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(Good Times (6)

“What do I think? What can I think about it? Don’t you guys have the ultimate say over the company matters? I just hold the empty title of a Vice President. That old man can just put me wherever he wants. Does my opinion matter?” Qi Lei pasted an ironic smile on his face before drinking his milk.

“If you know that’s the case, why don’t you perform better in front of Qi Qiming? There are a lot of things you need to fight for yourself. Do you think Qi Qiming will just give it to you if you don’t fight for it? He won’t! I’m suspecting that Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha didn’t really die in that accident, but I couldn’t find anything at all and there’s no news from the Gu family as well.”

Wang Qin’s expression seemed grave. “I believe that Qi Feng is still alive, and I can feel that Qi Qiming is about to do something soon. If you’re not careful, you might be attacked from the back! Do you still remember that you were framed when you first entered the company? I’m sure you know what’s happening. I’m not going to say any further, but be careful on your own.”

Wang Qin then picked her handbag up and left.

Qi Lei was still sitting there. His eyes shifted for a moment as some emotions roiled within them, but he smiled sinisterly after that.

If Qi Feng was not dead, then…

Was she alive as well?

Just what happened to them all these years? Why was there no news at all?

Qi Lei clenched his glass as his expression turned sad for a moment.

The car traveled into the small town in the evening. Xi Xiaye woke up when they arrived in the town. When she heard him opening the door, she opened her eyes and noticed that he had already driven halfway up the hill.

“Come and take a look!” He reached out his arms to her, signaling her to go over.

Xi Xiaye stopped beside him and looked toward the direction he was facing to see numerous castles built around the mountain. It was a grand view with the sunset.

The evening breeze gently lifted her hair as she looked over the small town in awe. Around them was a huge green patch of field and amidst the empty surroundings, only this town existed here, just like how she met him after struggling for many years. From that moment onwards, her fate had been altered.

She closed her eyes and immersed herself in the moment, only opening them a while later. She turned toward him to see him still enjoying the view of this small town. He had a peaceful expression on his face as the evening breeze messed up his hair a little. With a light giggle, she smoothened it down for him. However, his hand grabbed hers suddenly.

She reacted quickly and retracted her hand as she narrowed her eyes at him.

He looked at his empty hands and laughed, sneaking up on her before she could react.

Xi Xiaye backed off and smiled. “Okay, let’s go and find lodging. The sun is going to set!”

He stared at her. “It’s too late for you to think about that already, slowpoke!”

The place they stayed in was not a five-star hotel. It was just a simple homestay located at the back of the town, similar to the one they had stayed in before. There was a short white fence around the house as well as many exotic flowers surrounding it.

The owners of the homestay was a local, old married couple who seemed kind and friendly. When the two of them arrived, they welcomed them wholeheartedly.

Uncle Sam gave them a cheerful violin performance whilst several old neighbors started playing hand drums and the harmonica.

Aunt Susan could dance wildly and they dragged Xi Xiaye along to burst out into a crazy rabbit dance.

The sky turned dark completely and the town was lit up. Beautiful lights shrouded the meadows with a mysterious vibe. As Aunt Susan delivered some food over, several other young travelers started preparing the barbeque tools.

Mu Yuchen stood aside and watched as the little woman who was dragged into the dance. The genuinely delighted expression on her face was encoded into his mind, softening his heart.

He had never seen her happier. It was the right decision to go there.

A lot of woe had piled up recently, especially for her.

The dance was still ongoing, so with a smile, he went forward and took over the violin from Uncle Sam. Then, he started playing along with the upbeat tempo.

The crowd gave him a round of applause. Even Xi Xiaye turned toward him in surprise.

He could play the violin!

Just how many more secrets could she find out about him?

Xi Xiaye raised her eyebrows, but before she could give it some thought, the crowd joined in as the dance went on.

After a long time—


Xi Xiaye sat down on a bench as she panted. Mu Yuchen, who had been waiting for her, handed her a glass of wine. “Tired?”

Xi Xiaye took a few sips before she shook her head. “I’m alright. I feel like living here is so peaceful and happy.”

“Their lives are simple, so there isn’t much stress, and it might be because of their personalities as well,” he replied with a smile as his quiet eyes still studied the merry bunch.

“Mmm, sometimes I wish I could be like them, but like you said, your happiness is always seen in the eyes of others. We’ll be like them, won’t we, Mr. Mu?” Her pink lips formed a beautiful arc as she raised her wine glass slightly.

He put on a gentle smile and spoke softly, “Of course, we’ll be even happier than them!”



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