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(Ruin Lu Man’s Reputation)

“What!” Assistant Director Wang looked at Xu Yaojie, then suddenly turned around and walked with big steps to the overall director’s office.

Xu Yaojie was shocked and hurriedly pulled on Assistant Director Wang. “What are you doing?”

“We must inform Director Ge about this kind of big matter!” Assistant Director Wang shrugged off Xu Yaojie’s hand. “Do you think you can still keep it a secret?”

Assistant Director Wang walked over with big steps, and Team Leader Wu followed as well.

Xu Yaojie glared at Team Leader Wu fiercely. He could only thicken his skin and follow after.

Assistant Director Wang was not the direct eyewitness and could not explain it clearly. He had Team Leader Wu explain it to Ge Guangzhen.

Ge Guangzhen did not think that this situation would benefit them and was extremely angry.

But before dealing with Xu Yaojie, the most important thing was how to deal with this situation.

Xu Yaojie’s attitude also softened. “Director Ge, this thing is all my fault. I did not consider it enough. I was very angered by Lu Man at that time and revealed things to her. You don’t know how angering Lu Man’s attitude was. She’s too arrogant, not putting our station in her eyes at all. After looking at the contract, she started to pick at things.”

“If she were an A-lister with speaking power, discussing the contract with us would be fine. But she’s a student. How can she not know what kind of status she has in the entertainment industry? She really thinks of herself too highly, telling me this and that. Before signing the contract, she started to be arrogant first and found trouble for us. If we really signed her in, she would have been a problem. At that time, when the show was to broadcast, she’d have been a time bomb, and if she really made trouble, it would have been hard for us to get out of it!”

“Are we trying to get to the bottom of whether she had signed the contract or not right now?” Ge Guangzhen said angrily. “What we are talking about right now is you casually telling that handful of students about our show’s situation! If she didn’t sign, that’s one thing. Having a problem with the contract and not signing it is alright, but why did you say so much?!”

Xu Yaojie said, “You all weren’t present at the time. You don’t know what the situation was like. At that time, Lu Man made it such that if I didn’t state everything out clearly, it would not only be Lu Man who won’t be signing the contract, even the other four would not have signed it. If it were just one or two, it was alright, but if all five students did not sign, then that would have been too much. I was thinking that they would get to know about it sooner or later. When they join our production group, they’d have to cooperate with us, so I said it clearly. If they could accept it, they can sign, and if they could not, then they cannot sign the contract. I didn’t wait until later on when they aren’t happy and make trouble.”

Ge Guangzhen pressed the center of his brows. Xu Yaojie did make sense as well.

Anyway, who would treat five students as something important?

“Then right now, we can only strike first to gain the upper hand,” Ge Guangzhen told Team Leader Wu. “Li Zeyu is not bad. He is very smart, knowing to publicly make a statement very early and take the blame for the situation. Based on what he did, let’s take him out of this equation and treat it like he really had something on and could not participate in our show. As for Lu Man—”

Ge Guangzhen’s face was dark as he said, “Before this, we’ve discussed things properly with her. She did not want to do it and cooperate, so we’ve had to deal with that. After we’ve tried to do things politely, it’s time to use force. If she refuses to take responsibility, we will help her.”

Ge Guangzhen gave a cold hmph. “If she had automatically taken the responsibility herself, then the damage could have been controlled by her such that there’ll be no harm done to her and everyone will be happy. But having us do it now—”

Ge Guangzhen smiled coldly. “It’s no longer up to her.”

Ge Guangzhen told Team Leader Wu, “I’ll hand this problem to you. Put our production group in the party that is making losses and ruin Lu Man’s reputation!”



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