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 Season ,7

Episode 4

(An unexpected discovery(2)

Her words touched Jackson, and he flashed a brilliant smile as he hugged. "You always overthink everything. That's why you are so trepidatious. People are capable of looking after themselves, and that includes our children. They know how to take care of themselves. So, don't worry about them,"  he said tenderly.    

 "Alright,"  Cherry looked at Jackson earnestly and in a serious tone said,"we should leave for the airport now."   

 "Yes, but first we should get our suitcases,"  agreed Jackson smiling.     

A week later    

The final bell of the day rang and students scurried to gather their things into school bags and scuffled out of classrooms, excited to get out of there. 

  Before leaving, Rebecca Lin focused her gaze on Lawrence Chu. Sitting in his seat, he sat alone engrossed in his book.

 She hesitated, wrestling with her curiosity about what he was still doing here. After some time had passed, he hadn't budged, and Rebecca walked determinedly over to Lawrence.    

 In a quiet voice, Rebecca leaned over saying,"Lawrence?"    

"Oh hi, Rebecca!" recognizing her voice, Lawrence responded as he looked up into her eyes,"Would you like me to walk you home?" he asked.     

"Yes,"  Rebecca Lin nodded.   

  Before Lawrence had time to respond, Mike Yu rushed toward them, interrupting the conversation.     

"But, Rebecca, Lawrence promised to play basketball with me today, after school. So, he can't take you home!" 

argued Mike. He had made up his mind, 'I have to help Lawrence out get rid of her this time! It's been a long time since we played basketball together, and then today, Lawrence finally agreed he would. I won't let her ruin our fun!'  

"Oh, okay then, see you guys tomorrow!" Rebecca Lin looked embarrassed, and intended to turn and leave.     

"Wait!" Lawrence Chu called out while he grasped Rebecca's arm, and then stood up.     

Confusion was written all over Mike's face, and his eyes bugged out as he stared at Lawrence, wondering what Lawrence was up to.     

"We'll shoot hoops another day, sorry Mike,"  Lawrence Chu said as he grabbed his books and turned to leave with Rebecca Lin.     

"Oh, come on! You're standing me up again? You keep doing this! Are you even my friend? This is outrageous!" Mike spewed vehemently. 'Of course we're great friends, but he keeps ditching me for a girl, ' he thought.     

"I'm sorry,"  Lawrence Chu grinned sheepishly as he spoke. Then he picked up his backpack and turned to Rebecca Lin,"Let's go!"  

Watching the two walk out of the classroom, Mike Yu shouted furiously,"Lawrence, why are you treating me this way? Is it because you don't think I will do the same? Brat, just you wait. Next time we play basketball? I will kick your ass!"   

 Lawrence was agitated, but, he didn't take Mike seriously. 'Wow, what a noob! He brags about kicking my ass? He'll be lucky if I don't wipe the court with him. He doesn't stand a chance making a basket even if he has five shots, ' he snickered inwardly.     

It was dusk, the moon was rising, the stars waking up and the sun was setting as they strolled along the avenue. There were lush, green pine trees planted down both sides of the street, filling the air with a sharp, fresh scent.     

"Lawrence,"  Rebecca Lin said out of the blue.

"Hmmm, yeah, what's up?" asked Lawrence Chu turning his head to look at her.     

"I heard your parents went to Hong Kong,"  Rebecca stated.     

"Where you heard that from?" There was a look of shock on Lawrence's face and in his voice. 'How did she find out my parents are in Hong Kong? The only person I told was Mike, ' he asked himself.    

 "I... Mike told me,"  Rebecca's voice teetered with hesitation as she spoke. 

    "I guess Mike isn't very trustworthy if he keeps telling others about me,"  said Lawrence bitterly as he mulled it over, 'I keep a low profile, always. Now, because of Mike, everyone at the school knows I am Jackson's son and heir to the JC Group. I never divulged anything about my family, except to Mike. What if he leaked my secret to others? I will be so pissed off! Then again, he is my best friend, so he must not bear ill will. Hmmm, I wonder what I should do with him?'  

"Lawrence, don't be mad at Mike, he sorta just spilled the beans. Also, please, don't let him know I told you this,"  Rebecca rushed to explain, clenching her hands.     

Taking note of the anxiety Lawrence could see on Rebecca's face, he smiled and hurried to reassure her,"I won't. 

We've been best friends since kindergarten. I know everything about him, and that he's a good guy, so, don't worry."    

"Okay,"  replied Rebecca Lin relaxing and feeling inwardly calm at the sight of his bright smile.    

 "Hey, how's your mom feeling? Is she getting better?" Lawrence Chu asked. 

Reflecting on Rebecca's situation, Lawrence began thinking, 'When she told me about how sick her mom was, and that she wouldn't go to the hospital because they couldn't afford it, I went down and left a payment of 30, 000 anonymously for her mother's care. I hope she is getting better.'  

Rebecca's brow knitted in worry,"Oh, she's been doing much better since she started taking medicine. The prescription we got is almost gone though..." she trailed off, not really feeling like she needed to finish her thought, and knowing Lawrence understood.    

 Understanding what Rebecca meant, Lawrence took his wallet out of his backpack immediately, but, he only had about a 1, 000 on him, and didn't have his bank card with him.     

"I forgot my bank card at home, and don't have much money on me. But, don't stress about it, tomorrow, I will give you my card so you can get more medicine for your mother. No need to worry about the money,"  Lawrence told her.     

"Thank you so much, Lawrence,"  Rebecca said smiling up at Lawrence. There was a subtle change in her tone, which Lawrence didn't notice much.    

 After Lawrence had repacked his schoolbag, he ran his fingers through her smooth, thick hair, as he gazed into her eyes and emphasized,"I'm just happy I can help you. I'll handle your mother's fees, so, don't fret on the money. My dad has friends who are in the medical field. 

I'll talk to them for guidance with your Mother's case, so she receives the best care, and recovers quickly."  

"I'm lucky you are at my side through all of this,"  Rebecca said, as her eyes were large glimmering pools of admiration, and her cheeks turned pink. A perfect picture of demure innocence, while inside she snickered as she mused, 'That's precisely what I wanted to hear!'

    Enchanted with Rebecca's reaction, Lawrence affectionately smiled as he told her,"I will always be by your side, silly." 'I would do anything to make her happy, ' he said to himself.


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