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(Can’t Do It)

“Alright.” Ge Guangzhen had thought about it and nodded. “Have Lu Man come out and explain as well. We can’t let her participate since she’s already rejected our show, and now that something has happened, participating again would make people suspect things more.”

Assistant Director Wang instantly had people contact Lu Man.

The good thing was that The Performer had worked together with the schools and so could obtain Lu Man’s contact number.

When Lu Man received the phone call, she did not know who the other party was. “Hello.”

“Hello. It’s Lu Man, right?” The one who called Lu Man was Team Leader Wu, who was in charge of publicity for The Performer.

“Yes. May I ask who you are?” Lu Man asked.

“I’m the Team Leader of The Performer. My surname is Wu.” Although Team Leader Wu was not like Xu Yaojie, who was very arrogant and not treating Lu Man and the rest as at all important, his tone did convey a bit of that kind of meaning.

“Hello.” Lu Man had roughly guessed why the other party was calling. “May I ask what the matter is?”

“It’s like this. Recently, the netizens online have been making a lot of guesses as to why you and Li Zeyu rejected the offer to appear in our show, The Performer, which was very detrimental to our reputation. Li Zeyu had already appeared online to give an explanation. Our production team hopes that you can also appear and give an explanation,” Team Leader Wu said.

“Explain what?” Lu Man asked while raising an eyebrow.

Team Leader Wu said in his heart, Aren’t you asking something you already know?

“Of course, it’s to explain that the reason you withdrew from The Performer was because of your personal reasons and that it has nothing to do with the production team. Just randomly find a reason, like a conflict in the schedule, your own personal conditions not allowing it, or you wanting to concentrate on studies, et cetera. Anything is alright,” Team Leader Wu said, feeling like he’d already come up with a reason for her that was already good enough.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do it,” Lu Man said mildly.

“What?” Team Leader Wu was shocked, and his volume suddenly increased.

“The reason I decided not to participate in The Performer is not because I have a problem, it’s because you guys have a problem. The blame is not on me, so why do you want me to lie, to take responsibility for withdrawing from The Performer?” Lu Man asked back.

“Why is it our responsibility? It’s you who didn’t want to sign the contract!” Team Leader Wu said angrily.

Lu Man raised her eyebrow. She did not know whether Team Leader Wu was pretending to be confused or if Xu Yaojie did not tell them about the whole situation.

“That contract has a problem. I naturally couldn’t sign it,” Lu Man said coldly.

“Our production group invited you, but you didn’t want to participate and refused to sign the contract. Isn’t that your own problem?” Team Leader Wu accused.

“But why didn’t I sign the contract? It’s because the conditions on the contract have a problem,” Lu Man said in a low voice. “It’s your show that purposely tricks people. There are traps in the contract. Aren’t you bullying me because I’m a student with no background and not famous enough?”

“The trap includes forcing us to do things that draw attention on us in order to make the show popular. I’m originally someone from public relations, so I understand this very well and can understand your actions. If it is just that, we could have talked about it and I wouldn’t have directly rejected signing the contract. Also, these things have yet to happen, so I won’t talk about that at the moment,” Lu Man said.

Team Leader Wu’s heart stopped for a while, his expression becoming serious.

This Lu Man was really not easy to deal with!

Lu Man then said, “Let’s talk about the problem of fair competition. Your show ignores fairness. There is no fair competition in existence at all. That means that no matter how much work we put in, it is useless. You’ll let whoever you want win and force whoever you want to do what you want. It’s such a low-level and full-of-lies show. Why do I need to stand out and tell lies to help you get out of trouble?”


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