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(Lose Him)

“Even if I have to toss this face of mine aside, as long as I could help you and help our family, I would go all out. I have no ability, I am uncultured, and I’m not smart. All I wanted was to help you. Do you think I wanted to lose face? If I blamed you, would I help you?” Xia Qingyang said pitifully.

Lu Qiyuan looked at her suspiciously. However, seeing that Xia Qingyang was crying genuinely and sincerely, the anger he was feeling earlier started subsiding.

“I got it,” Lu Qiyuan said. “I know that you wanted to help me. It’s alright, I don’t blame you.”

Xia Qingyang glanced at him and asked, “Where are we going now?”

“I’m following that car Lu Man is in,” Lu Qiyuan explained. “I want to see exactly where she and Xia Qingwei moved to.”

In front of them, Xiao Chen saw the rearview mirror and said to Lu Man, “Lu Man, buckle up your seat belt.”

Lu Man fastened her seat belt and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Xiao Chen glanced at the rearview mirror again and said, “Lu Qiyuan is following our car. I have to lose him.”

Lu Man turned around. As expected, she saw Lu Qiyuan’s car.

“He wants to know where my mom and I moved to,” Lu Man said solemnly.

“This disgusting dog, he sure is shameless. Looks like he still thinks that Mr. Han hasn’t caused him enough trouble,” Xiao Chen mumbled.

“Will you be able to lose him? He definitely can’t find out where we’re staying,” Lu Man said.

“Don’t worry.” Xiao Chen was very confident. “I drive for Mr. Han. How would I not be able to do something as simple as this?”

Just as he finished talking, Xiao Chen suddenly made a sharp turn and drove into a small alley.

The alley was very narrow, and it looked rather unassuming.

Looking at it from afar, one would think that it was the entrance to a factory.

Only after turning it would one realize that it was a narrow alley.

“Old Zhou, help me to check the traffic lights,” Xiao Chen said.

Zhou Cheng took out his cell phone and opened up some unknown app.

After clicking on it, it displayed a map of all the roads around the area.

Everything was clearly displayed on it, even whether the traffic lights on the road were red or green and how many seconds were left until it changed.

Lu Man turned around and saw that Lu Qiyuan made a turn there too.

Xiao Chen didn’t expect that he would be able to lose Lu Qiyuan here.

When Lu Qiyuan turned, he saw the tail of Xiao Chen’s car disappearing into a track to the right.

Lu Qiyuan hurriedly chased after it, but when he turned right, he realized that it wasn’t the car that Lu Man was sitting in!

He could only test his luck and choose another road and turned towards it.

But how could he even still see the shadow of the car that Lu Man was in?

Lu Qiyuan stopped the car by the side of the road. Angrily, he hit the steering wheel hard.

“We lost him.” Xiao Chen looked into his rearview mirror and saw that Lu Qiyuan’s car was no longer there.

Lu Man also turned around and looked about, then let out a sigh of relief.

Only then did Lu Man remember to ask Zhou Cheng, “Big Brother Zhou, why did you go to our school?”

Zhou Cheng smiled and explained, “Mr. Han knew that Lu Qiyuan had come back from the south. He was scared that he would harass you and told me to go over to check. A lot of the contracts his company had were returned and a lot of their orders were canceled. His factory in the south has completely fallen and all his hard work there was now for naught. However, some orders are still not complete, and his own company is unable to produce them. He could only find another factory to do the work. Right now, he has dumped all his money in the replacement factory, but he doesn’t have any new orders after that either. Hence, right now, Lu Qiyuan is in a terrible situation.”

It made sense to Lu Man now. No wonder Lu Qiyuan was even eyeing her salary. He was really running out of time.

“Don’t worry, right now, Mr. Han is looking for something else to make him busy,” Zhou Cheng said.

Previously, he’d sent Lu Qiyuan off to the south and tormented him for a long time over there.


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