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( Wedding (1)

Things went on till late night and Xi Xiaye soon got drunk. After wandering around for a bit, she did not know how she got back to the room, but she vaguely remembered Mu Yuchen wiping her face and changing her clothes for her. After that, she had no idea what happened.

Her head felt heavy when she woke up the next morning. Although Mu Yuchen was not with her, she saw that he had prepared a white outfit right beside her. She left the room after washing up.

A cool breeze welcomed her while the grassy scent in the air felt fresh. She walked toward the veranda and lifted the curtains when she heard laughter outside. Outside, she saw some people playing tennis. They were two pairs of very young couples on the court, attracting a crowd around them.

Xi Xiaye slowly went to the staircase and watched from afar as she leaned against the railing.

In a nearby field, there was the sound of galloping advancing nearer. When she glanced over, she saw people riding horses.

…( Boxno vel. co m )

She once wished to do the same things as them such as play tennis, ride a horse across a huge field, or walk through a crowded street with their hands held tightly together. She thought she would never have the chance to experience what was lost in the past ever again.

Unexpectedly, she was able to revisit the past and have such a pleasant moment, so she took the time to enjoy it.

Running, playing around the soft grassy field…

Walking through a narrow and crowded alley with their hands clasped tight, reminiscing the past…

Racing across the field on a horse while they watched the sunset…

These were too beautiful to be true.

Time passed quickly. They gave up their original plan to walk around several towns. Instead, they just stayed there to visit all the nearby attractions.

Night fell. They were heading back to the city they came from soon as it was their wedding tomorrow. The lodge owners had called them several times already, worried that they would miss their wedding with all the fun. Xi Xiaye went back to their room to pack up after dinner. Mu Yuchen had been missing since afternoon, having gone out with Uncle Sam. He told her to get some rest before heading back at night.

Someone knocked on the door when Xi Xiaye was packing up. When she opened the door, she saw Aunt Susan standing outside. Aunt Susan seemed to be very close to Mu Yuchen. After Xi Xiaye asked about it, she found out that she had been in City Z for quite a number of years before and had taught English in a school, but she was fluent in Mandarin as well. Much to her relief, Xi Xiaye did not have to speak English to her.

“Aunt Susan?” Xi Xiaye was surprised to see the kind and gentle Susan outside her door.

“May I come in?” Susan asked politely.

Xi Xiaye nodded and moved away. “Of course, please have a seat!” She then poured a glass of water for Susan.

“Thank you!” Susan accepted the glass of water with a smile on her face. She glanced at Xi Xiaye as her smile got wider. “You’re really beautiful, Miss Xiaye.”

“Thank you!” Xi Xiaye replied as she sat down on the sofa opposite her.

“I’m surprised that Ah Chen brought you here, but we’re really happy to see you guys together.” Susan smiled as her eyes softened. “I know you two are here to have your wedding. You have my blessings.”

“Thank you, Aunt Susan. Did you know Mu Yuchen from before?” Xi Xiaye voiced out her doubt.

“Haha, I guess you don’t know that I was a teacher in City S and I’ve taught Ah Chen before. After that, he came to New York and we bumped into each other at Wall Street. We’ve kept in touch ever since. Aside from being teacher and student, we’re friends as well. He’s a very responsible and diligent man, so you’re not making any mistakes marrying him. Back in school, many girls went after him. However, I’m surprised he likes a girl like you!” Susan teased.

Xi Xiaye pursed her lips and smiled. “I’m thankful to fate for leading me to him.”

“Well, you’re a good girl. I hope you can continue to have faith in him and love him. I’ve never seen him treat any girl like this before. You’re very lucky, and of course, he’s lucky to have met you as well.”

Xi Xiaye nodded. “Thank you, Aunt Susan. I hope Uncle Sam and you will stay happy and forever in love as well!”

“Love is just a word, but it contains many things that need the both of you to realize together.” As Susan ended her sentence, there was the sound of a car stopping outside.

Stunned, Xi Xiaye just nodded and grabbed her luggage as she looked at Susan gratefully., “I’ll remember that. Will you and Uncle Sam come to our wedding?”

“We won’t be attending your wedding since we’ve witnessed your happiness here. Alright, it’s pretty late now. Time for you to go back. Just in time to sleep when you arrive! Be the prettiest and happiest bride tomorrow!”

Mu Yuchen was already waiting for her beside the car when she walked out with the luggage. After bidding farewell, the two of them left swiftly.

She was quiet on the way back, so he asked, “What are you thinking about?”

Xi Xiaye came out of her deep thoughts and mumbled, “Aunt Susan chatted with me just now and she told me she was your teacher. Why didn’t you tell me before?”

He laughed. “I forgot to tell you after all the fun we had. Aunt Susan was a very important teacher of mine. She taught me in City S. She’s a kind and passionate woman. I hope you can be as happy as you were in the past few days. Didn’t you exchange contacts with Teacher Susan? Talk to her more often. You’ll learn a lot from her. You have too few friends and too poor EQ. I’m worried that you can’t differentiate the good people from the bad, so I’ll be there for you.”

He wanted her to have more friends, but at the same time, he was worried. After giving it some thought, Mu Yuchen decided he would filter through the friends that she was going to make in the future, then he need not worry about her.



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