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(Puppy love(2)

"What are you thinking, bro? Sad to see her go? Then chase after her! But remember, only yesterday the teacher told us that we ninth grade students should focus on our studies and let love affairs be for a later stage. They are banned in school,"  Mike grinned and continued. 

"Fall in love if you must, but remember that if the teacher finds out, that you of all the people, the model student, has gone and fallen in love with a girl, she will surely tell your parents about it,"  he warned. "And think, if you fall in love and get distracted now, will you be able to keep your grades up? You have to get into a good middle school, how will you do it if you don't focus?"    

As Mike finished talking, Lawrence looked at him and said,"Do you want another good spank from me? Haven't I kicked your ass enough for today?" 

Lawrence was about to start another round of kicking and pushing. He thought Mike just needed some good discipline.   

"No, Lawrence! Please! I was just kidding! It's just a joke!" said Mike.   

  It was afternoon and Cherry was waiting at the door of the elementary school. It was time for Violet to come out any moment now.     

Suddenly, her phone rang. She took it out of the purse and saw Amy was calling. Cherry picked it up.    

 "Hi, Amy,"  said Cherry happily.  

   "Cherry, are you going to school to pick Violet up?" asked Amy.     

"Yes, I'm waiting for her at the school gate right now. The class will be over in a minute,"  replied Cherry.   

  "Oh good! Can you also please pick Alice up? I'm swamped with work here at the training school and Derek is stuck in office for some urgent business meetings too. Neither of us can leave and pick her up right now,"  Amy explained in a hurry.   

"Oh, okay. No problem. I will take Alice to my place then,"  said Cherry.     

"That sounds good. I'll pick her up from your place after work then. Thank you so much Cherry. I'm really sorry I keep bothering you so much all the time,"  said Amy.    

 Cherry smiled and said,"Never mind, Amy. It is not a big deal."   

 "Alright. Thanks, anyway."   

 As soon as Cherry hung up, the school bell rang. The students would swarm out of the school any moment now. Cherry couldn't wait to see Violet.    

 Soon enough, two girls walked out, hand in hand. One of them was wearing a cream coloured skirt with her hair tied in two neat braids while the other was wearing a pink skirt.     

Alice looked at Violet and said in her cute childish voice,"Okay Violet. Now you go find your Mom and I will go find mine."  

"I already see my Mom,"  said Violet pointing towards Cherry and wildly waving at her.     

Alice was disappointed, she said,"But I haven't found my Mom." She kept searching at the school gates, there were several parents there, but her Mom was nowhere to be seen.     

"Don't worry. Let's go to my Mom first,"  said Violet, tightly holding Alice's hand.     "Alright,"  replied Alice. Both of them ran towards Cherry.     

"Violet, Alice,"  Cherry waved to the two girls cheerfully.    

 "Mom, we can't find Alice's mother!" said Violet.    

 Cherry lowered her head to look at her daughter's face and then turned to Alice. 

She said,"Alice, your mother could not finish her work and so has not been able to come to school to pick you up. I'm going to take you to my place and you can finish your homework with Violet there. Your Mom will come and pick you up from there after work."  

"Ok,"  Alice nodded cutely.     

"Alright, that's settled. Let's go home now. You two will sit in the backseat and I'll drive the car,"  Cherry said to the two girls.     

"Well, Alice, let's get in the car,"  said Violet, still holding Alice's hand.     

The two girls talked about what happened at school, all the way home, as Cherry patiently listened.    

"Mom, we got the results of our last exam today. I came third,"  said Violet in a disappointed voice. She then lowered her head, feeling bad. She wanted to be the first, but she could never manage to. It always upset her.   

Cherry saw her daughter's expression through the mirror in her car. She then smiled and said,"Third position is great! You did very well. Keep going."    

But Violet wasn't cheered so easily. "Hmm...okay,"  she said and flopped back onto the seat of the car.    

 Alice saw the fallen expression on Violet's face and tried to cheer her up. "Violet come on! you remember you came first in that Maths competition we had last week! The teacher even said that you will be awarded for it."   

 Alice's words seemed to have done the magic and Violet suddenly cheered up. "Oh yes! I would have forgotten about it, if you hadn't reminded me!"   

 She looked at Cherry happily and said,"Mom I came first in the Maths competition! Remember I told you the last time?"    

Cherry smiled and answered,"Yeah, I know which one you are talking about. My daughter is pretty smart."  

"Mom, I'm better than my brother, am I not?" Violet wanted to know. She had always been comparing herself to her narcissistic brother who always came first in class. She tried very hard but could only come first very occasionally. 

she would always be second or third.     "Yes, my daughter is the best and the smartest,"  replied Cherry. She then went on,"Alice is pretty good too, you know Violet. Your Mom said that you got the first prize in the singing competition held by your school last time. Alice, is that true?"   

 "It's true, Aunt Cherry,"  replied Alice happily.    

 "Yes Mom, Alice sings very well. Someday when both the families get together along with Uncle Wilson's family, we'll arrange for Alice's singing performance."    

"Alright. That's a great idea,"  replied Cherry. She could always communicate well with these two girls. She always thought highly of her daughter and was more partial to her. She didn't think the same way for her son though.


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