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(Small Matter)

“Shut up!” Principal Liu appeared.

Xia Qingyang jumped in shock after Principal Liu shouted at her all of a sudden. Subconsciously, she stopped talking.

Right now, the people crowding around them were students from the National Film Academy. Principal Liu said loudly to them, “Stop being such a busybody! Hurry up and move aside, don’t block the entrance of the school.”

Right then, a security officer who had been quietly hiding away from the scene quickly ran over. “Principal.”

Xia Qingyang heard it. It turned out he was the principal.


She immediately stepped forward. “You are the principal, right? Please say something about this. Lu Man is a student from your school. Your school would even want a student like this? She doesn’t even want to acknowledge her own father!”

Principal Liu laughed coldly. “Who are you two? Why did you run over to our school to pretend to be the parents of our students and cause all this trouble?”

Xia Qingyang’s face twisted. She anxiously said, “We are not pretending. It’s true! He’s Lu Man’s father!”

Xia Qingyang pointed at Lu Qiyuan and said, “We are Lu Qi’s parents. Just call Lu Qi out and you will know.”

“Hurry up and leave! Stop causing so much trouble here!” Principal Liu shouted. “Those who know Lu Qi will also know that she comes from a rich family. Her father is the old CEO of a big corporation, and her mother is a rich lady. How could they possibly be like you two, shouting about at our school entrance? How could her mother be like you, a shrew shouting and causing a scene at the school entrance? Since I don’t believe you, I can just call Lu Qi out and ask her if it is true or not!”

Lu Qi was indeed around. However, after hearing Principal Liu’s words, she hurriedly hid away.

Someone saw Lu Qi and asked, “Lu Qi, are those people at the school gate your parents?”

Lu Qi took a couple of steps back to hide and hurriedly replied, “No.”

With how Xia Qingyang was behaving, even she felt that it was embarrassing.

Moreover, Principal Liu had already said those words. If she did go out now and tell the truth, she would be losing face too along with them. No way would she do that.

When she heard those words, Xia Qingyang’s old face turned red. Principal Liu’s words made it difficult for her to admit or deny anything.

What if she admitted that she and Lu Qiyuan were both fakes and came here to frame Lu Man and extort money from her?

Wouldn’t that mean that she had really become a shrew?

And Lu Qiyuan would become a useless bum too!

Xia Qingyang gritted her teeth angrily. She was feeling so suffocated that her heart started to ache, so frustrated that she couldn’t catch her breath.

This Principal Liu sure was infuriating!

Principal Liu saw that Xia Qingyang was indeed stunned and shocked. Hence, he said loudly, “Let me tell you two, Lu Man is an outstanding student from our school. She is the school’s model student, and she has brought a lot of honor to our school! As the principal, on behalf of the school, I don’t allow you to slander Lu Man!”

Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang felt extremely choked up. Principal Liu tossed Xia Qingyang aside and walked towards Lu Man, separating Lu Qiyuan away from her and pretending to be unintentionally blocking him.

“Lu Man, leave first. Leave this to me,” Principal Liu said.

Lu Man took a look at Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang and said apologetically to Principal Liu, “Sorry that I’ve caused so much trouble to you and the school.”

“It’s nothing.” Principal Liu didn’t mind.

Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang were just shouting and causing a small scene. They still had some shame left and were really afraid that if their identities were revealed, they would really lose face.

It was good as long as they still wanted to save some face.

People who wanted to save some face was always easier to deal with.

To Principal Liu, this was just a small matter.

Before becoming the principal of the National Film Academy, he even volunteered with the elderly and youths and worked in the slums. What thug or useless bum had he not seen before?

Lu Qiyuan and Xia Qingyang could still have their way with Lu Man.

After all, Lu Man was young. While she was smart, she still lacked experience when it came to such matters.

But he was highly experienced!


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