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(Wait for Tomorrow, We’ll Make Her Cry!)

Lu Man brought Hu Zhonghui and He Mengmeng to go with her to Dong Hua and directly went to the hotel next to Dong Hua Station to stay there.

Because they’d considered that a lot of celebrities would come to Dong Hua Station, a five-star hotel was right next to the television station.

A lot of celebrities who come to participate in the show stayed nearby in that hotel.

After checking in to the hotel, the three of them pulled their luggage into the lift.

Waiting in front of the lift, they heard a “ding” noise. One of the lifts stopped, and Lu Man and the other two went over.

They saw the three people inside walk out and meet them face-to-face.

Taking a look, they found that it was someone they recognized.

It was Qiao Luna, and on one side of her was Qiao Luna’s assistant, the one they met at the VIP waiting room in the airport.

On the other side was probably Qiao Luna’s manager.

Lu Man’s only contact with Qiao Luna was during that time in the VIP waiting room in the airport.

But at that time, she had yet to officially enter the entertainment industry. Qiao Luna did not recognize a small, unimportant person like her at all.

Because of that, they did not greet each other or talk at all.

Now, Lu Man had a bit of fame in the entertainment industry. Qiao Luna could at least recognize Lu Man.

Seeing Lu Man, Qiao Luna was slightly shocked.

Lu Man smiled and nodded at Qiao Luna. After being stunned for a while, Qiao Luna also nodded at Lu Man.

The two of them did not have any interaction at all.

Qiao Luna and the other two left the lift while Lu Man and the other two entered it.

When they had walked further, as soon as the lift closed, He Mengmeng said in a very soft voice, “Qiao Luna’s assistant hasn’t been fired yet? Her temper is not good at all. Isn’t Qiao Luna scared that her assistant would cause trouble for her?”

Hu Zhonghui laughed. “Qiao Luna herself isn’t very good-tempered. She acts like she’s very close to the people with more fame than she does. As for those who aren’t as famous as she is, she looks down on them a lot. It’s the same with her assistant. The two of them are very suited to each other.”

“No wonder that just now, even her nod seemed very pacifying and cold,” He Mengmeng said.

That was her feeling that Lu Man was not as good as she was.

“Ha ha, wait for tomorrow, let’s make her cry!” Hu Zhonghui rubbed her fist and palm together.

Lu Man laughed. “Why are you even more worked up than I am?”

“Of course I must be!” Hu Zhonghui had a strong aura.


Qiao Luna put on her sunglasses and her face mask, saying as she walked, “Why is Lu Man here?”

Qiao Luna could not remember and could not be bothered to remember the names of those C-list small-time celebrities.

Who asked Lu Man to be too good at making a ruckus, causing trouble on the Internet once in a while?

And it was all big trouble.

Being able to cause trouble so much that it would become a headline, that was very skillful of her.

Because of that, even if Qiao Luna wanted to look down on Lu Man, she still managed to remember her name. It was really angering.

Qiao Luna was very annoyed. Couldn’t Lu Man stop?!

The Internet would be peaceful for only a bit. She also wanted to buy herself a headline or a trending topic, but in the end, in a moment, the Internet would be flooded by Lu Man’s situation again.

Lu Man could casually cause a bit of trouble and she could go on trending, yet Qiao Luna needed to buy one.

She really felt unhappy in her heart!

“It’s probably that she has some show to film,” Qiao Luna’s manager, Huang Yawen said. In the end, she had not managed to ask who the celebrity in the same episode as Qiao Luna was.

“Her, coming to film a show for Dong Hua Station?” Qiao Luna was very disdainful. “She’s just a C-list celebrity. Can she even go on Dong Hua’s shows?”

Walking on Qiao Luna’s other side, her assistant, Xiao Zhao guessed, “Sister Yawen, Luna, do you two think that Lu Man could be here to participate in Classic X Files?”



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