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(Hidden Storm (3)

Su Chen went quiet for a while, then his eyes brightened up as he said, “Don’t forget about their internal conflict. Who can be sure that Qi Qiming isn’t trying to get help from the Yues and the Hans to remove his powerful wife, Wang Qin? I’ve analyzed it with Chen the last time. The possibility of this happening is very high.”

“Right, the Han Corporation and the Yue family are already working with Qi Kai. Qi Qiming working with them in order to go against his wife is highly probable. With Xi Xinyi going against your wife, he can use Xi Xinyi as a pawn. On the other hand, that matter was never made clear, so who knows what the truth is?” Zhou Zimo agreed with Su Chen’s opinion.

Mu Yuchen was quiet. The light in his eyes changed so rapidly that you could not tell what he was thinking about.

“Wait and see,” Mu Yuchen spoke up after a while before he grabbed his glass casually.

“How are you not anxious at all? So calm and collected, and we’re the ones worrying here! Whatever! We’ll just wait and see then!” Su Chen shrugged as the three of them raised their glasses and gave a toast. Just as they were about to empty their glasses, someone knocked on the door. The three of them looked over and saw Li Si entering!

“Master, Master Su, Master Mo!” Li Si greeted politely.

They nodded and Mu Yuchen froze.

“Master, something’s happening at Yueying,” Li Si reported quietly.

“What’s happening? Are they actually trying to save it?”

Su Chen looked at Li Si doubtfully. Zhou Zimo straightened his back as he waited for the rest of Li Si’s news. ( Boxno vel. co m )

“I’ve received news that Yue Hai went to Yueying with Qi Qiming’s secretary today. I think it’s quite unusual, so…”

“The second brother of the Yue family?” Su Chen mumbled after he heard Li Si. He glanced over at Mu Yuchen. “What now, brother? They are really taking action. Isn’t Yue Hai the second brother of the Yue family? He’s quite high up in Qi Kai. He’s right under Qi Qiming and Wang Qin.”

“Could he want to buy Yueying? What does he want to do?”

“Master, we…”

Mu Yuchen took a deep breath and looked at Li Si. “Just ignore it. You may head back for now.”

“Yes, Master!”

“Seems like you have to keep an eye on them. I have a feeling this thing isn’t as simple as it looks! The Han family is going to be dragged into this.” Zhou Zimo frowned as he put the glass down on his hand. He looked worriedly at Mu Yuchen, “What do you think?”

“The more Qi Qiming struggles to go against Wang Qin, the more it only proves something. Can you guys guess what it is?” Mu Yuchen did not look anxious at all, and he even put on a smile.

“What is it?”

Su Chen and Zhou Zimo traded glances before looking at Mu Yuchen in confusion.

With a cold laugh, he looked down and adjusted his sleeves a little. “Qi Feng is alive, and Qi Qiming is trying to pave a path for him. I’m sure we’ll be able to see him in the near future.”

Su Chen and Zhou Zimo’s expressions suddenly darkened.

The night was getting late. Xi Xiaye was watching the television with Su Nan when she received Mu Yuchen’s call. She quickly packed up and went downstairs to see him making a call in the car from afar. She got into the car and instantly could smell him reek of alcohol.

With a frown, Xi Xiaye got down the car when he hung up on the call. She walked over to his side and he went along with her to sit in the front passenger seat.

“Aren’t you happy drinking? Why don’t you look like you’re happy at all?”

He had his hand on his forehead and seemed quite uncomfortable. She rolled his eyes at him as she rifled the drawer for some pills to cure a hangover. She handed him two tablets and some water.

“Just got a little too much to drink. Since when did you prepare these things in the car?” He looked at her in surprise as he took them from her.

“Do I have to report to you when I prepare things? It’s common sense to get these prepared when you’re meeting people frequently. It’s just inside the drawer.”

She put it back and did not rush to start the car. Instead, she looked at him.

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” He covered the Thermos as he stared at her in the eye.

She looked away and started the car. “Nothing much. I just noticed that you can have weaknesses too.”

He chuckled, but his eyes narrowed. “Do you mean this or that?”

“It’s definitely not what you’re thinking about!” She rolled her eyes at him and stepped on the accelerator.

He went upstairs after arriving home. Wang Hui and the others cleaned up the whole place after working around for a day. All the curtains were now brand new, and there were also several empty invites on the table. What surprised Xi Xiaye were a few cute oil paintings of babies in the living room. Even the bolsters on the sofa were turned into baby bolsters.

When she went back to the bedroom, the man was already done showering and had gone to bed. Xi Xiaye took a shower and started packing their luggage since they were leaving the next morning.

Halfway through, someone suddenly hugged her from behind.

She screamed, but before she could react, the man lifted her onto the bed.

“Pack it tomorrow. We don’t really need anything there aside from ourselves.”

He locked her down under him as he ran his fingers through her hair. He took her hair clip out, her pleasant scent washing him all over. His body was strained for a moment but his mind was unrestrained. “I think you’ve never really pleased me before, have you?”

There were some sparks in his eyes. Xi Xiaye would never know that what sparked him was the difference in her outfit tonight. She was wearing sexy pajamas tonight, so when he woke up and saw her packing, he…

It was about time for the seasons to change. Wang Hui had revamped their wardrobe, so…

“How to please you? You seem very comfortable every time… Mmm… You still need me… to please you?”

“Are you hinting that you have unlimited charm?”

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