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(Good Times (4)

Perhaps, that way, they were even luckier than the other children because Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong had taken in she and Mu Lingtian as their own. Furthermore, their love and care for them had even surpassed that for Mu Yuchen.

To them, Mu Yuchen was more like an elder brother that needed to protect them.

The Mu family was very strict with their chidren. When they studied, no one had given them special treatment for their statuses.

However, in these past few years, they all understood in their hearts that Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong were actually just their biological uncle and aunt, and not their parents.

Had she ever thought of looking for her father?

To be honest, she had. Even when Mu Lingtian was still around, she had.

Mu Lingtian’s expression looked rather gloomy and held mixed emotions. This matter could not be raised in the Mu family, so she had just kept it buried. No one wanted to break the peace they had, but there were some things that some people just wanted to get to the bottom of, at least, to put themselves at ease or just to understand.

Mu Lingshi was one of them.

( Boxno vel. co m ) “I’ve heard Ah Mo mention that you’ve asked about Aunt from Caitlin’s manager,” Mu Yuchen spoke softly. His profound gaze remained fixed on her dim little face.

Upon hearing this, Mu Lingshi did not deny it. She just nodded very frankly. “Yes, I wanted to know what happened to my mother years ago. Why would she fall into depression, and why did that man not marry her? She already gave birth to Lingtian, but that man wasn’t willing to marry her and love her? Why did she still want to give birth to me?

“Caitlin’s manager’s mentor seemed to have worked with my mother before. She was my mother’s manager for quite a long time, so I thought that maybe she’d know something. Bro, I’m not doing this because of anything. You, Father and Mother have been very kind to me, but I want some answers for myself. At least, I’d like to know, who my biological parents are.”

When she finished, Mu Yuchen nodded calmly. “I understand. Father and Mother have previously tried to investigate too, but Aunt didn’t leave behind any hints at all. In the few years that she was in the showbiz, she kept her private life very low-profile. Apart from the usual work, she rarely left the house and not many people were in touch with her too. Before I returned, I had them investigate this matter thoroughly again, but until now, it hasn’t been fruitful. Aunt didn’t leave any information about that person behind at all.

“Mmm, and it’s been years now, so it’s not easy to investigate it again. We can only rely on those fragmented information to sift through slowly bit by bit. Bro, just let me do this. I believe that I’ll be able to find that person. I’ve already narrowed Mother’s social circle down back then. I’ll make a deduction of them one by one. I’m sure I’ll find him.”

“You are quite the same as your sis-in-law. Sometimes, you just like to try to be brave. Okay, I’ll think about this. Rest earlier and don’t think too much,” Mu Yuchen said, then unhurriedly lifted a hand to pat Mu Lingshi on the shoulder. He said empathetically, “Some things will be clear one day. I hope that you can have a happier life. As for anything other than that, they aren’t that important,” he said before his tall figure walked in and he quickly disappeared out of the door.

Through a dreamless night, she saw that the man was gone when she woke up. Xi Xiaye got up in a daze and saw the light-colored muslin dress and the flats prepared on the table beside her.

She swiftly got up to wash up, then changed. The clothes and shoes were the right size. The weather was not very hot; it was not the scorching kind of hot weather, so wearing these were perfectly refreshing and suitable.

The morning breeze was very refreshing. It carried the faint smell of the sea breeze with it. When the room quieted down, you could even hear the waves lapping against the shores. Xi Xiaye reached out to draw the curtains that were swaying in the cool breeze. She wanted to see the scenery outside, but she was caught off-guard when Mu Yuchen’s figure greeted her sight as he sat leisurely on the rattan chair drinking tea on the balcony.

When he heard the sound from behind him, he turned around in that instant to look at her.”Awake?”

He had changed into a casual gray outfit. Apart from looking exceptionally handsome, he also seemed somewhat more cheerful.

“Morning!” she softly responded. She walked over, then very casually took the flower tea from him and finished it in a few gulps. “Where are we going today? Didn’t Ah Shi say she was going to be our guide?”

“She has to make a trip to Los Angeles with Ah Mo today. I’ll bring you out later, and we’ll walk around this little town. Then, in the afternoon, we’ll go around the periphery. We just have to be back on the fifth, okay?”

She handed the cup back to him and asked, “Are you saying that it’ll just be the two of us driving ourselves around?”

Mu Yuchen chuckled without a word. His gaze that contained tenderness and doting already answered her.

When she saw this, she smiled happily. “Mr. Mu, you know me so well!”

“Obviously? You’re my wife. Of course, I know you. Otherwise, why would people describe couples as two hearts as one and in perfect harmony?”

“Is that so?”

“What do you think?”

“Ugh, annoying!”

After a simple breakfast, the husband and wife went straight to the little town market and prepared the things for their holiday.

Initially, Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo were going to prepare it for them, but Mu Yuchen disagreed. After he arranged the matters, he had made them retreat. Now, only he and Xiaye were left.

After walking around the market with her, Xi Xiaye suddenly realized this guy seemed to be very well versed with living in the wild. All the maps, Swiss knives, and some medication were all sufficiently prepared. In fact, when he prepared them, he had very patiently explained it all to her. Now, he seemed more like an earnest teacher, teaching her a course on survival skills.

Ah Mo had already prepared an SUV for them. When everything was prepared, they departed.

Their first destination was an ancient historical city in the depths of the savanna. The ancient city was built from beautiful castles. In fact, it was halfway up a mountain too.

“Get in.” Mu Yuchen got into the car and knocked on the car window to signal Xi Xiaye to get in too. She was outside looking at the map.

Xi Xiaye nodded and sat in the front passenger seat unhurriedly. There were more than 10 SUVs behind them as everyone made their way to the same place. They were a fleet of cars all with skilled drivers behind the wheels.



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