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( Good Times (1)

The next morning, Wang Hui and the others rushed over from the Mu Residence early in the morning. Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were still in bed. They only woke up when they heard sounds from the yard below. When they went downstairs after washing up, Wang Hui had already prepared breakfast for them.

Mu Yinan came with Wang Hui. When Xi Xiaye came down, Mu Yinan was reading the newspapers on the sofa.

“Good morning, Grandfather, Grandmother!” Xi Xiaye greeted politely.

“Xiaye, you’re awake! Your grandmother said you guys are going to be flying today. She dragged me over to instruct you two about some of the traditions, and also to take a look at the guest list and see if anyone got left out. Let me know if you forgot anybody. I’ll send the person an invitation right away,” Mu Yinan said kindly as he picked the list in front of him up and handed to Xi Xiaye.

Xi Xiaye took it from him with a smile. After looking through it, she asked, “This is the guest list? There weren’t so many yesterday. Why…?”

Mu Yinan put on a gentle smile when he saw Xi Xiaye’s slight frown. “It’s been a long time since the Mu family had a celebration. Of course, we’re going to make it a big one. Don’t worry about it. I’ll handle this for you. Just go abroad, finish your wedding ceremony and enjoy your honeymoon. The banquet is on the 9th anyway, which is ten days later. Take it as a holiday for yourself. You guys have been working really hard lately.”

“Your grandfather is right. Where’s Chen Er? Is he still asleep?”

Wang Hui handed Xi Xiaye a glass of warm water, pleased with this granddaughter-in-law of hers because she was easygoing, and most importantly, she could make her grandson happy, that was all they wanted to see.

“He’s in the shower. He went drinking with Su Chen and Zhou Zimo last night. Although he took some pills to cure his hangover, he was still feeling a little dizzy this morning. It’s probably just some after-effects of drinking.”

Xi Xiaye thanked her and then accepted the water. “It’d be better to have a simpler wedding dinner. The guest list yesterday seemed fine,” she could not help but comment.

“It’s alright. We’re done preparing it, so you guys don’t have to worry about it. You two will just walk around and greet some people then. Your grandfather wants you to meet more people as well. Moreover, the elders from the Su and the Zhou families hope they can find a girl for Su Chen and Zhou Zimo.” Wang Hui smiled.

“Right, look at Su Chen. He’s a year older than Ah Chen. When I sent the invitation over yesterday, he had time to be fussy and bicker like, ‘Aren’t you good at matchmaking? Why don’t you find one for Su Chen?’

“What do you mean by that? It took me so many years to find Xiaye for Chen Er. Otherwise, we’d still be worried right now. Okay, let’s not talk about this. Xiaye, you can have breakfast first. I have something to talk to you about later.”

Xi Xiaye smiled and gave her a nod, then she went over to the table for breakfast.

“Have you two had breakfast?”

“We’ve had it earlier. Go ahead and enjoy yours. Don’t mind us,” Wang Hui replied briefly and then continued her conversation with Mu Yinan about the invitations.

Mu Yuchen appeared at the staircase after Xi Xiaye had a few bites.

“Morning, Grandfather, Grandmother.” He sat down by the dining table after a brief greeting while Xi Xiaye poured him some milk.


Wang Hui and Mu Yinan traded glances at each other as they watched the two of them have breakfast. Suddenly, they spoke quietly, “Did you notice that Chen Er has been feeling much better lately? That’s a rare smile early in the morning right there.”

“I bet he’s happy thinking about something pleasant,” Mu Yinan replied with a smile.

He took the glass of milk from her and said, “I’m done packing. Take a look and see what else you need. We’ll only be back at night on the 8th. Don’t bother packing clothes. We have it over there.”

“Aren’t we taking the flight at 11 a.m.?”

“Mmm, Li Si will come and pick us up later.”

She glanced at the clock. “It’s not even nine yet. It’s still pretty early. I’ll give Father a call before boarding the plane. You tell him about it. I should’ve visited him yesterday as well.”

“It’s already too late for you to remember this. I visited him two days ago. He’ll be heading over with my parents, so don’t worry.”

Mu Yuchen looked at this little woman with a peculiar expression. She had been hesitating whether to call Xi Mushan over when she was at the Shen Residence yesterday, but she gave up when she thought about Shen Yue.

“What should we do about Mother’s eyes?”

“I know a doctor who specializes in the optics-related field. Coincidentally, he’s in City C now. I’ve contacted him and he’ll come over in two days. Grandfather knows about it, so don’t worry.”

“I just feel a little regretful that Mother won’t be able to witness the moment of our marriage, and she can’t see me in a wedding dress.” She sighed.

“If it makes you feel better, I don’t mind doing it again after her eyes have recovered.”

She glanced at him. “Marriage is not a game. Doing it once is more than enough.”

After breakfast, Wang Hui began to list down the things Xi Xiaye should look out for. There were many mundane matters, but luckily, Wang Hui listed them all out on a piece of paper.

It was 10 a.m. when Li Si arrived. The distance from Maple Residence to the airport was not that far, so they were not in a rush.

Li Si looked at Mu Yuchen who was still reading casually on the sofa and asked, “Master, I’ve put all the luggage into the car. Are we going now? It’s about time.”

Mu Yuchen averted his gaze from the book and looked over at the staircase to see Xi Xiaye coming down with her handbag. He then closed his book and stood up slowly.

“Be careful with the tasks I’ve given you. Report to me if anything happens and be sure to keep a close eye on Yueying,” Mu Yuchen said quietly.

Li Si nodded, “I will, Master!”



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