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(Dumb with a Lot of Money)

“That’s right. For example, the sponsorship for Speedy Life. It became higher and higher for each season, and the season broadcasting right now seems to have obtained 600 million yuan worth of sponsorship from the main sponsor,” Pan Xue said.

“Yes. The cost to be the main sponsor is high now, but what about the first season of Speedy Life? How much was paid during the first season? Do any of you remember?”

The three of them all shook their heads, and Lu Man said, “It was 30 million yuan. Although the standards of 6 years ago cannot be compared with the present one, a lot of variety shows today have increasingly higher sponsorship fees due to Speedy Life leading the way. But no matter how high it gets, there is a sort of rule in it.”

“With a new variety show, if it was yet to be aired and yet to even be recorded, no one can confirm whether it will succeed or not before the results are out. No one can be sure how its viewership will be or whether it will be well-liked by the audience,” Lu Man explained. “After Speedy Life became popular, many variety shows popped up, and a lot of them were also inviting A-list celebrities to produce many kinds of variety shows that have different themes. The list of guests invited and the introduction of the show were all quite attractive, but when it came to the actual airing, it’s not as good as they want it to be.”

“Right. There was Solving Mystery X before this, and I very much liked all the celebrities they invited. If you’re just looking at the introduction, it seemed to be a high-IQ mystery-solving variety show and I was anticipating it a lot, but when it aired and I took a look—” Han Leilei rolled her eyes. “I just want to say, what the sh*t was being filmed?!”

“I know about that variety show too. It flopped,” Lu Man said. “So, this kind of variety show from before that had yet to been aired, no one could have known how it would do. If you’re just looking at the guests and at the plan of the show, it does not seem to be bad, but it must first pull off filming the special effects and see if the audience would buy it or not. Because of that, the payment for the main sponsorship would normally be not too high. Having a 500-million-yuan fee to be the main sponsorship as soon as the show started out, The Performer is the only one.”

“This concerns many things. One is the newness of the type of the show. Currently, there is no show that is similar to that in the country, and another reason is that the guest list is too brilliant. Furthermore, with the mess in the movie and television drama industry right now, whether it’s the people in the industry or the audience, they all need a power that comes from a role model to straighten out the industry. Furthermore, they met Wei Feng Corporation. The Wei Feng Corporation has always been quite willful. As long as they like something, they are very generous.”

Zheng Yuan and the other two nodded like young birds that were eating, the picture of three obedient students.

“But this doesn’t mean that Wei Feng was being really dumb with such a huge amount of money,” Lu Man said as she smiled. “I think that Wei Feng had been willing to invest so much from the start because they really had high expectations for The Performer. They’d wanted to find a suitable time to announce publicly their position as the main sponsor after the show succeeds explosively in order to help advertise Wei Feng.”

“But because of Xu Yaojie’s recording, they were exposed earlier. Not only did that not manage to give positive publicity, but it even made people feel that Wei Feng was being dumb with a large amount of money, investing so much at the start and getting deceived due to being too generous.”

As Zheng Yuan and the other two listened, they could not help but want to sarcastically point out, Wasn’t Xu Yaojie’s recording exposed by you?

Lu Man: “…”

What’s with the three’s expressions?

“So Wei Feng pulled out their investment?” Han Leilei started to make a closing statement.

Lu Man smiled. She gave Han Leilei a “nicely done” look and said, “Wei Feng pulled out their investment, so now, The Performer needs to find a new sponsor as fast as possible. After all, they are about to start filming. There’s not a lot of time left before they air; the time the production group has is very little.”




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