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 Season 7

Episode 3

(An unexpected discovery)

Before turning in that night, Jackson and Cherry packed their things.    

 Jackson held Cherry close to him, cuddling as they laid in the bed.   

  Her voice wavered with worry, as Cherry spoke,"Honey, I am still upset about leaving the kids behind."   

 "Don't worry. Derek is going to help. Amy and he are going to look in on Lawrence and Violet to make sure everything's okay,"  Jackson said reassuringly to Cherry.   

  "I called my mom and she asked if Lawrence and Violet could go live with her,"  Cherry told him.     

"It's probably better if we don't trouble them like that,"  replied Jackson.   

"Umm,"  Cherry replied,"Yes, Lawrence can take care of himself, but it's different for Violet. I'm worried about her."    Knowing Cherry still had misgivings, Jackson told her in a soft, calming tone,"Sweetheart, Lawrence will take care of her. There's no need to worry."    "Ummm, okay. We should get to sleep. We need to get up early tomorrow,"  Cherry said.     

The next morning, Cherry went about her usual routine. She got up, and went straight to her daughter's room.    

 "Mom,"  Lawrence Chu called out from behind Cherry before she reached her daughter's room.    

 Smiling warmly as she turned to her son who was standing across the hall, she greeted him,"Good morning, my boy!"    "Are you going to wake Violet up?" 

Lawrence Chu asked. He knew his mother was heading to his sister's room to wake her, but, he wanted to show his mom he could handle things while his parents were away. So, he stood a little straighter as he approached Cherry and told her,"You can leave this to me. We will meet you and dad downstairs shortly for breakfast."  

"Okay, but tell her to be quick, or she won't be ready when Amy gets here to take her to school and might forget something,"  Cherry recommended.   

  "Yes, Mom, I know,"  Lawrence Chu told his mom before quietly opening the door to Violet's room, and going in.    

 In the darkened room, Lawrence Chu lightly tapped on his sister's shoulder as he whispered,"Violet, it's time to wake up."    

A tired, half-asleep Violet Chu groaned,"Oh, come on Lawrence! Let me sleep a little longer,"  She begged, lifting her heavy eyelids to glance up at her brother. Then Violet's eyelids drooped back down as she rolled away to keep sleeping.   

"No Violet! You need to hurry up! Mom and dad are downstairs waiting to have breakfast with us!" Lawrence Chu shook Violet Chu as he prodded her to get up.  

   Hearing Lawrence Chu, Violet's eyes flew open and she jumped out of bed. She smiled up at her handsome brother's face, and asked excitedly,"Really Lawrence? Mom and dad are waiting for me?"    

"Yes, they are. Now, hurry up! Those are mom's orders!" Lawrence Chu told her.   

  "Okay, I'll wash up and brush my teeth, and you can help by making my bed,"  a happy Violet instructed, as she rushed off to the bathroom without a second thought or glance back at her scowling brother.   

  Under his breath, Lawrence Chu muttered,"I can't stand you. Why do I need to serve you?" Inwardly he rampaged, 'No one else dares order me around, only her! And as if that isn't bad enough; she does it in a demanding tone. If she weren't my sister, I would've taught her a lesson already.'  

Taking Violet's tiny hand in his, the two walked out of the room. As they headed downstairs, they saw their parents in the dining room already eating breakfast.  

  A big grin spread across Violet's face while she cried out excitedly,"Dad! Mom!" and as soon as she was down the stairs, she tugged her hand out of Lawrence's and raced to them.   

  "Violet, sit down here and have some breakfast,"  Jackson told Violet, pulling out the chair next to his for her.    

 "What are you doing standing over there, my dear? Come over here and join us,"  Cherry invited her son affectionately, noticing his forlorn demeanor immediately.    

 As the four were finishing breakfast, Amy arrived to drive Violet Chu to school.   

Speaking in hushed tones, Cherry asked,"Amy, while I'm away, please, look after Violet?"    

"Cherry, don't be so formal with me. She is also my sworn daughter. I have one daughter to watch over and I know how to handle girls. Don't worry about her,"  Amy returned with a reassuring smile.

     "Umm, alright then, drive carefully,"  said Cherry, her mind already drifting off in thought.    

 As she watched Amy drive off with Violet Chu, Cherry became lost in thought. Her son's voice snapped her out of it.     

"Dad, Mom, I'm heading to school now,"  announced Lawrence Chu. He had his backpack slung over his shoulder as he stood near the gate staring at his parents.     

When she turned her attention to Lawrence Chu, Cherry saw the darling boy staring back at her from behind the stoic countenance and couldn't bear to leave him. She hurried up to Lawrence, snatched his hand and told him tenderly,"Lawrence, I need you to take care of yourself and your little sister for me while I'm away, will you? Promise me? Don't get into any fights and be a good big brother?"  

"Yes Mom, stop worrying. I promise, I will be on my best behavior, keep Violet safe and protect her,"  Lawrence Chu swore. 'This affable lady is my beloved mother, ' he reminded himself inwardly.   

  "Bye!" Cherry gave Lawrence a nod of approval and then reminded Bill,"Watch yourself on the way, okay Bill?"  

  "Yes ma'am, I will,"  Bill replied.     

Just before getting into the car, Lawrence Chu turned back to his mom and asked,"Mom, call me when you arrive in Hong Kong, don't forget, okay?"    

"Okay, I'll give you a call,"  said Cherry waving goodbye.   

Watching Bill's car disappear down the road upset Cherry, and left a knot in her stomach. Jackson came up next to Cherry and slid his hand over her shoulder, squeezing her to him in comfort,"Now that the kids are off to school, it's time for us to leave for the airport." 

   "Honey, I don't want to leave them,"  Cherry expressed scowling,"Lawrence is a thoughtful brother and will look after his sister, Violet and make sure nothing happens,"  Jackson said encouragingly. Another idea came to him, but Jackson found it difficult to voice.   

  Seeing Cherry so dismayed, standing there looking like the world was ending tugged at Jackson's heart. With a sigh, he finally suggested,"How about I go to Hong Kong alone, and you stay here at home with the children?"    

Jackson's words surprised Cherry, and she turned to meet his gaze. Seeing the resolve glinting in his eyes, Cherry knew he was serious.   

"No, I can't let you go alone, I will come too. I made up my mind. We have Lily, Bill and Amy to watch over Lawrence and Violet. But, who would look after you? If you are there alone, no one will be taking care of you," Cherry replied firmly.

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