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 Season 7

Episode 8

(An unexpected discovery (6)

Later that night, after Violet went to bed, Lawrence sat at her bedside. When he was sure she was asleep, he tucked her blanket in, turned out the lights and left the room.     

When he was back in his room, he laid on the bed staring up at the ceiling. He couldn't think clearly and had no idea how to face Rebecca or what to say to her. He mind wandered over all the details, 'Did she really approach me for money, deliberately? Our meeting and getting to know each other was a coincidence though. She didn't make the first move to speak to me. We started talking to each other after I got her shoes dirty.'    

The more he thought about the situation, the more restless he became. Suddenly, he missed his parents, 'Mom and dad are away now, but, if mom was at home, I could at least see her smile and hear her voice, which would soothe me.'  

After thinking about his parents, Lawrence eventually grabbed his phone to call Cherry.     

"Hello Lawrence,"  Cherry's voice sounded tender and loving to him through the receiver. "It's late. Why aren't you asleep yet? What about Violet?" she asked.     

"She's asleep,"  Lawrence replied,"Mom, I just wanted to talk to you."    

"Do you miss me?" Cherry smiled as she asked.   

  "Um,"  Lawrence managed as thoughts crowded his head, 'I feel so alone and scared without my mom here. The house is so big, and no one can protect me. I feel insecure.'    

"Lawrence, did something happen? You sound blue,"  concern filled Cherry's voice as she spoke. 'He must be in some sort of trouble, ' she said to herself.   

"Mom, do you think there are poor students in our school?" asked Lawrence.     

"Of course, there are,"  Cherry replied in a soft tone,"There are poor people everywhere. But, you shouldn't despise them. They are the same as wealthy people. They have good in their hearts. 

We should judge a person by the soul instead of by appearances or wealth. 

When you meet someone in your class of good character and heart, and you think he is trustworthy, then befriend him. As for those who behave poorly, you should stay away from them. Do you understand?"  

  "Yes, I understand Mom,"  replied Lawrence feeling much better.     

"Good, I'm glad to hear that, Lawrence. You're more mature now, with friends and social life, Dad and I don't interfere, but, you should judge for yourself. I believe you're observant and wise. Do what you think is right. If you meet good people, you can continue to get to know them. But if you meet some bad guys, I believe that you know how to handle them, don't you?" Cherry said approvingly. 'Lawrence is a teenager now and will meet with all kinds of confusions and troubles. I can't hold him back or give him my opinion based on his words. I must let him make decisions himself, that he will feel satisfied with. 

After my years of education and guidance, I believe that he can be a good judge and he will never fail me, ' she reminded herself inwardly.   

"Yes, I know how to handle things, Mommy,"  Lawrence said affectionately. He called her mommy, even though in middle school he had started to call Cherry mom instead of mommy.    

 "Lawrence, do you want to hear my real thoughts?" Cherry asked. She seemed to have read Lawrence's mind and thought he needed her guidance.     

"Yes, I do,"  Lawrence replied eagerly.    

 "You was born into a rich, powerful family, and you can't change that. After meeting so many people from the upper class, you must have formed your opinions and thoughts about them,"  Cherry said thoughtfully. After a pause, she continued,"But, I hope that you'll grow to be a kind man even living in this atmosphere. Be sensible, tolerant and compassionate towards people and life. 

In other words, a good heart is more important than wealth. I don't want to see you become an uncaring person. My hope is that you live life happily. My biggest delight is that you, Violet and dad are happy, every single day."  

As her words sank in, tears trickled down his cheeks, and he thought, 'Mom is the greatest person in the world. Her words touch my heart. I don't know why some people say that wealthy or influential women are cold-blooded. Mommy, Aunt Amy, and Aunt Selina are good people, especially my mommy. I admire her kindness, temperament, and attitude towards life. I am proud of my mom, and she's the greatest.'    

"Lawrence, be a good boy, and take care of yourself, okay?" Cherry continued,"If your friend is in trouble, you can offer a hand to him. Your dad and I will support you as long as you are sure you're doing the right thing."  

"Okay Mommy, I see,"  replied Lawrence adding,"I love you, Mommy." He was overcome with gratitude for his mother's love.   

  "I love you too, my dear son. Study hard at school and take good care of your sister, will you?" asked Cherry in a motherly tone.     

"Yes I will,"  Lawrence replied. "How are you and dad doing there? How's his work going?" he asked.     

"We're good, don't worry. Your dad isn't always busy. We can get out to relax ourselves sometimes,"  answered Cherry.    

 "Well, Mom, you and dad get to bed early. I'm getting off the phone since I need to get to sleep now. I need to rest up for school tomorrow,"  Lawrence said.    
 "Okay, tuck yourself in. Good night, my dear,"  Cherry responded.     

"Good night, Mommy!" Lawrence returned.

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