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(Our CEO“s Temper Is Like That of a Crazy Person)

“Director Ge, you know I treat you as a friend. We’ve always worked together quite well. So when I heard it, I instantly asked our CEO. But our CEO asked me what am I asking so much for? He told me to go and do whatever he asked! For you, I was even scolded for no reason at all.”

Ge Guangzhen was extremely angry, but he had to make his tone seem helpless. “You called me to tell me this sort of thing in the middle of the night, my heart can’t take it.”

Lian Zhongxiang said helplessly, “I also have no other choice. Our CEO just called me to tell me this. And he even had me inform you instantly, saying I can’t wait for daylight. You know it as well, our CEO’s temper is like that of a crazy person.”

Ge Guangzhen: “…”

President Lian, you calling your CEO crazy, does Wei Zhiqian know?

“But, I guess,” Lian Zhongxiang emphasized again, “I’m just guessing, it’s not what our CEO said.”

“Just say it,” Ge Guangzhen said, weakly.

“I guess that it could be about your assistant director. What was he called? His surnmae was Xu. He exposed the fees Wei Feng gave you to be your main sponsor. Our CEO is not very happy. Your show has yet to be aired, it has just started to plan. Other shows that are still in the planning stage and not being aired yet do not know what the impact will be, yet yours is getting such high fees already. For most, that happens when the show has become popular, and the fees would start to increase upwards in the second season,” Lian Zhongxiang explained. “This time was because we’ve been working well together and Wei Feng had quite high expectations for your show. That’s why they invested so much.”

“But before the show becomes popular, this sort of thing cannot be said out loud. It would cause people to think that our Wei Feng is like some big power and, in the future, new shows would dare to seek us out to be their main sponsor and ask for 700 million or 800 million yuan in fees as soon as they opened their mouth, causing us to become a joke.”

“When your show becomes popular and our fees get exposed then, that would be different. At that time, it would be said that our Wei Feng has good foresight and judgment and has invested well,” Lian Zhongxiang said. “But it’s different right now. Your show’s recording has yet to even start. Even though we do anticipate results from your show results, because of that recording of your assistant director, the people outside are now all doubting the realness of it.”

“Like that, when the show is actually airing, what the viewership will be like is hard to say. Your show’s reputation is being doubted, and our Wei Feng is also very worried about your show’s viewership. After all, our investment of 500 million yuan is not small, and it cannot be said to be some casual investment that could be lost, don’t you think so?” Lian Zhongxiang said. “Based on the current outlook, I really don’t think that your viewership will be great. Wei Feng does not want to become the butt of people’s jokes, and so we can only withdraw our investment.”

“Of course, that’s only my own guess. It has nothing to do with our CEO’s thoughts.” Lian Zhongxiang said in his heart in quiet insult, Who knows what that crazy person thinks in his heart?

Ge Guangzhen was silent for a while, then said, “There’s no room for turning back here?”

“If there is, our CEO wouldn’t have been calling me in the middle of the night,” Lian Zhongxiang said. “The situation just happened in the day time, and our CEO must have considered it for a very long time, having thought about it until just now without sleeping.”

It was probably because he heard Lian Zhongxiang say it so much that Ge Guangzhen also could not help but say in his heart in insult, “Crazy.”




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