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Lu Qi said, “Besides, even if The Performer‘s reputation keeps going down, a starving camel is still bigger than a horse. No matter what, it’s still a show from Xing Ke Station!”

Lu Qiyuan nodded. Lu Qi’s words made a lot of sense.

Xing Ke Station’s advertising fee had always been very expensive. Just to sponsor a simple variety show would cost up to hundreds of millions. Even just having a simple commercial would still cost tens of millions.

Even if The Performer was terrible, Xing Ke Station was still passable.

“This is what you said. I will consider it properly,” Lu Qiyuan said.

Lu Qi reminded him, “The show is about to start recording, you better hurry up and consider.”

Why was Lu Qi so concerned about this matter, you ask?

It was because she wanted to be on the show!

Once the Lu Corporation becomes the sponsor of The Performer, wouldn’t it be so easy for Lu Qiyuan to squeeze Lu Qi into the show?

After all, The Performer was facing some troubles right now, as if it was stuck in the pits.

Lu Qi was honestly very confident of what Lu Man said, and she also had confidence in Xing Ke Station.

As Xing Ke Station’s main flagship show, would The Performer be so easily affected?


Xing Ke Station had been preparing for The Performer for such a long time. They have put in so much manpower, resources, and money into it. They definitely wouldn’t let The Performer fail.

Moreover, she still remembered what Lu Man said.

The Performer had invited so many big celebrities and big shots over. Every single one of them had millions of fans.

Even if the show wasn’t good, the fans will still watch it to support their own idols.

Even if they didn’t watch the show, wouldn’t it be enough if they just looked at their own idol’s face?

Therefore, Lu Qi had planned it all out really well. She wanted to make use of these celebrities’ popularity and use the conflicts she had with them on the show to increase her own popularity, create topics to talk about, and regain her popularity.

To make herself famous, she definitely had to encourage Lu Qiyuan to invest more money in it and help her get the sponsorship.

Lu Qi thought in detail about Lu Man’s analysis. She felt that what Lu Man said indeed made so much sense.

Just based on Lu Man’s stunning track record all along, even she felt that if she followed what Lu Man chose, she definitely wouldn’t go wrong.

Lu Qiyuan patted Lu Qi’s shoulder, feeling touched and emotional. “Qi Qi has grown up. She knows how to think for the company and help share my burden.”

Lu Qi smiled obediently. “I always see you fretting and worrying over the company all day long, and that makes me anxious too! I want to make you feel comfortable and happy, just like before.”

Happy and moved, Lu Qiyuan said, “Soon, really soon.”

“I won’t be disturbing you any longer, then. I’ll get going first,” Lu Qi said as she smiled. When she walked to the door, she paused and turned around to smile at Lu Qiyuan. “Dad, even if the company is facing difficulties right now, please don’t forget about your own health, don’t forget to rest properly. The difficulties are only transient. Even if you frown and worry all day long and not head home, you still won’t be able to immediately resolve the difficulties right now.”

Lu Qiyuan was sincerely touched. Moved, he said, “Alright, I got it.”

Qi Qi was still the most thoughtful!

With such a comparison, the more he felt that Lu Qi was so amazing, the more he thought that Lu Man was just someone who kept chasing after him to repay his debts.

Never mind caring about his health, Lu Man couldn’t wait for him to hurry up and drop dead!

“Then will you be coming home for dinner tonight?” Lu Qi asked.

Recently, Lu Qiyuan had been busy with work and had seldom gone back home for dinner.

He was meeting clients almost every single day.

Until today, Lu Qi still believed in Lu Qiyuan.

However, after seeing Jiang Yujie today, Lu Qi suddenly couldn’t trust him that much anymore.

Unknowingly, she strangely felt some animosity towards Jiang Yujie.

However, because of Lu Qiyuan’s attitude, she couldn’t show it too strongly. If she did, it would only backfire.

Lu Qiyuan was still feeling moved by Lu Qi. Hearing her question, he immediately nodded. “I will be going back. I won’t meet any clients today. I’ll head home earlier and spend time with you and your mother.”




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