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(Publicly Expressing Support)

Ge Guangzhen frowned, then hesitated and asked Team Leader Wu, “Lao Wu, what do you think?”

Team Leader Wu shook his head. “It’s hard to say. If we deny it and it becomes a big mess, we become a joke instead. Assistant Director Xu, on the day of the signing, aside from you, another worker from our production group, Lu Man, and the other four students, was there anyone else in the room?”

“There’s also a dean from the National Film Academy,” Xu Yaojie said in a low voice.

“Look, if you deny it, what if the National Film Academy personally comes out and says something?” Team Leader Wu asked back.

“Would the National Film Academy defend Lu Man?” Xu Yaojie did not believe it. “Would such a big school do that just to protect a student? I’ve never heard of anything like that before. What kind of head of a major school can be such a busybody? What a dean says is not counted. He has a principal above him. Even if he wants to serve as a witness for Lu Man, it’s not his choice to make.”

Team Leader Wu sighed. “Whether the National Film Academy will speak out for Lu Man or not, I can’t really tell, but there have been previous instances.”

“What do you mean?” Ge Guangzhen asked.

Team Leader Wu directly raised up his phone and searched for the official Weibo of the National Film Academy. “Take a look.”

“This was from before. When Bourbotte brought over Attack Force to promote his show, he had also gone against Lu Man. At that time, the National Film Academy directly stood up to express public support for Lu Man.”

“That’s different, right?” Xu Yaojie insisted. “That was concerning the pride of the locally-produced movies. At that time, Bourbotte’s words were inappropriate, and everyone was angry when they heard it. As one of the big schools in the local industry, the National Film Academy’s support of Lu Man was very normal.”

Team Leader Wu then continued to scroll down Weibo. “Alright, then let’s go back a bit more. Lu Man had not been in the school for long, and it seemed that her relationship with her classmates was not very good. A lot of students came out to attack her and even made a bet with her to see whose grades at the end of semester examinations were better. And in the end, Lu Man got first. The official Weibo of the National Film Academy once again publicly showed Lu Man’s exam results to express support.”

Seeing that Xu Yaojie wanted to speak again, Team Leader Wu said, “Don’t tell me that this is also very normal. That is, as the first in the level, the National Film Academy coming out to praise her and show her grades is a kind of promotion for their school.”

“But that’s what it is,” Xu Yaojie said.

However, they had never seen any other schools besides the National Film Academy do that.

Team Leader Wu laughed. “If you have time, you can look through the National Film Academy’s official Weibo. See if the National Film Academy has done it before this—whether they have shown the student with the highest grades in previous years. I can tell you confidently here, they have never done it before. If you don’t believe it, you can go and look through it.”

Ge Guangzhen’s eyebrows moved a bit. He was not believing Xu Yaojie totally. Xu Yaojie’s pressure was large, not wanting to admit his mistake, and so he kept holding on.

But Ge Guangzhen did not feel the pressure at all, and so he could look at it in a more unbiased way. “Does the National Film Academy place so much emphasis on Lu Man?”

Team Leader Wu nodded. “I think the National Film Academy wants to make Lu Man a representative of their school. After all, among the students, Lu Man is famous enough with her two high-box-office-sales movies. Although I feel that if it’s just these two points, it really does not need to be Lu Man. I don’t know what the National Film Academy is thinking, but from the way their principal is doing things, I think he really wants to do that.”

Team Leader Wu looked towards Xu Yaojie. “You attacking Lu Man like that, the National Film Academy is definitely not happy. If we don’t try to solve it now and instead remain thick-skinned and deny it all the way, the National Film Academy would stand up for their star student to protect her reputation.”

“There’s no need to guess anymore,” Assistant Director Wang suddenly said in a low voice.


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