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 Season 7

Episode 2

(Family happiness (2)

"Haha, Cherry, you are so popular in the family. I heard that your husband and son used to fight for your love and now your son and daughter are competing for your attention. How I wish I could hold such a position in my own family. You know, I don't need to be so busy anymore. I will stay at home like a queen and ask them to serve me." Amy grinned widely. She liked the family atmosphere, where everyone teased each other and had fun.    

 "So, you are saying that Derek doesn't treat you well? Hah, I know for a fact that he spoils you too much. What else do you want?" Cherry questioned, grinning back.   

  "Don't say that! Since we had Alice, I am not the one getting spoiled anymore. He has shifted all his attention to his daughter,"  Amy complained outwardly, but Cherry could tell she didn't mind that.   

"It's not like that! Daddy loves you very much! Don't you know Daddy carries you to the bedroom every night when you fall asleep on the sofa?"    

Alice suddenly denied.     

Alice's words made Jackson and Cherry laugh out aloud. Lawrence too joined in. Violet looked around in confusion, unable to understand what was so funny.     

"Alice,"  Amy warned her, feeling awkward. Her daughter was too talkative.    

 "Aunt Cherry, what I said is true,"  Alice tried to convince Cherry.     

"I trust you! It's absolutely true!" Cherry replied firmly and snickered, which satisfied Alice very much.     

"Cherry, when did you become naughty like the kids?!" Amy was so embarrassed that she didn't know what else to say.  

   "That's fine. Mommy, let's go home now! When will Daddy be back? I miss him!" Alice asked, picking up her school bag. She lifted it on her back.   

"He is already on the way,"  Amy answered. She turned to Jackson and Cherry, saying,"Jackson, Cherry, see you later. I am taking Alice home."    

"Okay,"  Cherry nodded, a small smile on her face.    

 "Lawrence, Violet, bye!" Amy bid farewell to the children.     

"See you!"    

Lawrence and Violet responded as they saw Amy take Alice outside.    

 "Lily, is our dinner ready? I am starving,"  Lawrence announced and headed to the kitchen.    

 "Yes, it will be ready soon,"  Lily replied.     "Okay, Violet, let's go and have dinner." 

Cherry gripped her daughter's palm and walked into the dining room.   

The family sat around the table and ate, chatting occasionally.     

"Lawrence and Violet, I have something to tell you,"  Cherry said seriously as she looked at her two kids. She took a quick look at Jackson who nodded at her calmly.     

"What's up?" Lawrence asked curiously.     "Mommy, what's going on?" Violet also asked her in a surprised voice.   

  "Your Daddy is going on a business trip to Hong Kong for some time and I have to accompany him. So you two have to stay home with Bill and Lily,"  Cherry tried to break the news tenderly.    

 "How long would you be gone for? Daddy has gone on business trips before but you never went along with him,"  Lawrence spoke out his doubt. All sorts of troubling thoughts swam in his head. 

Was Daddy more important to Mommy than he was? Was Mommy willing to part with him and her precious daughter to accompany Daddy?   

"Probably for about half a year. It's pretty long,"  Cherry ran a hand through her hair and told her son nervously, believing that he would understand her.   

  Lawrence kept silent. She was right, it was indeed a long time. No wonder Mommy had to accompany Daddy. 

Daddy would be busy with work and he needed Mommy to be with him and look after him. Otherwise, his life would be a mess. He would surely forget to take regular meals.   

  Violet suddenly put down the chopsticks and sprinted over to her Mommy. She hugged her sideways. "Mommy, I don't want to be separated from you. I will miss you very much. 

Please take me with you!"    

Cherry's heart softened at her daughter's loathing of parting with her. She wavered and was suddenly unsure about her decision. Cherry glanced at Jackson, wondering what to do.   

"Violet, don't you have school?" Lawrence suddenly questioned her. "Daddy and Mommy will be gone to Hong Kong for some time, but they will be back soon. Let's wait for them at home, okay?" His words were meant to comfort her.    

"But it's for so long! I don't want her to go. I will miss Mommy!" Violet cried in a grieved tone.     

"We can have video calls with Mommy every night. If you go to Hong Kong with Mommy, what will you do about your school?" Lawrence tried to persuade Violet patiently.     

"I..." Listening to her brother, Violet didn't know what to say. She did think what her brother said was true.     

"Come here, Violet!" Lawrence asked his sister to come to his side. He patted her hair and in a tender voice told her,"I will look after you at home. I promise that I won't bully you! What's more, we have Bill and Lily here. You will not be lonely. Just imagine, you can have fun with your classmates at school during the day and call Daddy and Mommy in the evening. It would be wonderful!"  

Violet pondered for a while. She smiled. "You are right! I will not be lonely with so many friends and you will be with me too, brother!"   

 "So let Daddy and Mommy go to work. Let's study hard and wait for them to come back home,"  Lawrence continued to persuade his sister, hoping she would be fine with this arrangement.    

 "Okay." Violet was beaming again. She turned to her parents and assured them,"Daddy, Mommy, you go ahead and I will stay at home with brother! We will go to school and take care of ourselves."

    Her words touched Jackson and Cherry. They both smiled with satisfaction.   

Cherry was so proud of her son. Lawrence had always been so sensible and thoughtful. He always knew what to do.     

After dinner, Jackson accompanied Violet upstairs. Cherry and Lawrence sat in the living room and talked.    

 Lawrence clasped his mother's hand and put his head on her shoulder.    

 "Lawrence, take good care of Violet and yourself when Daddy and I are not home,"  Cherry reminded him once again. She still did not feel assured about her decision to be away.     

"I will. Mommy, you and Daddy have to take good care of yourselves too. Especially Daddy. Tell him not to tire himself out with work." Lawrence was very understanding.     

Cherry felt gratified. "Lawrence, you've grown up so much,"  she remarked with pride.   

"Mommy, it must have been so hard for you to look after me. Now it's my turn to look after you and Daddy. I will study hard and make something of myself so that you live happily in the future,"  Lawrence said with confidence. His mother was always the most important person in his life. No one could replace her.    

 "Good boy! As long as you and Violet are happy and healthy, I will be content,"  Cherry responded.   

"I always love you, Mommy," Lawrence called out with deep affection.

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