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 Me And My Daddi 

Season 2

Episode 6

Darian grinned and nodded. “Me, too. I’ll meet you out back.”

Gage stripped off his clothes and walked into the shower. He had his own room at Darian’s because he used to spend a lot of time there, so he had everything he needed for a short stay.

He had decided to spend the night instead of driving back to the city that very day. He desperately wanted to spend more time with Brylee and get to know her.

A smile grew on his face. He’d come in his pants when Brylee had, and he hadn’t done that since he was a teenager. It didn’t surprise him that he was still as hard as a rock. He’d never felt that horny in his life, and he couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to be inside Brylee’s tight cunt or ass.

Gage decided at that moment he would get to know her and hoped she wasn’t afraid of him after what he’d done, but he didn’t think she would be. He’d given her pleasure. Something he doubted she’d ever had, and he’d spend some time with her to let her get used to him. He knew he was a large, rough-looking man, but Brylee seemed to find him attractive, so he had hoped she’d want to see him again. He’d have to be gentle with her until she got used to him, but he’d do whatever he needed to have her in his life.


The girls slipped out the back door to find Darian and Gage sitting out loungers and drinking scotch.

Larkin scrunched up her nose. “It’s icky,” she told Brylee at the drink in Darian’s hand. “Daddy, let me taste it once, and I almost puked.”

Brylee covered her mouth with her hand and giggled.

Darian got their attention. “Girls, Ella brought out some lemonade for you, and I got more bandages because the other ones probably slipped off in the bathtub.”

Larkin walked directly to Darian and sat down between his legs before Brylee walked over to a chair. She knew her face was red with embarrassment because of the warmth she felt in her cheek. She couldn’t look Gage in the face. The man had one of his fingers in her bottom, for God’s sake.

“Brylee, come here so I can get these bandages on,” Darian said.

“I can do it, sir,” she replied.

Darian shook his head. “I want to make sure your knees are okay.”

“Let me do it,” Gage said and reached out for the Band-Aids. He turned to look at Brylee. “Come here, princess.”

Brylee giggled. “I’m not a princess, remember…”

“You are to me. Now come here,” he demanded.

Brylee stood and took the steps to stand beside Gage.

Gage sat up and spread his legs on either side of the lounger he relaxed in and grabbed ahold of her hand and pulled her down to sit in front of him with her back to his chest. He lifted her legs onto the lounger and bent forward to inspect the scrapes before putting the bandages on both knees. He wadded up the wrappers and set them on the table between him and Darian.

He leaned back, taking Brylee with him. He kept one arm around her middle, lifted his legs to lay on either side of hers, and handed her the glass of lemonade. Then he snatched up his glass.

Gage smirked when he realized Brylee sat against him but was stiff as a board.

“Tell me about yourself?” he asked to try to relax her.

Brylee looked at Gage over her shoulder. “I … I’m twenty-three years old. I work at Randy’s, and I live with two other girls that don’t like me.”


“They say I’m a baby, and I’m not fun.”

Gage pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “It hurts your feelings?”

Brylee nodded. “Yes, but most of the time, I don’t care because they’re not my friends. Larkin’s my friend.” She smiled.

“Why are you living with them?”

“They work at Randy’s also, and that’s how we met. They needed another roommate, and I needed a place to stay. It’s fine. I work as much as I can, and when I’m at the apartment, I stay in my room.”

“What kind of business is Randy’s?” Gage asked.

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