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Ten Years Later    

The morning breeze was coming in through the car window, as Joe, who was now officially Lawrence, sat with the glass rolled down and eyes shut. He was enjoying the feeling on the wind on his face. His schoolbag was hanging on his shoulders.    

 Bill was used to his silence and so he drove ahead, quietly.    

Lawrence slowly opened his eyes and said with a smile,"Bill, please drive me to the usual place."    

"Do you mean, that alley?" Bill asked, intending to make sure that it was the right place, even though he knew where Lawrence wanted to go.   

  "Yes, we will be picking her up for school,"  said Lawrence.   

"Very well,"  said Bill in a low voice.     Suddenly Lawrence realized something and came forward, leaning onto the front seat and looking at Bill. "You haven't mentioned anything about this to my parents, have you?"    

"Of course not! I haven't told a single soul since you made me swear that it was our secret. I still remember the first time we drove to the alley,"  said Billy. But he continued in a serious tone,"But you must remember that right now, Mrs.
Cherry is very busy looking after Violet, so she hasn't found out what you've been up to recently. But when she notices that you have left home an hour earlier every morning, she is bound to get suspicious about this."    

Having said that, Bill went on a trip of thoughts of his own. He had been working for the Chu Family since many years and to think of it, this was literally the only thing he had ever hidden from Jackson and Cherry. If they ever found out that Lawrence was picking up his classmate every morning secretly, they would be very mad.   

In the next room, her mother was fast asleep on the bed. Rebecca tip-toed close to her bed and quietly checked the medicine box. There was a glass of water next to it. Rebecca heaved a sigh of relief and walked away. She knew that her mother would have the medicine right by her side if she needed it again.     She lowered her head and whispered into her mother's ears,"Mom, I'm going to school now."    

She then stood up and turned to leave.

   She walked out of her house, into the alley and saw the black car. Lawrence would wait for her in the car everyday to pick her up for school. This had been going on since a long time.   

When he saw Rebecca walking towards him with her schoolbag on her back, Lawrence opened the door and got out, with a smile on his face.     

"Lawrence,"  said Rebecca softly, standing in front of him.   

"Good morning Rebecca,"  said Lawrence grinning at her. He always felt a kind of peace every time he saw Rebecca.    

 "Good morning to you too,"  smiled Rebecca. She was always fascinated by this handsome boy. His kind eyes and angular features were so perfect.    

 "Are you done staring at me? If you are, then we should head to school now,"  said Lawrence breaking into a smile as he saw her worried face. His jokes always worked!     

"Oh, I'm sorry,"  Rebecca apologised and lowered her head, blushing.   

 "Let's go then,"  Lawrence said. He opened the door and let Rebecca get into the car.    

 After Rebecca sat in the car, Lawrence got into the car too and Bill drove the car slowly out of the alley.     

At the school gate, amidst the hustle and bustle of kids arriving, Mike was just about to go in. He rode a bicycle to school everyday and was going to enter the gates, looking for a space to park it, when he suddenly saw the jet black car arriving. He stopped, knowing that Lawrence was in the car.   

As soon as Lawrence and Rebecca got off the car, they heard Mike's voice,"Mr. Lawrence, such a show-off you are,"  he joked. He looked at Lawrence with a wicked grin on his face and thought, 'Rebecca and Lawrence are even arriving to school together. Is he in love with her or something!'    

Lawrence took his schoolbag and said goodbye to Bill. After Bill drove off, he and Rebecca walked towards Mike.    

 "Why are you standing here instead of going inside?" Lawrence asked Mike. He didn't understand what Mike was doing at the school gates, was he waiting for him! Because if he was, Lawrence wasn't too pleased about it. He didn't want to see Mike's evil grins early in the day.   

  "I saw your limo in a distance and decided to wait for you. Well I also wanted to compare my humble bicycle to your luxurious car. After all, Mr. Lawrence is the young master of a rich family,"  joked Mike, laughing.   

"Hey! how dare you make fun of me,"  said Lawrence and put his hand around Mike, roughhousing him.     

Rebecca stood there feeling awkward as the two boys fought playfully. She didn't know what to do so she quietly said,"Lawrence, I'll go in now. I have class."   

 "Alright,"  replied Lawrence with a nod, without saying anything else.   

Lawrence did not look up, until after Rebecca had gone in. Then he turned his head.


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