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(Good Times (5)

The car drove on the broad highway while some drum tunes, as well as some pleasant singing, could be heard from the car behind.

As they went further, the road started to get a little rocky. When cars sped past them, sand and dust flew up everywhere. However, Mu Yuchen maneuvered the car expertly and Xi Xiaye was having fun in the front passenger seat with a camera. She took some photos of the scenery from time to time.

“Mr. Mu, look over here!” she called out to him. Mu Yuchen turned his head over, and in that instant, she pressed the button on the camera.

He smiled. “You can get some rest now. I’ll wake you up when we’ve arrived. Didn’t you say you wanted to take a nap just now? The scenery there will be much better. Save up your energy for the surprises there.”

Xi Xiaye nodded and put her camera away. “I’ll take a nap then. Wake me up after an hour and I’ll drive.”


He patted her head before she went to sleep.

In contrast to their relaxed journey, a storm was brewing in City Z.

In the Grand Waves villa area, Qi Lei was sitting by the dining table having his breakfast quietly while an elegant lady was sitting right opposite him.

She wore a luxurious-looking qipao with her hair tied into a bun. With a sharp chin and fair skin, her eyes seemed sharp and her lips were pink and tiny. She looked around 30 years of age. There was a special aura around her even when she was just casually sitting down.

She was Qi Lei’s biological mother, Wang Qin, the current Vice CEO of Qi Kai Corporation. She possessed a third of all Qi Kai’s stock and was well-known throughout the industry for strategizing the firm’s business tactics. Needless to say, she held an important position in the Qi Kai Corporation. Even the CEO of Qi Kai, Qi Qiming, had to be wary of her.

Qi Lei’s appearance was mostly inherited from her. However, he did not get any of the threatening aura.

The two of them sat opposite each other without saying anything. They were just eating breakfast in silence.

Qi Lei swallowed the food in his mouth as he looked at Wang Qin and spoke indifferently, “When are you going back home? You’ve been staying over here for quite some days. Aren’t you worried that that man will bring those women back and take you out of your position?”

Wang Qin suddenly raised her head and looked at Qi Lei with a cold smile. “He can keep bringing them back if he’s not worried about what I’ll do to those women! Do you think I’ve never dealt with this before? Which one of them can stand before me?” She sounded like she did not care.

“He won’t give you Qi Kai until his death if you keep on fighting with him like this. Isn’t your plan going to fail then? He’s really against the both of us, you know. Just look at how he treated me all these years,” Qi Lei answered with a wicked grin.

Wang Qin’s expression darkened as she grabbed a tissue and cleaned her mouth. After drinking some milk, she looked at Qi Lei. “I’m worried about you, but you talk to me like this? Xiao Lei, can’t you put in more effort and let Qi Qiming see what you’re made of? I believe you’re definitely better than Qi Feng. You’re Qi Kai’s true successor. Qi Feng is just an illegitimate child. He knew how to make Qi Qiming happy. Can’t you do it?”

Qi Lei shrugged and laughed. “My dear mother, you’ve overestimated your son. This is the real me. I don’t know anything except some simple architecture design. Look, you’re brother’s stepmother. It’d be bad if someone heard what you said, wouldn’t it? Brother is better and cooler than me. How can I measure up to him?”

“Xiao Lei, don’t ever tell me this again! You’re the only legitimate successor of the Qi family. I don’t care how well Qi Qiming treated Qi Feng. I’m his wife, so everything in the Qi family belongs to you. I’m telling you now, Xiao Lei. They won’t be grateful even if you don’t fight for it. You don’t have to be considerate about people like them, understand?”

Wang Qin looked at Qi Lei with concern. A rage started burning inside her when she saw Qi Lei acting indifferently to what she said.

“Understand what? I don’t understand. I’m not interested in the company anyway. Let him give whoever he wants. What are you worrying about? Moreover, Brother is long gone, isn’t he? I’m the only son in this family now. Who else can he pass it on to?” When Qi Lei was talking, he was staring right at Wang Qin.

Wang Qin’s expression darkened as her tone of voice turned cold and sharp. “Have you seen Qi Feng’s corpse? How are you so sure that he’s dead? Xiao Lei, are you still blaming Mother for not letting you and Gu Lingsha get together? You were never like this before, Xiao Lei! I’m your mother and I did all of these for your sake! Why can’t you understand me? Why do you insist on wearing me out?”

She sounded helpless at the end of her rant. “You don’t understand Qi Feng at all, Xiao Lei. That person is just like his mother, full of tricks. You’re a kind person and that’s good, but you have to be wary of others! A woman like Gu Lingsha doesn’t suit you!”

“The person who’s going to fall in love and get married is me. I have the last say on whether it suits or not. You don’t have to worry about it, Mother.” Qi Lei laughed coldly.

“I don’t care what you think. I’ll never let Gu Lingsha marry into the Qi family. Although she seemed like a near perfect woman, she looked severely flawed to me. Xiao Lei, I’m a woman and I know women better than you!”

Wang Qin did not want to continue further, so she stood up and said, “I don’t care whether you agree with me or not. As your mother, I’d never hurt my son. Whether you understand or not, I’ll get Qi Kai for you as long as I’m here. Qi Qiming took Yue Hai’s advice and decided to help Yueying and make it become a company under Qi Kai. What do you think?”



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