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(You Can Hug Only One Man, Me)

So even at this time, she did not dare to show her unhappiness, only carefully trying to protect Han Linkai.

Han Zhuoli took a look at Xia Yixin and directly shoved the little bundle into her arms before bringing Lu Man to a seat.

Lu Man stared at him, not sure whether to laugh or to cry. “He’s still young!”

Just a small little bundle, but she can’t even carry him?

Of course, Lu Man understood why Han Zhuoli took the little bundle away.

“You can hug only one man, me,” Han Zhuoli said very confidently, not at all feeling guilty, his face not turning red.

Lu Man looked at him. He was a grown man who looked mature and steady just now, but in an instant, he became so childish.

But no matter how she looked at it, she felt that he was cute.

Normally, when he was protecting her, he was like a hero that a young girl would fantasize about multiple times.

Protecting her behind his back, keeping her totally safe.

Letting her freely go and fight, not restricting her at all, letting her bravely try things. Even if she got into trouble, it was fine. He would follow her from behind and help her settle things.

If there was someone who bullied her, he would instantly appear and protect her, as well as help her take revenge.

If no one was bullying her, he would continue to let her be an empress.

Practically doting on her until she became a bully that was borrowing his power.

Yet this sort of stable man actually threw a temper like a little child.

Lu Man quietly pulled on Han Zhuoli’s arm, scared that others would hear, and said in a small voice, “Then what if we have a son in the future? I’d need to carry him.”

He can’t be jealous of his own son.

Han Zhuoli had already thought of this situation a long time ago. “Just carry him for a while. When feeding him milk, you can squeeze it out first, then pour it into a milk bottle to let him drink it.”

Anyway, she could not directly touch him.

Lu Man: “…”

She was just asking. She did not think that Han Zhuoli would seriously answer.

Feeding milk and everything, she did not even think about that. Han Zhuoli was actually thinking so far ahead!

After hearing what he said, she could not help but think of that image, yet Lu Man could not even dare to look directly at it.

She hurriedly tossed her head back to try to get rid of the image. Her face was entirely red. “Why did you think about this?!”

Han Zhuoli raised an eyebrow. “But didn’t you already start thinking about giving birth to a child for me?”

Lu Man: “…”

She did not think too much about it. She had just accidentally come up with a point of comparison.

Now that she was thinking about it, she felt that what she said was really… quite proactive…

Like she had already thought of it a long time ago.

But while Lu Man had not thought about it in detail, in her heart, she had always felt that it was better to let things occur naturally.

Just like how they had naturally become engaged, to be married later on.

As for pregnancy, that would also occur naturally.

There was no need to purposely avoid it or to purposely try for it.

If it should come, it would come eventually.

If it came, she would just give birth, but if it did not, she would patiently wait.

Because of that, she felt that pregnancy and giving birth, which were very natural things, would happen eventually.

She wanted to give birth to a child for Han Zhuoli and only for him.

Ever since she got together with Han Zhuoli, she did not think of anything else.

And so, to her, giving birth was something very natural. She had never purposely thought of it and was only mentioning it just now.

Old Mrs. Han saw that Han Zhuoli and Lu Man were talking secretively. Whatever the topic was, it was causing Lu Man’s face to become red.

Old Mrs. Han was very curious and could not help but ask, “Zhuoli, what are you saying? You’re causing Man Man’s face to be so red.”

Lu Man’s face instantly became even redder, and Han Zhuoli’s face did not change as he said, “We were talking about giving birth to a child.”

Lu Man: “…”

Old Mrs. Han went “aiya” in surprise. “You’re talking about giving birth to a child? When do you plan on giving birth to one?”




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