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( Good Times (3)

When the car slowly rolled through the vast savanna and passed by a quiet and beautiful town, the sky was already gray. As they passed through the streets, Xi Xiaye could already hear the joyous sounds of drums from both sides or some music played by the wandering country band from afar. It sounded very energetic and put one in a festive mood.

Mu Lingshi was leisurely clapping along to the beats behind. You could tell that she was in high spirits.

After a while, they passed through the lively streets. The car drove into a quiet and beautiful manor and they soon stopped in front of a neat and pretty residence.

“Master, Missus, we’re here!” The car was just parked when the black-clothed bodyguards that had waited for a long time before the entrance immediately walked up to open the car door for them.

“We’re here! Sis-in-law, get down and take a look. Doesn’t it look amazing?”

Before Xi Xiaye could get down, Mu Lingshi had already come up to her and stand by Xi Xiaye’s side. She looked up unhurriedly at the house before them and smiled.

Xi Xiaye steadied her feet on the ground before she slowly gazed up, following Mu Lingshi’s gaze and looking calmly at the residence in front of them.

It was a classic wooden villa engulfed by the warm yellow streetlights. In front of it was a pleasing little fountain while both sides were covered in blooming unnamed flowers. Some were purple while some were red, and they were surrounded by a short, white fence. The whole scenery looked extremely beautiful. ( Boxno vel. co m )

“There’s even a swimming pool at the back! The savanna lies on the other side and there’s also a horse range over there too! And the sea’s over there…” Mu Lingshi introduced.

Xi Xiaye nodded gladly. She was very satisfied. “It’s quite nice. Thank you both.”

As she said this, she turned to look at Mu Yuchen. He just smiled at her, then picked up his pace to stroll inside.

“Let’s go in.”

The residence was huge. There were two floors in total, and there were many rooms too. There were more than 20 rooms on both floors. It was a private vacation manor which was enough to house Wang Hui and the rest who would be coming over in a few days.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye’s room was on the side near the sea so they could see the sea across them while standing on the balcony. The wind brought the faint taste of the sea breeze with it, and they could hear the faint sounds of the waves crashing.

After dinner, Xi Xiaye wanted to have fun at the night market with Mu Lingshi, yet the man stopped her. “Rest well tonight and fix the jetlag. I’ll bring you out tomorrow. Have a shower right now and rest earlier.”

Xi Xiaye was about to leave the house with her handbag enthusiastically when Mu Yuchen handed her a sleeping gown instead.

She frowned and shot him a glance. “Ah Shi and I have decided on going out tonight.”

“Be good for just one night and rest well. You’ll still have time in the next few days. I’ve already told Lingshi and Ah Mo to rest earlier. If you’re not worried about losing your way when returning, you can go ahead.” He did not allow any dissent as he stuffed the clothes in her arms.

Xiaye then unhappily glared at him. “Why are you like this?”

“Like what? I’m worried about you, yet the way you look at me… Does anyone else worry this much about you?” Mu Yuchen squinted at her as he took the handbag from her. “Such a merciless woman!”

“What do you mean what look? It’s a look of condescension!” Xiaye glared unhappily at him and rolled her eyes, then walked to the bathroom.

Mu Yuchen watched as her figure gradually vanished into the bathroom before he chuckled helplessly to himself as he shook his head. Then, he turned around to close the door.

It was currently late in the night in this small town, yet it was still very lively outside. The manor that Mu Yuchen and the rest stayed at was not very far from the small town so they could see the waning lights from the streets from their second-floor balcony. They could also hear the joyous din from below.

Mu Lingshi wore a light pair of shorts and a t-shirt as she stood on the balcony and watched the flickering lights from there. She was also leisurely holding a glass of red wine.

“It’s already so late. Why aren’t you asleep yet?” Suddenly, a clear and melodious voice came from behind her. Mu Lingshi subconsciously turned to look. She was not sure when Mu Yuchen had stood behind her, but he looked at her composedly. The light in his eyes looked unusually deep.

Mu Lingshi was a little shocked to see Mu Yuchen all relaxed and calm. She called out softly to him, “Bro!”

“Has Sis-in-law fallen sleep? You’re quite worn out today. Why don’t you rest earlier?”

“She’s still in the bath. I came over to see you.”

Mu Yuchen walked to Mu Lingshi’s side, following her gaze and peering downward. His deep voice sounded a little distant. “How is it? You’ve been here with Ah Mo for quite a few days now. I can see that he’s in quite a good mood.”

When she heard this, Mu Lingshi just raised her brows and took a sip of her wine. “He’s happy because of you and Sis-in-law’s wedding. He keeps running over to Los Angeles these past few days. Sometimes, I can’t even find him when I want to.”

Mu Yuchen quietly looked at the gently swaying shadows in front of him as he said calmly, “As long as you two are getting along happily, that’s awesome. I hope that the two of you can settle your matters soon. That way, everyone can be at ease.”

“I know, but I’m older now. You guys don’t have to be so concerned. Don’t worry. I’ve thought a lot about it recently. There are some things that I need to let go of, to let myself live better, so I will try. Bro, you don’t have to worry about me. I won’t stay stagnant and refuse to move on.”

Mu Lingshi’s clear gaze looked at Mu Yuchen. The long scar on her face remained. One could not see it clearly with the faint reflection of the streetlights, yet Mu Yuchen understood that this scar had long been imprinted into Mu Lingshi’s memory. Even as time passed, it still could not be erased completely.

Just like with Mu Lingtian’s incident…

“It’s been so many years, but I’m very thankful for you and father, and more. You’ve always protected me. When I came over a few days ago, I was tidying some things up when I found some pictures of my mother. I looked at it for a very long time, yet I have no recollection at all.”

“Aunt was a very gentle and beautiful woman. When I look at you, I sometimes see her in you. She passed away not too long after she gave birth to you. Everything happened so suddenly. Grandmother and grandfather couldn’t accept this for a very long time.”

All those memories seemed very far away. Now that Mu Yuchen recalled them, he could only recall fragments of them. He suddenly averted his sight and turned to Mu Lingshi, his gaze distant and profound. His voice was also very soft. “Have you ever thought of looking for your father?”


She did not know who her biological father was. Ever since she could remember, Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong had been parents to her and Lingtian. That way, it seemed like they were no different from the other children.



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