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(Joe new name(1)

The grand wedding came to an end at noon, accompanied by soft music and witnessed by all the guests present.    

 Amy, adorned in a beautiful white wedding dress, held Derek's arm as they approached Jackson and Cherry.    

 "Congratulations!" Cherry exclaimed, her delicate face crossed by a wide smile.     Putting a hand over his heart, Derek nodded. "Thank you,"  he told her sincerely.     

"Cherry, thank you!" Amy concurred.   

  Cherry and Jackson shared a look. Jackson nodded and Cherry smiled in response.    

 "What's going on? Are you hiding something from us again?" Derek asked suspiciously. Derek felt they had conversed in some way.   

"Oh, it's nothing. We want to give you a wedding gift. Your wedding is over, but you didn't ask us for that,"  Cherry replied. She took out a set of keys and tenderly placed them in Amy's hand, clasping the bride's fingers over them.   

  "Cherry, what's this?" Amy asked with her mouth agape, staring at Cherry and Jackson.     

Cherry's smile grew bright. "Amy, take it. This is a gift from Jackson and I. If you want to go out, you can now drive your own car instead of asking Derek to give you a ride,"  Cherry answered.    

 Derek blinked. "But- but Cherry, this is too much,"  he stammered. He felt it improper to receive a car as a gift, even though he and Jackson were good friends.     

"You must take it,"  Cherry ordered firmly. "I am pregnant now, so you can't displease me. No one can refuse my gift, including you,"  she added.     

"Cherry, but..." Amy stuttered, a shy and hesitant expression on her face. 'I can't receive this. I never thought it necessary to buy a car. I seldom go out, so I don't have that much opportunity to use a car. 

What a surprise that Cherry would give me such an expensive gift!' she thought to herself.   

"Just take it. It wasn't just my idea. Jackson and I both thought you would like it. Besides, you and I are good friends. Derek is Jackson's best friend. 

It's not a big deal,"  Cherry persuaded.     Jackson nodded in agreement, adding,"Just accept it. Otherwise I might be angry with you."    

The new couple paused and Derek nodded at Amy, giving his blessing for her to accept it.    

 With a deep sigh, Amy looked on their friends with gratitude. "Cherry, Jackson, thank you!" she exclaimed.    

 "You're welcome,"  Cherry replied with a warm smile. "May you live happily together forever!"  

Mond and Joe found their way to the happy couple and Joe's parents.    

 "Dad, Mom, what are you doing here?" Joe asked curiously.    

 "Giving our blessings to Derek and Amy,"  Cherry answered. She then looked sternly down at her son. "You naughty boy, where did you go?"    

Waving a hand in the air dismissively, Joe smiled innocently. "I just roamed about,"  he replied casually.     

She turned to Mond. "Is that so?" she asked. 'Joe is exceedingly happy today. I don't believe him, especially because of the way he's acting. If I heard these words from Mond, however, I would believe, ' she thought.     

"Oh, come on, Mom. I just went upstairs and visited Uncle Derek's room. I saw many men there,"  Joe confessed. He knew better than to try to hide the truth from his mother's eyes further.    

 Jackson and Derek burst into laughter at this. They were sure they would have fun tonight.   

Amy became uneasy, immediately grabbing Cherry's hand.     

"Cherry,"  she said nervously,"you promised that you would help me."    "Don't worry,"  Cherry assured her. "I know how to handle them.     

"Joe, I will give you three hours to play here. Once that is over, we will go home,"  she commanded, resting her eyes on Joe.     

"But, Mom,"  he said with a grin,"how about tonight's bedding?" He covered his mouth and snickered.    

 "That is a grown-up's game. You will come home with us,"  Cherry replied determinedly.    

 Jackson decided to keep silent instead of defending his son's position. He saw Amy and Cherry whisper to each other and felt there was something he shouldn't interfere with here.   

"Mommy,"  Joe whined, trying to look as persuasive and cute as he could.     "Well,"  Mond tried to speak in Joe's favour, having noticed the boy's displeasure.     

Cherry interrupted before Mond could get another word out.     

"And you,"  she turned on Mond. "Look at Derek, he's married now. But you don't even have a girlfriend. You should pay more attention to your love life and find a good girl as soon as possible. And don't fool Amy with others,"  she lectured, very much like she was speaking to a child. 

    "I, um, I..." Mond stuttered. At a loss for words, he fell silent and noticed the smile on Jackson's and Derek's faces.     "Well, I see,"  Mond yielded.     

Seeing how easily Cherry had defeated Mond's attempt, Joe realised his chance to stay for the bedding was slim to none. He reluctantly gave up on that.   

"Mommy, can I have some dessert before we go home then?" he asked meekly.     

She smiled softly. "Yes, you can."    "Thank you, Mommy!" he replied excitedly.     

Once Jackson's family had returned home, his wife and son followed him to the living room.    

 Cherry sat on a couch and Joe took a seat opposite her. "Joe, how much money in red packets did you get today?" she asked.     

"Lots. Enough for my allowances, so you won't need to give me any pocket money for a little bit,"  he answered happily.   

  Taking a seat by Cherry, Jackson put his hand on her shoulder and let her lean on him.     

"Joe, come here,"  Cherry told her son tenderly, gesturing for him to come closer.     

He obeyed without hesitation, despite not knowing why she wanted him.   

"Yes, Mommy?" Joe replied earnestly, taking her hand.    

 "Joe, I have something important to discuss with you,"  she told him. She paused and then looked up at Jackson. "Jackson, I want you to join us."

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