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(The Villain Dies Because They Talk Too Much)

In Team Leader Wu’s heart, he said, What could we do?

At the start, Team Leader Wu had reminded Ge Guangzhen about the aspects that they did not know:

At least in terms of public relations, Lu Man had yet to lose before and should not be provoked.

Her brilliant battle results were still remembered by a lot of netizens.

Yet Xu Yaojie had been adding oil to the fire at the side.

Now the situation was like this. After offending Lu Man, there was no way for them to close the situation in a good way, alright?!

Now he wanted to see what Xu Yaojie could do now!

Team Leader Wu looked at Xu Yaojie and realized that Xu Yaojie’s facial expression was not good. He was extremely pale.

“Lao Wu, you’re in charge of the public relations and publicity for our show. What do you think we should do now?” Ge Guangzhen asked.

Team Leader Wu smiled bitterly and said, “Director Ge, it really would not be easy for us to get out of this now. Although I am in charge of public relations and publicity, there must first be a situation where I can do public relations. Now that the situation has reached this stage, there’s nothing I could do. Lu Man has a recording as proof. Even the screenshots of Assistant Director Xu’s posts, I suspect those were published by Lu Man using a small account.”

Team Leader Wu’s words made Ge Guangzhen think of something.

Ge Guangzhen instantly turned the fire onto Xu Yaojie. “Why were you posting that kind of thing? Aren’t you looking for trouble? Lu Man having a voice recording is one thing. None of us thought that Lu Man was so sly, even daring to record a contract signing!”

With this kind of tricks, who would dare to sign contracts with Lu Man in the future?

“Haha, given how she is like, in the future, no one will dare to sign a contract with her. Who would not be scared that if they said something wrong, she would record it and expose it? When talking to Lu Man about things, people really must be careful. Otherwise, they might be schemed against by Lu Man if they are not careful. Just with that alone, I want to see if anyone will be willing to work together with her in the future!” Ge Guangzhen said, gritting his teeth.

Assistant Director Wang coughed lightly.

Ge Guangzhen realized that he had started to talk off-topic and hurriedly told Xu Yaojie, “Why are you posting things randomly? Ah? Aren’t you trying to let people blackmail you? What are you thinking, exactly? Why are you so dumb?”

A middle-aged man being called dumb by Ge Guangzhen directly, Xu Yaojie’s whole face was red.

“I just could not hold myself back and posted something, and I did not say the name or the surname, yet who’d have known…” Xu Yaojie stuttered, trying to get out of it.

“Just by not saying the name, do you think that people won’t be able to see who it is? Do you think people are dumb?” Ge Guangzhen said angrily. “Oh, it’s you who’s dumb, so you dumbly thought that everyone else is dumber than you!”

Xu Yaojie’s face was red, and he did not dare to say anything.

All his blood was flowing to his head, and it was like it was about to explode.

He simply felt that his head was exploding; there was a buzzing sound all about, and it was extremely heated up.

“First was the day of the signing: you told Lu Man about the internal working of our show after she said a few sentences. Then there was you not knowing that Lu Man was secretly recording the exchange gloatingly looking down on others. Today, we were all busy trying to deal with Lu Man, and in the end, you dragged us down again. Do you have nothing to do? Why would you post something that people can use as blackmail material?” Ge Guangzhen got angrier the more he spoke. “Do you have nothing to do that you posted that?! Why did you post that?! Insisting on posting that kind of bullsh*t, pretending to be some manly guy, you don’t feel comfortable when you’re not pretending, is that it?!”

The villain dies because they talk too much—this line exactly suited Xu Yaojie!

“Director Ge, I feel that as long as we don’t admit it, it’s alright,” Xu Yaojie said stiffly. “Lu Man gave only a recording and not a video. Who can prove that the voice in the recording is me? I’m working in the background, the netizens have not heard my voice before. And furthermore, voices recorded using a device is different from the actual person’s voice. As long as I don’t admit it, it’s alright. Just say that Lu Man’s recording is fake.”



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