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(Slapping Face Group)

Han Zhuoli smiled lightly and took a look at her. “And I’m not good?”

“Of course you are the best,” Lu Man said as she smiled. “If it were not for you, why would they treat me well?”

“Are you guys always like that? When someone meets with something, would the others instantly react?” Lu Man asked.

“Yeah.” Han Zhuoli nodded. “No one dares to do anything to us. But the people by our sides, like you and their wives, at the start, there would be people who bullied them. As soon as they are bullied, those of us that find it convenient to act will act, and we will even work together to work against them.”

Why did others not dare to touch them?

Because as long as they dared to do something to one of them, the other seven would instantly react and work together to totally destroy any threats.

One family was already very headache-inducing, much less eight families working together, twisted into a rope like a giant.

Yet the eight of them were all the successors of their respective families and have a lot of speaking power, as well as plenty of ability to command, in their hands. And they could use most of the power of their family.

That way, provoking one of them was equivalent to provoking all eight families.

Who would dare to?

“When Song Yu was kidnapped, Cheng Zhi did not have enough cash on his hands. After we heard about it, we scolded him for not telling us about such an important thing. So we transferred all the money we could use to him. Those who were not in City B asked their families to pass him cash.” Han Zhuoli laughed and said, “We are a small circle, and our other half, naturally, is also included in our small circle. Anyone who dares to put their hand in this circle will wait for revenge from all of us. You see, Zhiqian is only the first one.”

As if wanting to prove Han Zhuoli’s words, as soon as Han Zhuoli said that, their WeChat rang.

Han Zhuoli laughed. “It’s probably the group.”

Lu Man picked up her phone to look. As expected, it was the WeChat group “8864.”

Chu Zhaoyang: “Xing Ke Station?”

Han Zhuoli: “Yes.”

Chu Zhaoyang: “Alright.”

Lu Man: “…”

Her face was stunned. What did Chu Zhaoyang say alright for?

The one causing trouble was The Performer. It had nothing to do with Xing Ke Station.

Although yes, this show belonged to Xing Ke Station.

Seeing Chu Zhaoyang’s meaning, however, it seemed he was planning to not blame the original one who caused trouble and directly make trouble for Xing Ke Station.

Nan Jingheng: “All the media outlets under Nan Yin has removed the publicity for The Performer. The servers under Nan Yin and all the parties we work with won’t air The Performer.”

Lu Man could not help but let out a breath.

Nan Jingheng said it very lightly, causing people who saw it to feel like it was not some big punishment.

But the truth was, like how the Han Corporation was in charge of more than half of the entertainment industry, Nan Yin Media was in charge of more than half of the media industry in the country.

Now, the big and small servers and the numerous video websites, news websites, entertainment servers, etc., anything that can be watched and played with—it all appeared to belong to different companies because their names were not the same.

But if you had the heart to check the company behind them, you would find that more than half of them were under Nan Yin.

They belonged to the companies under Nan Yin Corporation, and although their names were different, if you check more, the h*ck, they were all Nan Yin,

That made it very over the top.

If Nan Yin had all the media outlets under them take down The Performer, it was practically at the level of the whole Internet.



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