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(I Can’t Speak Out for You in This Situation)

“Senior, hello.” Lu Man was slightly shocked for a while, but she guessed why Li Zeyu was calling her.

“I saw that The Performer‘s production group is attacking you,” Li Zeyu explained. “Zheng Yuan is in the student council with me, so I asked Zheng Yuan for your phone number.”

“I’m fine,” Lu Man said as she smiled.

“I’m sorry, I can’t speak out for you in this situation,” Li Zeyu said, troubled.

“I understand, don’t worry.” From how Li Zeyu had placed the responsibility for not participating in the show all on himself, Lu Man knew that Li Zeyu did not want to offend the production group.

She understood Li Zeyu’s choice and did not feel much about it. She also did not feel that Li Zeyu had the responsibility to stand and speak up for her.

“Don’t worry, I can deal with it myself,” Lu Man said. “What did you tell your fans? If I tell the truth, will the fans have a bad opinion of you?”

“That won’t happen. I just said that my acting skills are not good enough and there is no use participating in the show. Adding on my personal health, I said I wanted to rest properly. Even if you say the truth, the most that people would feel is that I did not want to offend the production group and did not want to be in the show. Those who don’t like me will still not like me, and my fans will still understand me.”

“Alright.” Lu Man nodded.

“Are you planning on speaking the truth?” Li Zeyu said. “But you have no hard evidence. Even if you speak out, there won’t be a lot of people who’ll believe you. You’re just one person, how will you fight against a whole production crew?”

“I must try,” Lu Man said while smiling.

“I’m sorry, I—” Li Zeyu’s face was slightly red. He was a man, but he was so cowardly, scared of offending this person, scared of offending that. He had too much to consider.

And in the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “If they don’t believe you, I’ll help you explain.”

“They will definitely believe me,” Lu Man said confidently. “You don’t need to be worried about my side. As long as you take good care of your fans, that’ll be alright. Don’t worry.”

But Li Zeyu had already thought of it, and if there was no one who believed Lu Man’s words, then he would speak out.

After hanging up, at this time, there was the sound of knocking on a door outside of the study.

Hu Zhonghui’s voice rang out. “Auntie, hello, I’m Lu Man’s manager. My name is Hu Zhonghui.”

“Oh, hello, hello.” Xia Qingwei hurriedly invited Hu Zhonghui in.

Lu Man also came out from the study and saw that Hu Zhonghui was holding a phone in her hand. The phone screen was still lit up, showing the screenshot of that WeChat conversation’s screenshot on Weibo.

“You’re here to discuss work with Lu Man, right?” Xia Qingwei still did not know about the situation online, and so she was smiling as she asked.

“Yes.” Hu Zhonghui nodded.

A young girl who liked to smile, looking full of spirit, Xia Qingwei liked her on first glance.

“Mom, I’ll go with Xiao Hui to the study to discuss work,” Lu Man said.

“Alright.” Xia Qingwei turned to go to the kitchen and prepare tea and fruits to send into the study.

It was only when Xia Qingwei left that Hu Zhonghui dared to show her anger. “Lu Man, did you see the screenshot of the conversation already?”

“I’ve seen it,” Lu Man said calmly, not worried at all.

Hu Zhonghui really admired Lu Man’s calm temper. “Why aren’t you worried?”

Just as she finished speaking, without waiting for Lu Man to reply, Hu Zhonghui raised her two hands above her head to surrender as she said, “Alright, pretend I did not ask. I’m really curious, how big of a situation would it have to be for you to be worried?”

“This is really nothing much. Anyway, I’ve already thought of a way to deal with this,” Lu Man said, smiling.


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