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(The wedding ceremony began (4)

"Oh, that!" said Cherry and smiled as she continued,"That goes without saying. How is it repayment? We'll love your children just like our own and do whatever it takes to settle them. After all, your kids will be my nephews or nieces; we will ensure the best for them always!"    

"Cherry, you are the sweetest person in the world!" Selina exclaimed delightfully. She then took Cherry's arm and entwined it with her own. For Selina, Cherry had always been somewhat of a soul sister, but now their bond was getting better and better.     

They entered the foyer of the hotel which was decorated with red and gold for the wedding. Some of the guests had already arrived, while others were pouring in. The waiters had their hands full, running to and fro, serving the guests. The overall vibe of the place was very positive and happy.   

Selina held Cherry's hand and helped her out of the elevator, while darting glances around and murmuring,"I wonder where Amy's room is."   

 Selina and Cherry slowly walked out, looking for the bridal room.     

"Excuse me. Are you looking for the bride, Amy?" A waiter standing outside a room asked respectfully.   

  "Yes!" Selina nodded.     

"She is in that room." The waiter gestured towards a door.     

"Okay, thank you!" Selina said. Together, she and Cherry walked to the room slowly.     

When they entered, Amy was standing before a large mirror, looking at herself. 

She looked a million dollars in her gorgeous wedding dress. There was a faint bridal glow on her face.   

"Amy, how gorgeous you are!" Selina was stunned by how beautiful she looked.     Cherry chimed in,"Yes, Amy. You make the perfect bride!"    

Amy was delighted to see them and walked towards them, pouting. "I'm so glad you are here! I was getting so bored all by myself, dressed up and confined to the room. Come, sit here,"  she said, pointing towards some chairs in the room.     

"You should sit down here with us and rest a little too. The wedding will be long and you'll have to keep standing. You'll get tired soon,"  said Cherry kindly.    

 "Yes, Amy. Come and sit here with us,"  Selina chimed in.     

"Yes. It is so nice to have you both here. I kept looking at my watch wondering where you both were. I was just going to call. I'd been waiting for so long, getting bored,"  said Amy.   

"Listen, you both sit here and chat while I go order some food. We should eat something nice and delicious as we haven't eaten anything since morning,"  Selina said and stood up.    

 'Yes, great idea. Do that please,"  said Cherry.     

After Selina left the room, Cherry and Amy were busy chatting.    

 "Cherry, Joe was so naughty today! He came in early today morning and then he and Mond were teasing me about my wedding. I felt so awkward but they just wouldn't stop! Luckily, Derek came there in time to defend my case,"  said Amy. 

She pretended to be angry, but the thought of Joe would not let that happen.     

"Haha,"  Cherry beamed. "Well today is a day for laughter and happiness. And I'm sure with Wilson and Joe around, the atmosphere must have been hilarious."  

  Cherry could only imagine the fun, while she wasn't needed at the venue so early. She was sure that they must have all had a blast. Joe was sharp witted, Wilson had a great sense of humour and Mond was wickedly naughty, just like a child. 

She knew they must have left no stone unturned to tease Amy today.   

"Yes, yes, it was funny but only for them. Your beloved son asked Derek to kiss me in front of them! Derek obliged once, but then they asked us to do it again and laughed in our faces. And then, Mond even pushed the two of us onto the bed!" Amy complained.     

Cherry smiled and said,"Well, from where I see it they were all giving Derek a chance to show off how much he loves you. They all made fun of you so that he could protect you and then you could see how much he loves you."    

Amy, in her heart, of course knew this. But she smiled happily, having heard it from Cherry. It was such a happy day for her.    

 "Oh yes Cherry. Do me a favour and take your son home tonight, without fail. If he stays back with us, he is going to keep making fun of us all night. I don't want the morning madness to be repeated all over again. He will embarrass me on my wedding night and sleep with us in our bridal room!" gushed Amy.   

"Hmm...well about that. You know my son has a mind of his own. If he wants to continue playing the evening, even I won't be able to stop it. Best I can do is, request Mond to drop him home once he is done playing,"  said Cherry innocently. 

She just wanted to see Amy's reaction. Since she didn't get a chance to tease her in the morning, she didn't want to miss this opportunity to do so.     

The look on Amy's face was exactly what Cherry wanted. She grasped at Cherry's hands and said,"Oh, no. My dear Cherry, you must take your son away. Take Mond also with him. I will request Selina to take Wilson away also. With the three of them gone, I will finally be able to breathe without feeling so awkward. Otherwise they'll keep teasing me."  

"Oh, is that what you really want?" Cherry asked, looking straight into Amy's eyes. She feigned confusion, as if she couldn't understand her point.     

"Of course that is what I want. Listen, let's make a deal okay? When your next child is born, I will teach her or him the piano as well. But for now, just take them away,"  begged Amy. She knew that if they all stayed back, she would be doomed and they would make fun of her again.     

"Alright, when you put it that way. For the sake of my child's future career and your peace, I will take Joe with me. I will also take Mond away and ask him to go back to his place. Anyway it isn't appropriate for him to be making such a ruckus in your bridal room at night. I don't understand though, he has come of age and yet he has no girlfriend also!" said Cherry. She seemed in the mood to gossip a little.     

"Yes, thank you Cherry! You are so reasonable,"  said Amy happily.


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