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(Hidden Storm (2)

Su Nan took a deep breath and sighed. “I know. Aunt Shen’s incident had a huge impact on him as well as Xi Xinyi’s drama, and now, the whole Yue Lingsi scandal along with the death of your grandfather… It must’ve been tough for him. I’d probably have broken down if I were him taking all of these in alone.”

“Father cares about Mother a lot. As for Mother’s attitude towards him, she did feel his loneliness,” Xi Xiaye mumbled quietly as she looked up. “Let’s not talk about this. I’ll go and see what Ruan Heng’s cooking.”

“I asked him to make some of your favorites. Come, let’s go and take a look! But I bet this man isn’t anywhere as good as your husband at home.”

“As long as he’s cooking, it’s great!”

When Mu Yuchen arrived at Imperial Sky Entertainment City, Zhou Zimo and Su Chen were already waiting for him inside the room.

“What took you so long?” Su Chen asked as he poured Mu Yuchen some wine.

“Xiaye went to her friend’s place and I sent her over.” Mu Yuchen put his coat aside and then sat down beside Zhou Zimo.

“Professional nanny now, huh? I’ve never seen you be this nice to us before. What a huge difference in treatment!” Su Chen started teasing him.

“Su Chen, how can you compare yourself with Xiaye? She’s his wife. Are you? You’ve always been complaining a lot. I suggest that you should get married as well. I thought you’d be the first to get married among us, and now Mu Yuchen has topped you!” Zhou Zimo teased Su Chen back. He lowered his body and told Mu Yuchen quietly, “Did you know that when I picked him up from his place just now, his father was telling him off to find someone to get married quickly? His family found him a lot of blind dates, stewardess, teachers, models, and more, yet he didn’t like any of them. Don’t you think his standards are too high? I think there are several that suit him! Elder Su said he’s complaining that their hair isn’t long enough, that they don’t have that gentleness of silky, long hair…” Zhou Zimo could not help but laugh.

Mu Yuchen raised his brows and looked at Su Chen with a grin.

“The stewardess is pretty good. Don’t you like girls in uniform? The model is great too. She’s got a nice body and is the only daughter…”

“Zhou Zimo, if you say another word, I’ll do this to you!” Before Zhou Zimo could finish, Su Chen picked up the knife and fork on the table and stabbed the salad viciously!

Zhou Zimo backed away slightly as he exchanged glances with Mu Yuchen.

“I’m telling the truth here and just giving you a reminder. I’m being forced as well. My parents are arranging something for me soon. This is all Chen’s fault. With you suddenly getting married, our parents are freaking out. They were never this desperate before. You’re at fault here!”

“You guys just aren’t determined enough. You two have been diving in the sea for many years. Don’t you guys have someone in mind? And now I’ve overtaken both of you!”

Mu Yuchen sipped some wine calmly as he looked at them. “I remember that you two have always had better luck than me. If I can be this lucky, what makes both of you think you’d do worse?”

“We weren’t really worried before, but suddenly we’ve turned 30! Actually, we’re not that old, are we? I’m only 32 years old. It’s the prime of my life! The elder made it sound so serious. If he really makes me angry, I might just get married to a random woman just to shut their mouths up!”

Su Chen was really frustrated. His elders at home were spreading the news, so now all his colleagues knew he was 32 and did not even have a girlfriend!

Besides feeling pretty angry about it, he felt very embarrassed! He wanted to protest, but it would be futile.

His elders were not easy to deal with. He might get by with just a scolding, or it might escalate into a good beating.

Su Chen felt that although the elder was a leader in high position during work, he acted like a caveman at home. He would use violence frequently at home, and if he resisted, the elder would say he was having high blood pressure and a hard time breathing.

“Don’t be a reckless young man!”

Zhou Zimo smiled. “Who knows if you might meet your true love in a few days?”

When he spoke, his eyes looked at Mu Yuchen who seemed pretty calm and did not really show any emotions.

“How do you feel? I heard you’re flying off tomorrow. An early honeymoon?” Zhou Zimo put on a grin. “After messing everything up here, you’re going abroad to have fun. I’m afraid you’re the only one who can do this. You’re not leaving them any chances at all. Aren’t you worried that the Yues and the Hans will go after you?”

“I’m about to ask what Zimo just asked as well. There are too many obvious shreds of evidence that you went straight for Yueying this time. With Yueying almost done for now, I heard Qi Kai and Yueying have been working together from some time ago, so why aren’t they doing anything? Is there some kind of mistake?” Su Chen voiced out his doubts.

“There should be some action soon, no?” Zhou Zimo glanced at Mu Yuchen and laughed. “Hasn’t Ah Mo given you any news? Su Chen and I made sure it’s around Los Angeles. Unfortunately, we still can’t catch Qi Qiming yet.”

Mu Yuchen put his glass down slowly while Su Chen offered him a cigarette. As he was about to take it, he suddenly waved his hand and declined.

“We can only investigate. Qi Qiming was the one who encouraged the bond between Qi Kai and Yueying, and Qi Lei was in-charge. I don’t know what intentions they have or what they’re trying to achieve, but I want to find out.”

“I find it unbelievable as well. Even if Yueying is related to Glory World, I’d feel that it’s normal if he uses Yueying to threaten you, but after what you did, Yueying has become an empty shell. Why are you so sure that they’ll do something?” Su Chen glanced at Mu Yuchen doubtfully as he asked quietly.

“Maybe it’s just bait.” Zhou Zimo frowned slightly.



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