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(The wedding ceremony began (3)

"Okay..." Jackson sat up unwillingly, rubbing his sleepy eyes.     

The couple got out of bed, washed up, all dressed and were ready for the wedding of their dear friends. They walked down the stairs.     

"Good Morning, Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry," Lily greeted them in the living room in a respectful way.    

 "Lily, why are you up so early, too? We won't have breakfast at home today. You could have slept a little longer," said Cherry. She had already told Lily last night that she should not wake up early to prepare breakfast for them.    

 "It's okay. I'm used to getting up at this time," replied Lily.   

"Well alright," Cherry nodded and then continued,"We'll go to the hotel right now, and you can join us around noon, after finishing all the chores then."    

"Yes madam!" replied Lily.     

Jackson and Cherry then walked out of the house together.     

Jackson started the car and drove Cherry and himself to the hotel. While they were on their way, Cherry's cell phone rang. She quickly took it out of the handbag and saw Selina's name on the screen.    

 "Who's that? Is it Joe?" Jackson asked. "No, it's Selina," said Cherry, as she pushed the answer button.    

 "Hello, Selina," said Cherry.     

"Cherry, are you and Jackson on your way to the hotel?" Selina asked. The happiness in her voice was evident.   

  "Yes, we've just left home a few minutes ago," replied Cherry.   

So did I. I guess we'll both reach the hotel around the same time. Wilson left a little earlier. He, Derek and Mond will go to Amy's place to pick her up. I believe they might want to have a little party at Amy's house before they arrive for the wedding."   

 "Well, yeah, that's what weddings are like!" Cherry said, excited. "You know, Joe woke up early and has already reached the hotel. He is waiting for Amy and Derek there so that they can give him the lucky money."    

"Haha, Joe is always so cute. He is so adorable; I love him! He has been looking forward to this party for some time. Just let him do whatever he likes," Selina said. She giggled when she remembered Joe's naughty look at her own wedding party.    

 "Uh huh, that's why I asked Bill to drive him to the hotel so he could be there before time," Cherry chimed in helplessly.   

"Well, let's meet in the hotel soon. I'll wait for you guys at the door and then we can go in together," Selina suggested.    

 "Okay!" said Cherry and hung up. While driving, Jackson asked,"What did Selina say? You look so happy."    

"Nothing special. She just called to check if we've left. We'll meet her at the entrance of the hotel," replied Cherry. 

She then suddenly thought of something and said to Jackson,"By the way, I know Derek's your best friend and you have to help him look after the guests, but don't let Joe out of your sight okay? We have to keep an eye on him. If he causes any trouble, I will make sure you're punished too! I won't let you go!"   

 "Have you ever let me go?" Jackson said playfully, teasing Cherry. He loved her so much; he never wanted her to let him go. Not until the end of their lives at least. 

  Cherry was a little annoyed at Jackson's playfulness. She reprimanded him,"I'm serious. Don't joke around. Selina and I will be with Amy in her dressing room. She will get bored otherwise, so we have to be there to entertain her. Joe is your responsibility now; you must look after him! Understood?"    

"Alright, alright. Honey, don't worry. I will take good care of him. I promise!" Jackson quickly consoled Cherry, pretending to be serious.     

"You'd better keep your word!" Cherry said to him.     

When Jackson and Cherry arrived at the hotel, Selina was waiting for them at the door.     

The moment their car stopped, Selina walked up to them.     

"How are you Cherry?" cooed Selina as she helped her get out of the car. "How is your health?"  

"I'm well Selina. Thanks for asking," said Cherry and grinned.     

Jackson got out of the car, gave the car key to the security guard and asked him to park the car for him.    

 "Jackson, why are you both so late! I have been here for you since so long." Selina complained.    

 "Don't you know that Cherry is pregnant? If I drive too fast, she could get dizzy or nauseous!" Jackson replied to Selina's stupid question.     

Selina pondered over what he said for a while and realised that Jackson was right. She then said,"I'm sorry. I didn't think that much." She then turned to Cherry and continued,"Cherry, when did Jackson become such a considerate man?"    

"Don't flatter him or else I will never hear the end of it. What about my brother? Are you happy with him? How is your married life going?" Cherry asked, eager to know if her brother was keeping Selina happy.   
"It is going very well. Elsa feeds me so much everyday and she cooks these wonderful dishes. Look how much weight I have put on! My arms and legs have become very thick," said Selina and pointed towards her arms and legs.   

  Cherry looked on amusingly and said,"Well it is a good thing I supposed. Putting on weight after marriage means that your husband and in-laws are treating you well."   

 "Well, sure. That is one way of looking at it," Selina said. She hadn't thought of it like this before.   

  "Okay, you two go inside to see Amy and I'm going to go find Derek and ask him if he needs any help," said Jackson. He had gotten bored of all the women talk and always found it difficult to participate in such conversations.   

  "Yes alright. Don't worry about Cherry; I'll look after her properly."  

"Well, thank you, Selina," said Jackson, as he patted her on the shoulder and then left.     

"Jackson, do remember to repay me for my kindness. Be nice to me!" Selina shouted towards Jackson's back. She only saw Jackson's gesture but couldn't hear what he was saying.    

 As Cherry and Selina were walking towards the hotel, Cherry asked curiously,"What do you expect him to do to repay your kindness?"  

  "I want Jackson to help my baby in the future. If it is a boy, Jackson can help him with his career. And if it is a girl, then help me find a good husband for her when she grows up," Selina answered.

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