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 Season 7

Episode 7

(An unexpected discovery (5)

"Hi Lily,"  Lawrence greeted.    

 "Young master, you're home!" Lily said warmly, getting up to walk over to Lawrence. "Why are you getting home so late?" she asked.     

"I was playing basketball with my friends at the courts nearby,"  he answered.    

 With Lily's keen sense of observation, she knew he wasn't fibbing. 'I can smell the faint scent of sweat on him, and he has some dust. He is telling the truth, ' she said to herself.    

 "Alright then, I will fix your dinner while you go upstairs and take a shower. It'll be ready soon, so hurry up,"  Lily said smiling.   

"Okay,"  Lawrence responded. Lawrence stood until Lily was in the kitchen, then he went into the living room.     

"Violet, Mom said you aren't allowed to watch TV more than an hour,"  chided Lawrence.    

 "Today was an exception because you were late,"  Violet snapped continuing to watch the cartoon. Then she turned to look at him saying,"Lawrence, what makes you think that you can lecture me? You're late too!"   

 "Because, I'm your brother and I'm older than you,"  Lawrence replied flatly as he plopped down next to Violet.     

"Oh my god!" Violet screeched, pinching her nose immediately,"You smell disgusting! What did you do, Lawrence?"

    "I was playing basketball,"  answered Lawrence.     

"Go take a shower. You stink! The smell is too strong. I can't bear it!" Violet scowled as she griped.   

Lawrence smirked, thinking Violet's behavior was amusing, and with an impish grin, he moved closer to her,"How about now?" he asked mischievously.  

   "Get away from me! Go! Get yourself cleaned up! I am hungry and want to eat dinner,"  Violet ordered, shoving Lawrence back.     

"Okay, okay!" Lawrence said. He didn't wanna tease his sister, and reminded himself, 'If she gets mad, she'll call dad and complain, and dad always takes her side.'    

"I'll be back soon, and we can have dinner together,"  Lawrence said to Violet.     

"Okay, then I can watch TV a little longer,"  Violet replied excitedly.    

 Looking over at Lawrence as he walked up the stairs, Violet shouted,"Don't mind me, Lawrence. Take your time!"  

"Didn't you just get through saying you were hungry?" asked Lawrence confused. 'What is she talking about?' he wondered.    

 "Cartoons are way more important than dinner!" replied Violet. She stuck her tongue out at Lawrence, and ignored the angry look on his face.    

 Up in the bathroom, Lawrence stood under the spray of water in the shower, letting it wash the dirt away. His expression was troubled as he stared off at nothing, lost in thought. 'Is what they told me correct? How can I believe such cruel rumors? Even if I disregard what the other boys said though, I trust Mike, and I know he would never lie to me. 

Then there's the fact that Rebecca said Mike told her my parents went to Hong Kong. But, Mike said he didn't tell anyone. Who should I believe?    

 I should probably believe Mike, ' Lawrence determined.     

While Lawrence and Violet ate dinner together, Violet realized Lawrence was preoccupied and acting absentminded and wondered curiously, 'What's wrong with him?'  

"Lawrence Chu, are you alright?" Violet asked, using Lawrence's full name.    

 "Yeah, I'm fine,"  Lawrence answered immediately pulling himself out of his daze.     

"You're lying. You look sad. Did you and Mike get into a fight?" Violet rested her chin on hands as she asked. 'Lawrence must have played basketball with Mike. Did Mike piss him off?' she asked herself.     

She murmured,"I'll teach him a lesson when I see him next time. He dared bully you? Doesn't he know that you're my brother?"    

Violet's expression was cute, and immediately brightened his mood.    

 "Violet, act like a proper young lady in front of Mike. I'm expecting to marry you off to him one day,"  joked Lawrence as he broke out in laughter.   

"Me?" Violet pointed to herself. "Marry Mike?"  she repeated in surprise.    

 Pretending to be serious, Lawrence stated,"Yeah, that's what I said." 'I want to see how she responds, ' he thought.    

 "I don't want to marry him!" Violet looked dejected, and then said,"When I go abroad to study, I'll find a handsome foreign guy, and bring him home and introduce him to dad and mom."   

 "I'm surprised,"  Lawrence said in disbelief,"You want to marry a charming foreign guy?"    

"Of course,"  replied Violet confidently while taking a bite.     

"Then you need to study English diligently. Otherwise, you won't be able to even communicate with foreigners,"  Lawrence returned.   

"Of course, I will. But..." Violet suddenly stopped, and her eyes bugged out,"I haven't finished my homework yet! Will you help me do homework tonight?"  

  "Violet, please let me die in peace,"  Lawrence looked at her helplessly.    

 "Lawrence, if you refuse, I will tell mom and dad that you bullied me!" Violet threatened. Violet had ways of getting Lawrence to help her. 'I can't force him, but I can find a way to get dad and mom to make him help, ' she schemed.    

 "Fine, I'll help, but first, let's finish eating. Then I will help with your homework. I promise,"  Lawrence complied reluctantly.     

"That's good to hear,"  Violet returned contented.     

Listening to the two of them talking, Lily felt very happy and content inside. Out of the blue, she thought of Lawrence when he was younger. 'When Lawrence was Violet's age, he was cuter than Violet. I am delighted to serve them. Taking care of these two is better than living alone. 

They are funny, witty and can bring me pleasure, ' she mused.

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