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(Won’t Scheme Against the Han Family for Even a Bit)

“Dad!” Han Dongping felt that he was not lacking at all. How could he just let Old Mr. Han say that?

“Don’t go doubting me. What you just said, did you think that we didn’t consider it? Oh, so could it be that only you are smart, the rest of us are dumb and couldn’t tell?” Old Mr. Han smiled. “How dumb do you have to be to think like that? And you still feel that you are very smart?”

“We know about Lu Man’s weakness, but her weaknesses are outweighed by her strengths.”

Han Dongping was not moved. What kind of strengths could Lu Man have?

Wanting a good family background when she had only a good face.

Claiming that her ability was good?

Han Dongping did not feel that way. All of Lu Man’s ability was given to her by Han Zhuoli.

If it were not for Han Zhuoli’s support, Lu Man would be nothing.

But he forgot that when Lu Man was not yet with Han Zhuoli—and, hence, without Han Zhuoli’s support—she could pull Lu Qi down from her high horse and cause the Lu Family to lose out by her hands, leaving them unable to do anything in retaliation.

Old Mr. Han noticed his reactions and decided to give him only one more chance by explaining it to him.

If Han Dongping could understand, that meant that he was not beyond saving.

But if Han Dongping could not understand, then in the future, any big matter within the family would have nothing to do with Han Dongping.

“There is no need for the head of the Han Family’s wife to have a good background. Having a good background has its benefits and its disadvantages. If her background is good, perhaps two strong powers can unite, but would her heart be with the Han Family or with her own family? What if, because of her family, she schemed against the Han Family?” Old Mr. Han said.

“Those are all hypotheticals!” Han Dongping said.

“How would you know if such a circumstance won’t happen? Look at Xia Yixin—is she hypothetical? Back then, Xia Yixin was chosen for Han Zhuoling by you. The good thing was that Han Zhuoling himself did not really care about this sort of thing. He did not really like anyone, so he was fine about the marriage and was united with the Xia Family. But after the marriage, didn’t Xia Yixin scheme against the Han Family to get benefits and leaned towards the Xia Family?” Old Mr. Han questioned.

He did not talk about things such as feelings or love.

When Han Zhuoling married Xia Yixin, he did not like anyone, and in the future, even if he were to like someone, there would be no use. Han Zhuoling had already betrayed his own feelings.

Han Dongping was stunned. He did not think that Old Mr. Han knew about these things.

Old Mr. Han smiled coldly. “Did you think that if I stayed in the old family house the whole day and did not leave, I really won’t know everything? Since you think that way, even if I say that you are dumb, you won’t believe it.”

Han Dongping’s face was red. He was already so aged, but he was still being called dumb by Old Mr. Han. How could he stand it?

“Don’t bother about Lu Man’s father. No matter how well or badly the Lu Family is doing, she won’t scheme against the Han Family for even a bit to benefit the Lu Family. And Lu Man’s mother is an honest person. As an ordinary person, she would not even care for this sort of thing.”

A woman who did not even want an engagement dowry—how can you expect her to covet the Han Family’s possessions?

What a joke!

“And these matters are all superficial. We weren’t considering them at all. It’s just a coincidence that Lu Man satisfies these sorts of requirements. What we care about most is Lu Man’s ability. Don’t assume that Lu Man’s achievements were all due to Zhuoli. If she was a dumb one, even if Zhuoli personally taught her, she would not have been able to achieve them!” Old Mr. Han looked at Han Dongping up and down. “Aren’t you an example? You had the luck to have been born in the Han Family. I personally taught and trained you since you were young, and in the end, even though you are already at such an age, you have not improved at all.”

Han Dongping: “…”




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