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(Good news)

Cherry woke up to the rays of the sun softly entering their bedroom through the windows and coaxing her awake.    

 Jackson felt her move and turned to ask her,"You're up already?"   

 Cherry replied,"Yes. Honey, when did you wake up?"    

Gently touching her hair, Jackson said,"I woke up very early. But you were sleeping so soundly, so I didn't want to disturb you."    

Cherry asked,"Are you going out for work today?" She wondered if he had any business to deal with.     

Jackson said,"I need to go out for a while and see if everything is okay at the bar."    So Cherry said,"Well alright. But at least have lunch with me before you go out." 

She had grown increasingly dependent on her husband.   

Jackson smiled at her and said,"Of course, but then you'll have to get up now for that. I'll take you for a stroll in the yard first."   

 Their conversation was interrupted by the telephone ringing on the bedside.     Jackson reached out to get his phone and saw Wilson's name on the screen. He frowned,"Why does Wilson want to speak to me at this hour?"   

Cherry asked,"Is that my brother?"    

Jackson nodded his head and replied,"Yes, it is."  

  Cherry said with urgency,"You'd better answer the phone. Maybe it is important."    

Jackson answered the phone.    

 As soon as he picked up, Wilson spoke,"Jackson, are you at home right now?"    

Jackson replied,"Yes, I am."  

There was a lot of happiness in Wilson's voice as he said excitedly,"I have some good news to share with Cherry and you."   

 "Good news?" Jackson repeated. He looked at Cherry, confused.     

Cherry didn't hold the phone but she could still hear Wilson's voice clearly.     Wilson happily announced,"Yes. I'm going to be a father."    

Jackson said nothing, they were both so surprised, they just kept looking at each other.     

Suddenly Cherry took the phone from him and asked,"Oh my god Wilson, really? Is that true? Selina is pregnant?"

    Wilson took a breath and continued enthusiastically,"Yes, we just got back from the hospital, the doctors have confirmed it."   

 Cherry replied,"That's great! Congratulations you two! Take good care of Selina at home!"  

Wilson replied,"I will Cherry. And you should take care of yourself too."   

 They hung up, but Cherry still cradled the receiver in her hands, smiling.     

Jackson asked with smile,"It is great news, isn't it! Are you happy?"    

Cherry replied,"Of course. Selina is pregnant and my Mom and my Uncle must also be super happy."    

Jackson gently said,"All right. You should also look after yourself. Understand?" He gently straightened Cherry's clothes and said,"Come on. Get dressed and get out of the bed now."    

Then they walked out of the bedroom after they had washed up and changed their clothes.     

They stood in the yard as Cherry soaked up some morning sun. The glorious rays on her face danced while Jackson stared at his wife. She looked beautiful, bathed in the sunlight and the glow of love and happiness reflecting on her face.   

Cherry opened her eyes and looked sideways. Looking directly at the son burnt her eyes. She turned towards Jackson and said,"Honey, now the most important thing is to wait for our baby's arrival, isn't it?"   

 Jackson tenderly held her shoulders and said,"Yes darling. We are all looking forward to meeting the baby."    

Cherry hugged him tight and snuggled into his chest. She looked up at the sky and said,"Do you think it is a girl?"    

Jackson replied,"Yes. Very likely." He knew that Cherry wanted a girl. She felt that if they had a girl this time, then they would be a complete family.    

 But Cherry was growing impatient and she asked,"What should we name her, if it is a girl?"    

"Hmm...let me think,"  Jackson said.   

  But Cherry whined,"No, you won't. If it is a daughter, I will name her. Let me think of a name."  

Jackson did not oppose it. "Fine, then you name her." As long as Cherry was at home, with him, by his side, he did not need anything else. He was willing to let her do what she wanted and make all the decisions for the family if needed, and all he wanted was for her to be happy and by his side.    

 Cherry asked,"I like the name Violet. How do you like the sound of Violet Chu?"    

Jackson echoed her words,"Violet. I think it sounds great!"   

 Happily Cherry responded,"Well then it is settled. If we have a baby girl, we name her Violet." She looked up at Jackson seriously, to know what he thought.     

He nodded in agreement and said,"Okay Violet it is!"    

That settled, the couple stayed out a little longer to enjoy the warm sunshine on their faces.     

Suddenly Lily came out and gently said,"Sir, Madam, lunch is ready."  

Jackson nodded to her and said,"Alright, we'll be in there in a minute. You go inside first, Lily."    

As she left, Jackson turned to Cherry and said,"Shall we go eat? I'm hungry now."    Cherry replied,"Okay, I'm a little hungry too."    

They went back inside and settled on the table. Jackson helped Cherry sit on the chair and tucked her in comfortably.    

 Cherry looked at the lavish delicious spread on the table and turned to Lily,"Oh Lily, that food looks so good. I just cannot live without you!"    

Lily laughed and said,"Thank you madam. These are all for you. I can make some more also if you want me to. In the future, if you want to eat anything, just tell me and I'll cook for you. It is my duty. Please get eating and call me if you need anything. I'll be inside."    

Cherry looked at her gratefully and said,"You're too kind, Lily. Thank you."  

"The pleasure is all mine, madam." answered Lily. She blushed every time Cherry praised her.    

 Cherry picked up the chopsticks and said,"Okay I'll stop talking now and get eating."   

 Jackson laughed. He turned his gaze from Cherry to Lily, saying with smile,"Lily, don't take it so hard. Cherry is pregnant and she is now experiencing baby brain. You should know this."    Lily smiled quietly.     

Cherry pretended to be angry. She stared at Jackson and said,"Ahem, I just heard you speak ill of me."    

Jackson laughed again,"Oh no, no. I am not speaking ill of you at all,"  he said. He loved teasing Cherry.     

Cherry wasn't convinced and leaned back on the chair,"I know I am not as smart as you and our son are, but still, don't treat me like this. I'm not a child, I am with child! Understood?" Jackson doted on her so much that he had spoiled her.   

Jackson replied,"I know, I know. I've been taking care of you, haven't I?" He did not want to upset Cherry right now. All he wanted was to pamper her and treat her like his queen.    

 "Ah, now there's a good husband. Good!" said Cherry forgiving her beloved husband instantly, owing to his instant apology.     

But then Jackson noticed her plate and started to ladle in more food,"Oh Baby, you must eat more food!'   

 Cherry looked up at him and said,"Well not just me, you should eat better, too. And after you have eaten something, please rest a while. You have to go to word this afternoon." She knew how good Jackson was to her and she also loved and cared this man.     

Jackson looked at her and smiled.

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