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(Not Even Giving Him a Chance to Show His Boyfriend Power)

“They value that celebrity so much?” Qiao Luna’s face became darker. “Could it be some mysterious big-shot? If it was that way, won’t it be very dangerous for me to be in the same episode as the other party?”

“Don’t be anxious, I’ll try to find out more,” Qiao Luna’s manager comforted.

Keeping Lu Man a secret was a decision by Lu Dongliu.

They wanted to use Lu Man to go against the first airing of The Performer, and naturally, they needed to keep it a secret.

No matter what, this was Lu Man’s first time on a variety show. Even though Lu Man’s standing was not enough, it would be a very hot topic.

Her first appearance in a variety show was definitely worth talking about.

Because of that, the production group wanted to keep it a secret and use this to promote the show before the show started to air.


At night, Han Zhuoli returned home.

Because Han Zhuoli had expressed that he wanted to eat the food Lu Man cooked that night, today, Lu Man returned to the villa before dinner and prepared dinner for Han Zhuoli.

As soon as Han Zhuoli entered the door after he ended work, he saw that Lu Man was waiting for him at the doorway.

She was still wearing an apron. It was a bear, and the head of the bear was at Lu Man’s chest while the two sides had ears. It looked very cute.

She had her hair tied up into a meatball bun, and she was smiling as he looked at Han Zhuoli.

“You’re back already?” Lu Man reached out, wanting to take Han Zhuoli’s work bag, and found that Han Zhuoli was staring at her in stunned silence.

Lu Man raised her hand to wave it in front of his eyes. “What are you in a daze for?”

Han Zhuoli returned to his senses and blinked twice. He could not help but smile. “Looking at you now, you’re like a little wife.”

“I’m almost going to be there.” Lu Man took a step forward and practically wanted to walk into his embrace. “Very quickly, I won’t look like a wife and will be your wife. My husband-to-be.”

Lu Man’s words directly caused a warm and lovely image to appear in Han Zhuoli’s head.

Han Zhuoli’s hand encircled Lu Man and pulled her into his embrace. “A lot of times, I want time to slow down, but now, I wish time would pass by quicker to let you become my wife faster.”

Han Zhuoli’s eyes curved at his little wife-to-be.

Lu Man tiptoed and kissed him on his lip. “Me too.”

As long as she was in his embrace, Han Zhuoli felt especially satisfied.

His single arm wrapped around her thin waist, squeezing her into his embrace. He lowered his head to bury it in her hair for a long while.

Lu Man was scared that if this continued, she would directly become jelly in his embrace. That would be very embarrassing.

She pushed at him. “You’ve been holding a bag for a while. Are you tired or not? Hurry and clean up, then you can eat dinner.”

Han Zhuoli let go of her then, passed his bag to her, and went into the bedroom to change out of his clothes.

When Han Zhuoli returned, Lu Man had already brought dinner to the table.

Because Lu Man had finished Auntie He’s job, Auntie He went to make food for Butler Xiao Wang.

Leaving the space for Lu Man and Han Zhuoli.

“Today, I did not get your phone call. Are you done making the name list?” Han Zhuoli asked her.

“I originally wanted to give it to you when you come back,” Lu Man explained. “But after Du Lin, Director Ji, Director Sun heard about it, they automatically came looking for me, so there’s no need for you to do anything already.”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

These people!

Not even giving him a chance to show his boyfriend power!


In the blink of an eye, it was Thursday.

Du Lin came to find Lu Man, and when he saw Sun Yiwu and Ji Cheng, he was shocked.

“Director Sun, Director Ji.” Du Lin hurriedly bent down to shake hands with them, very respectful.

“Don’t need to be polite, we’re all friends here,” Sun Yiwu very happily said.

Because Du Lin came out automatically at the vital moment to help Lu Man, Sun Yiwu was already very happy and naturally considered him a friend of his.




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