had never seen a grandmother like this, who was not worried about her being taken advantage of at all. It was as if they were sure Ah Mo was an honest, good person while she, Mu Lingshi, was not reliable at all.

“I want to have some great-grandchildren too. Your grandfather and I are free with nothing to do anyway. One or two children would make the house livelier. We don’t ask for much. Why can’t you just satisfy us sooner?”

“Forget it. You won’t understand what I mean. These things should let nature take its course. There’s no use for you to be anxious about it. I’m done here. I’m going to look for Su Nan. She was quite airsick yesterday and Ruan Heng is quite worried. I’ve been busy, so I didn’t get to ask how she is today. I’m not sure if she’s feeling better already.”

Then, before Wang Hui could answer, she already turned to walk back into the villa, annoying Wang Hui. She wanted to chase after her and lecture her a bit more when Mu Yinan and Shen Yue’s voice came from below.

“Do you have any more friends to invite from your end? This time, to go with Ah Chen and Xiaye’s request, we’ve already done our best to make things simple, but we can’t be careless either,” said Mu Yinan to Shen Yue beside him as they slowly walked towards the villa.

Shen Yue was currently walking towards the villa with his hands clasped behind him. His aged face showed a rare expression of happiness. “We’re almost done. You’ve all worked tirelessly these past few days. After this wedding, it’s time I retire. This time, I wanted to use this chance for them to meet more people in the circle. The two of you are much more fortunate than I am. You live such idle days.”

“Yours are coming soon too, aren’t they? Just leave everything to the couple, and then you can have idle days too. These things are mere worldly possessions anyway. It’s not much once you see it indifferently. Anyway, let’s not care about how things should be, and let the children work hard themselves. Right, how’re Wenna’s eyes? What did the doctors say? Is there any way of healing it?”

“The blood clots are gradually dissipating. Perhaps it’ll soon be gone completely, but we can’t be sure if she’ll see again. In fact, we don’t how soon it will be, so…,” Shen Yue sighed, “Initially, I wanted to bring her with me this time to visit some prestigious hospitals, but she was worried that if anything came up, it would make the children unhappy instead, so she didn’t come. You know how Wenna’s like.”

“Wenna didn’t come? Didn’t she say..?”

When Mu Yinan previously called Mu Tangchuan and the rest, they said that Shen Wenna would probably come, but now…

If Shen Wenna could not make it, would Xi Mushan be coming instead?



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