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( Wei Zhiqian“s Evil Idea)

Lu Man’s heart ached silently for The Performer.

They had invested so much. Just the pay for those guests who were participating was very shocking.

But in the same way, because of the attractiveness of these guests, they had many fans, and so, the viewership of the shows would also increase.

Before the show had even started to do publicity, the advertising company were fighting and auctioning, and they bid extremely expensive advertising costs one by one to advertise things during the show’s airing.

If it were not for Lu Man’s situation, The Performer’s viewership would have definitely exploded.

But the production group had wanted to make trouble for Lu Man before they even started to air. Now, they were already half-dead.

Wei Zhiqian took back his investment, and Nan Jingheng removed the publicity and airing of The Performer. That made it even worse for them.

Lu Man’s heart ached for this show silently.

As with Chu Zhaoyang’s “alright,” Lu Man did not know what Chu Zhaoyang was planning on doing.

Han Zhuoli explained, “Aside from the Chu Tian Hospital and the Chu Tian Laboratories, Lao Chu’s family is also running the Chu Tian Pharmaceutical Company. This time, there were advertisements for their family’s product.”

Lu Man understood instantly.

The eight big families each had their main business, but they also worked in other industries as well. No one would place all their eggs in one basket.

They would dabble in other industries; that way, they would have more and more connections.

The Performer may not even know that an advertisement they received was actually from one of the companies under the eight big families.

Yan Beicheng: “Tomorrow, I’ll make the production group cry and walk down.”

Lu Man could not help but laugh.

Qi Chengzhi: “Tomorrow, The Performer is going to lose half of the advertising companies.”

Wei Zilin: “This afternoon, the Xing Ke Station contacted our company. I’ve already rejected them.”

Qi Chenglin: “I did not invest in The Performer, but I did invest in other shows of theirs.”

Lu Man: “…”

What was the meaning of this?

He wanted to do things to the other shows on Xing Ke Station?

Her heart ached for Xing Ke Station.

Lu Man counted quietly. If this continued on, she had no idea if the show would air or not.

The group quietened down, and Han Zhuoli and Lu Man stopped looking at the chat group.

Lu Man started to ponder and told Han Zhuoli, “Since Wei Zhiqian has withdrawn his sponsorship, I can make use of this chance.”

“Oh?” Han Zhuoli looked at how she squinted her eyes, not knowing what she was scheming about like a little fox.

Naturally, Lu Man did not hide anything from him. “I want to see if I can manage to scheme against Lu Qiyuan. He and Xia Qingyang went to the school to make trouble for me the other time. I kept feeling unhappy. With The Performer losing so much investment in an instant, they would definitely find other companies.”

Han Zhuoli knew what Lu Man meant. He squinted his eyes and rubbed Lu Man’s hair. “If you need anyone to do anything, just tell me. Wei Zhiqian and the rest will definitely do things properly.”

Lu Man could not help but laugh. When he talked about the young masters of the eight big families, why was it that they sounded so down-to-earth, as if they were little soldiers and generals?

Casually given instructions and going to fight wherever she pointed.

However, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man did not expect that Wei Zhiqian did not feel that it was enough to withdraw his sponsorship. His ideas were especially bad.

He had specifically instructed his General Manager to contact the head director of The Performer, Ge Guangzhen, in the middle of the night.

At 12:40 am, Ge Guangzhen was sleeping deeply. Too many things had happened during the day, and there had been too much pressure that he managed to fully relax only at night, sleeping especially deeply.

In the end, while he was dreaming, his phone suddenly rang.

In that totally quiet room, with no preparation, there was suddenly the sound of the phone ringing. It really scared him, and, furthermore, it was during his deep-sleep period at night when he was most relaxed.



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