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(If You Have the Guts to Criticize, Then Don’t Delete It)

“That’s right! With Zhang Lun’s status and connections in the entertainment industry, isn’t it easy for him to ban Lu Man? And in the end, Lu Man is still doing well now, still jumping around in the entertainment industry. Aside for posting a Weibo whenever something happens to Lu Man, Zhang Lun did not do anything else! So he’s working together with Lu Man!”

Zhang Lun’s fans were unhappy. “Zhang Lun, are you working together with Lu Man? You tricked us!”

“You made use of our emotions!”

“I want to quit being your fan! Turns out that from the start, you were working together with Lu Man to trick us. Is it very fun?”

“What a waste of me liking you for so long. Feeling like you were really not getting along with Lu Man, I even criticized Lu Man and did many dumb things. I was really too naive.”

“It’s so hard being your fan. I don’t want to be your fan anymore.”

“Tricking fans for fun, haha, how shameless!”

And in the end, a lot of fans stopped being his fan.

Zhang Lun watched as his number of fans decreased.

Zhang Lun’s whole person was stunned.

Didn’t he just jump out to try to ruin Lu Man totally?

He was just doing it to step on Lu Man!

What working together, what familial relations? They all do not exist!

Did they think he did not want to ban Lu Man?

He had called people, used his connections, and contacted all his good friends in the entertainment industry, yet for some reason, there was no effect at all.

He had already done all he could, yet no one made trouble for her.

Zhang Lun had thought about it himself as well. It was probably related to Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng.

These two people had a good relationship with Lu Man and were always protecting her. Everyone in the entertainment industry knew about it.

And now, in the end, the netizens were about to come up with a family tree.

What do they mean, Lu Man was her niece? Because she entered the industry in a low-key manner, a lot of people did not even know that Lu Man had such a good background.

Upon debuting, she acted in Greedy Wolf Operation, and there was a reason for that.

Actually, it was not that Sun Yiwu had found Lu Man by accident. It was Zhang Lun who introduced Lu Man to Sun Yiwu.

When Lu Man was still entering the entertainment industry, Sun Yiwu had tried to protect her and to pave her path all the way.

Zhang Lun had watched until his teeth were painful. At that moment, his phone’s WeChat notifications constantly rang.

He clicked on it to enter, irritated. In the end, it was all messages trying to check with him as to whether Lu Man was his relative.

“Lao Zhang, is Lu Man really your niece?” a good friend asked.

“No. It’s just the netizens randomly coming up with things!” Zhang Lun said angrily.

There were even reporters who came to ask, “Director Zhang, what relationship do you have with Lu Man? Are you really trying to help promote Lu Man? Before this, were those disagreements fake?”

“No! This was just the netizens randomly coming up with things!” Zhang Lun replied angrily.

“Master, you and Lu Man—”

“Director Zhang, you and Lu Man…”

Zhang Lun was already too lazy to reply and went back to delete the Weibo post he’d just posted.

He really admired those netizens.

Only a second had passed since he deleted the Weibo post and there were already netizens who saw it.

“Zhang Lun once again deleted the Weibo he just posted!”

The group of people watching the drama hurriedly went to see. Of course, there was nothing there anymore.

“Why is it that this kind of Zhang Lun is cute for some reason?”

“Right, posting something on Weibo insulting Lu Man then deleting it, how willful. Director Zhang’s heart is unfathomable!”

“Last time, he also deleted the Weibo post where he scolded Lu Man. It seems like Director Zhang doesn’t care about it anymore since he’d already done it once. He very easily admits defeat after attacking people.”

There were even netizens who were more extreme and directly scolded, “Zhang Lun, if you have the guts to criticize, then don’t delete it!”


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