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(My Younger Sister-in-Law Is Getting Bullied, How Can I Stand at the Side and Do Nothing?)

Han Zhuoli paused, then suddenly asked, “Isn’t your elder sister-in-law very capable?”

Lu Man: “…”

Why did she become Wei Zhiqian’s elder sister-in-law?

No wait, Han Zhuoli was taking advantage of Wei Zhiqian like that. Was that alright?

Wei Zhiqian: “…”

The f*ck was “elder sister-in-law”? When did Han Zhuoli become his older brother?

Dating and even taking advantage of him, inhumane!

“I wanted to tell you, I withdrew my investment from The Performer,” Wei Zhiqian said.

Han Zhuoli was stunned, then said, “You don’t need to do that for us.”

“What a joke that production group. It’s full of people who did not open their eyes. My younger sister-in-law is getting bullied, how can I stand at the side and do nothing? Originally, this sponsorship was something Xing Ke Station begged us to do. For Wei Feng, there is not much effect,” Wei Zhiqian said.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Haha, 500 million yuan and he wanted to change “elder sister-in-law” to “younger sister-in-law”?

He would not let that happen!

“But it’s good that you pulled out your investment. After the trouble today, The Performer’s reputation was hit hard. It will be hard for them to build up their reputation again,” Han Zhuoli said. “Furthermore, since they came to make trouble for Lu Man, then they can give up on getting any good grades.”

“The Performer is about to be ruined. It is no longer appropriate to give them so much investment,” Han Zhuoli said.

“I think that way too.” Wei Zhiqian smiled coldly. “So I directly pulled out. Let them find another main sponsor.”

“Wait, since it has something to do with Lu Man, I’ll switch on the speaker to let Lu Man hear as well,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Alright,” Wei Zhiqian answered.

Han Zhuoli switched on the speaker, then explained briefly to Lu Man that Wei Zhiqian had withdrawn his investment in The Performer and was not planning on working together with this show.

Lu Man hurriedly greeted Wei Zhiqian.

In front of Lu Man, Wei Zhiqian was too embarrassed to address her as either elder sister-in-law or younger sister-in-law.

“After having so much trouble today, even if this show managed to continue on, the results won’t be very good and will cause the audience to dislike it and be opposed to it. Removing the investment is better. Otherwise, you might be implicated by the show,” Lu Man said.

“Are you saying that even if this show airs, it will be over for them?” Towards Lu Man’s judgment in this area, Wei Zhiqian had a lot of trust.

Lu Man nodded without hesitating. “Even if this show airs, whatever popularity it has will be negative. I feel that right now, there are guests who are hesitating on whether or not they should pull out from the show and not participate. If you remove your investment, then those who are still hesitating will probably choose to withdraw without hesitation.”

“Alright.” Wei Zhiqian smiled and nodded. “Originally, this show was doing well, but they dared to provoke us. I also want to remove my sponsorship. Now that it is going to be over for this show, that will be good. I just wanted to tell you guys, because this way, you can do whatever you want to this show.”

Otherwise, they would have had to show mercy to this show because of Wei Feng.

They were a close group and had always been very protective of the people in their circle.

Although Wei Zhiqian said that, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man both knew that Wei Zhiqian was helping Lu Man to express her anger.

It was only because The Performer had provoked Lu Man that Wei Zhiqian was angry at this show as well.

By doing that kind of thing, he was already doing his best as a friend.

“Thank you for this,” Han Zhuoli said.

“What are you being polite for?” Wei Zhiqian smiled.

After hanging up, Lu Man told Han Zhuoli, “Your brothers are really good.”



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