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(Joe new name (2)

"What is it?" Jackson asked in confusion. This was as much a surprise to him as it was to Joe.     

Ignoring Jackson's question, she fixed her eyes back on their son. "Joe, I don't think it's a good idea for you to keep using my family name. You'll be attending primary school soon. Names are very important. It may affect your study, overseas research or even your career. So I want to change your last name. What do you think about sharing the family name with your dad?"   

 She asked because she intended to respect Joe's opinion on this matter. 'Even though I usually make decisions for him, I want to hear his thoughts this time. After all, he is a very smart and clever boy. I'm sure he will understand this, ' she thought.    

 Turning to Jackson, she took a brief breath before speaking. "Jackson, we talked about changing Joe's name before. But we had to put it aside because so many things had happened. 

Now, we have time and we can settle this. I won't have as much time to consider this after our baby is born."

  Jackson nodded in approval. 'She's right. Our son is growing up, day by day. Everyone knows he is my son, but it's improper for him to keep using Cherry's family name. Besides, Cherry named him casually when she lived abroad. We just didn't get around to changing his name, ' he pondered.     

"Mommy, I agree with you. I think it's a good idea to change my family name,"  Joe responded intelligently. 'I don't mind it at all. I am daddy's child after all. It's only natural to have his family name, ' he thought to himself.    

 "How about calling him Lawrence?" Jackson suggested.    

 "Lawrence?" Cherry repeated. 'It sounds good, ' she said to herself.     

"Wow, I like this name! It's so smooth. It'll be easy to remember,"  Joe agreed with a satisfied smile.   

Cherry felt contented with this decision. "That's settled then. Lawrence Chu will be our son's new name,"  Cherry declared.     

"Hooray! I've got my new name,"  Joe exclaimed.    

 "Mom, what about your baby's name?" he asked suddenly.     

"I haven't considered it yet. We'll think about it after labor,"  Cherry replied.     Two weeks later.     

The alarm bell rang, waking Selina and Wilson from their sweet dreams to see morning.    

 "Honey, get up!" Selina said to Wilson drowsily.     

Wilson grunted as answer. He turned off the alarm on the bedside table and blinked to brush off the effects of their sleep.   

He looked over at his wife. "Selina, do you want to sleep a little longer or get up now?" he asked. 'Selina hasn't gone to work recently, staying at home every day.

 Jacob and Elsa have also been on a trip, leaving only us here at home. As a result, we tend to stay up late. Although the maid is a good cook, Selina seems to have no appetite these days, ' he mused.     
"Let's get up now. It's too hard to get back to sleep now that I'm awake,"  Selina answered lazily.    

 The couple got out of bed and washed up, changing before heading downstairs.     

The aroma of delicious-smelling food wafted to them as they reached the stairway of the first floor.     

"Is breakfast ready?" Wilson asked. He took a look through the window in the hall, catching sight of the maid sweeping in the yard.    

 "She must have breakfast ready already. We can eat now and then you can head to work,"  Selina answered.   

"Okay,"  Wilson agreed, taking his wife by the hand and entering the dining room together.     

Selina approached the table, but couldn't bring herself to sit, for as soon as she saw the omelettes and porridge, nausea began to rise in her throat. Desperately covering her mouth, she bolted to the bathroom.   

  "Selina! What's wrong?" Wilson called after her, a concerned yet confused look adorning his face. He followed her into the restroom.     

Stooping down and holding her hair back, Selina stabilised herself with a hand on the toilet and hurled into the porcelain bowl. Once her nausea slowed down and she finally stopped, she felt much better.     

Wiping her face and washing herself with the sink, she looked at Wilson. "It's so strange. I've been feeling nauseous so much lately,"  Selina mused aloud to Wilson.    

 He had a theory, but wanted more information before airing it. "When was your last period?" he asked.   

"About a month ago,"  Selina replied absentmindedly.     

Wilson nodded. "How about I take you to the hospital for a check-up?" he proposed.     

Realisation dawned on Selina, surprising her. "I'm pregnant?" she exclaimed, dumbfounded.     

"I'm not sure. We'll find out after you get some tests. I'll call my secretary and let her know I'll be heading into the company later on. I haven't had much work to deal with lately anyway,"  Wilson replied.     

Selina nodded in agreement.     

Later arriving at the hospital, Wilson waited outside the doctor's office for Selina to return. 'Is she alright? Is she really pregnant?' he wondered anxiously.     
Selina exited the doctor's office soon and rushed to her husband's side.   

When he saw her coming towards him, he stood up hurriedly and dashed to her.

     "What's the test result?" Wilson asked eagerly.     

"Honey, you're going to father a child! I'm pregnant!" Selina exclaimed ecstatically, wrapping her arms around Wilson's neck. She didn't even notice other people in the corridor with them, too busy basking in her family happiness.     

"Really? I'll have my own child?" Wilson asked in surprise. He had assumed this already, but thinking it and hearing it were two different things. It felt so surreal.    

 Selina beamed at him. "Truly. Let's tell dad, mom, Jackson and all our friends,"  she suggested.     

"Okay! Let's head home and announce our happy news!" Wilson responded excitedly.    

 "This is so exciting!" Selina returned eagerly.

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