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( Good Times (2)

They reached the airport just in time. The husband and wife walked hand in hand through the VIP lane and waited for a short while in the VIP waiting room before they boarded the plane directly.

The plane was flying toward a certain city in West America.

The two of them were seated in the first-class cabin. The plane had taken off for a short while before Xi Xiaye started to feel sleepy. She looked through narrowed eyes at the man beside her and saw that he was leisurely flipping through a magazine. The side profile of his handsome face looked very still.

Noticing her gaze, Mu Yuchen looked up at her too. His soft and gentle voice brushed past her ear. “What is it? If you’re feeling bored, you can sleep first. I know that you didn’t sleep too well last night either.”

As he said this, he had already helped her adjust her seat as he took the blanket from the side and handed it to her.

Xi Xiaye looked at him, then pulled the blanket and slowly lay down. “I’ll sleep for a while then.”

“Mmm, sleep. I’m right beside you,” he said and lifted a hand to massage her head. When he saw that she had closed her eyes, he averted his gaze.

“Mu Yuchen…” She suddenly called out his name softly.

His gaze remained on the magazine, yet he answered calmly, “Hmm? What is it?”

She shut her eyes gently, and her pink lips moved. After a while, she blurted out, “I feel a little nervous. When we got our marriage certificates, I wasn’t even this nervous.” Her long eyelashes fluttered a little.

When he heard this, he suddenly turned to look at her. His handsome face flashed with a heartwarming smile while his soft and gentle tone was colored with a hint of happiness. “Why are you nervous? What is there to be nervous about? You’re just marrying me.”

“I’m just nervous, alright? I suddenly feel like all of this seems too surreal. I’m afraid that if I wake up, it’ll just be another dream.”

She did not open her eyes to look at him, yet you could hear how gentle she sounded from her clear voice.

His relaxed and warm hand reached over as it gently held her hand that lay by her side. “All of this is real, so there’s no need to be nervous. Just calmly welcome this happiness. That’ll be enough.”

She did not speak anymore and silently fell asleep while he quietly watched her for a long while without letting go of her hand.

The flight was quite long. When they reached the destination, it was already close to the evening at destination time.

They had just stepped out at the arrival hall when they saw Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi waiting for them.

“Bro, Sis-in-law!”

Mu Lingshi had already changed into a fresh look. Her low-waisted denim shorts were paired with an oversized light-colored blouse. She also wore black stockings and flat canvas shoes. With her sunglasses, she also had a hat tilted on her head, looking quite like a Western cowgirl.

Standing by her side, Ah Mo had also changed from his usual black suit. He was currently wearing casual clothes. His tall figure towering over Mu Lingshi’s side made her look petite, but they looked quite matching.

“Master, Missus!” When they saw Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye, the two tall and muscular bodyguards behind Ah Mo walked up as well, they helped them get their things.

Mu Yuchen held Xi Xiaye’s hand as he looked to them and nodded. “Have you waited for long?”

“Not that long. The plane arrived on time, so we didn’t have to wait too long. You’ve taken such a long flight. You must be tired. Everything’s been prepared at the manor. Let’s go!” Mu Lingshi said with a grin. “By the looks of Sis-in-law’s weariness, the meals on the plane must’ve been horrible. We’ll go back and rest for a while. Tonight we’ll bring you to visit the night market. Even though their town over here isn’t very huge, it’s very lively at night and now that it’s May, it’s no longer the travel peak season so it won’t be that crowded. Also, there’s a lot of good food!”

When she finished, she had already reached out to hook Xi Xiaye’s arm.

“Really? I’ve always admired this place, especially at such a time. It feels very relaxing and makes one yearn for it, but I never had the chance to come. Fortunately, I could make it this time.”

Xi Xiaye’s beautiful face brimmed with a faint smile as her twinkling eyes were filled with anticipation. “Su Nan and Ruan Heng did come over once and they liked the place as well as all the very unique delicacies.”

“In the few days that I’ve been here, I’ve almost walked all around the nearby places which are quite lovely. I know all the delicious places, bro. You have to thank me for being your vanguard. Next up, I can bring you to have fun around here. You two will definitely have a sweet and memorable honeymoon and wedding.” As Mu Lingshi said this, she subconsciously pulled down her sunglasses and wiggled her eyebrows at Ah Mo.

“Foodie! Great! Now, you can accompany your sis-in-law!”

Mu Lingshi shot Xi Xiaye and Mu Lingshi a glance, then chuckled before he continued to walk ahead with her in hand. “Let’s go back and have a good shower. After we rest for a while, we’ll talk about this.”

Mu Lingshi shrugged as she put her sunglasses on again and followed them.

The car was parked right outside the airport, and it drove over the moment they stepped out.

Xi Xiaye could not distinguish where place this was anymore. When she sat in the car and looked out at the roads, although she felt the people and culture in this city were very different from the one she lived in, it did feel quite relaxing to take in all of this new sceneries.

The car drove straight for the suburbs. Because she slept for quite a long on the plane, she was not quite affected by the difference in the timezone. Along the journey, she admired all her surroundings.

The car went on the road for a while. Xi Xiaye only knew that after the car left the periphery of the city, it started to turn onto a straight, wide road towards the savanna. A lot of local country music blared from the speakers, which was quite fitting for the scenery.

Xi Xiaye felt rarely entirely free from worries. The car window next to her was wound down, and she just leaned against the window frame, leisurely admiring the scenery along the way.

Along the vast, dark green field, once in a while, you could still see some people riding bicycles. Ahead of them was the straight and boundless road. There was a snaking brook that crossed the road from the meadows. From time to time, they could see umbrellas, and underneath the umbrellas might be a soft and simple recliner or a little stool. On it would be some old man in gaudy, short-sleeved shirts leisurely reading newspapers or fishing.

At this moment, the sun had long set and the world was slowly sinking into a grayness. The people underneath umbrellas had mostly cleared out. Along the way, they could still see many people walking on foot.

Compared to the bustling City Z, this place seemed much more relaxed as it did not have the fast pace that felt suffocating. Perhaps this was the difference between a tourist city and a city that was a business hub.



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