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(Did You Want to Hit Me and Kill Me?)

“If something really happened, we old fellows would no longer be there and Zhuoli would be alone. But if someone was there with him to deal with it, all the responsibility and stress would not be placed on him. It must be someone who’ll be able to advance and retreat together with him, without caring about the benefits to their own family, someone who can separate oneself from them. It cannot be someone who doesn’t know anything, who places all hopes on him, and who even causes trouble for him.”

Old Mr. Han stared at Han Dongping. “I know you have your own schemes. Was it not enough that you schemed for your son’s wedding? Now you are even thinking of scheming for Zhuoli’s wedding? But Dongping, Zhuoli is the next head of the Han Family. His marriage is not something you can scheme for. You don’t have the right to!”

“I know that you have a few choices that you want to pick from, and you want to force one onto Zhuoli. You feel that if he’s not happy with that one or this one, there will definitely be someone he’ll be satisfied with. But Shen Nuo is right. No matter what, Zhuoli is not your son—he is Xijin’s son. Even if the elders should decide the matter, that is still not your duty.” Old Mr. Han sneered. “I don’t know what you are thinking, feeling like you can make the decisions for Zhuoli. What do you take me and your mom for? What do you take Xijin and Shen Nuo for? You are unhappy with Lu Man, so you want to think of ways to break them up?”

Old Mr. Han was at the side of the table at the moment, placing down the family book before then taking up a paperweight from the table and turning around to smash it towards Han Dongping.

Han Dongping was shocked. Although he was not sure what was flying over, when he saw a lump of something dark, he instinctively avoided it.

When the paperweight fell on the ground with a loud sound, only then did he find out what that was.

He looked at Old Mr. Han, still shocked. “Dad, did you want to hit me and kill me?”

If that really hit his head, his head would really have been broken and there would definitely have been blood!

“It won’t have killed you, but if you will stop after I smash you, then I’m very willing to smash you!” Old Mr. Han said angrily. “The look you were giving Lu Man just now was too dark. Han Dongping, if you dare to do anything to Lu Man, I would no longer acknowledge you as a member of the Han Family!”

Han Dongping was shocked. “I did not think of doing anything to Lu Man! What do you mean by that, Dad? Are you kicking me out of the family?”

“Do you think I won’t? Hindering the Han Family’s progress, not having the same goal as us, scheming to harm one’s family members—if things are like that, why would I leave you be? You’re a time bomb.” Old Mr. Han was shorter than Han Dongping.

He was already old. His head, which was full of white hair that was not dyed, looked like it would not be able to stand a hit.

But at that moment, standing in front of Han Dongping, he was like a giant.

Han Dongping clenched his hand into a fist, loosened it a few times, then clenched it back again a few times.

Old Mr. Han did not need to wait for his answer. “Lu Man is someone whom I and your mom, Xijin and Shen Nuo, and even Zhuofeng accept. Even though the two of them haven’t gotten married yet, we already treat her as the daughter-in-law of the Han Family. You, watch yourself.”

After saying that, Old Mr. Han walked out of the study, leaving Han Dongping be.

Han Dongping was so angry that he wanted to throw things to get rid of his anger. He held it back for a very long time before he left.

When Old Mr. Han came out, the atmosphere in the living room was quite stiff.

Although they did not hear Old Mr. Han scolding Han Dongping, they’d heard a loud sound that had reached the living room.

Old Mrs. Han saw something, then suddenly smiled. “I looked at the Chinese calendar.”

Lu Man found it strange. What was Old Mrs. Han looking at the Chinese calendar for?”

The stiff atmosphere just now that was caused by Old Mr. Han’s words became lively again.



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