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(The wedding ceremony began(2)

"Wha...What?" It was as if the earth shook beneath his feet. Aven could not understand what Mond meant by that. 

"Wait! Aren't you going to take actions against JS Group then? Aren't you going to let ZM Group take the lead of the business in the city?"    

"Tell me something, from of all the experience you have gathered in your field of work. As long as JS Group is in the city, do you think ZM Group stands a chance to supersede it?" Mond's eyes bore into Aven's as he spoke to him, not wanting to answer his questions directly.    

 "I know there isn't a chance of that happening. But I don't understand. All this effort for nothing? You asked me to lurk around in JS Group because you wanted your revenge on Jackson, the owner of JS. I have spent so much time and effort in handling the Finance Department and I am waiting for you to give me instructions on what our next move is. Now you want me to drop it all and resign? Why?" It was a well-known fact that ZM Group and JS Group were sworn enemies and out to get each other. While the companies were still growing, it was also rumoured that Mond was after Jackson. Aven could not understand what had happened suddenly and why Mond wanted to give up now.   

"Well, I've changed my mind now. I don't want to be Jackson's enemy. Alright? Is this answer good enough for you?" 

Mond's reply was cold and he sounded a little annoyed too. He saw no reason to be answerable to a stranger, even though the man had worked for him. Mond reasoned in his head that Aven had been getting paid for the work he was doing and did not deserve his kindness or camaraderie in any way.    

 Aven was now upset and scared because he had annoyed Mond. He had worked very hard to slowly gain the trust of every person at JS Group and take the entire Financial Department under his control. At this moment, under Mond's orders, Aven could literally destroy the whole financial functioning of JS and could put Jackson in grave trouble. But he could only muster the courage to say,"Sorr...Sorry...   

Mr. Mond. I am confused because you changed your mind so suddenly." Aven quickly disguised his shock for confusion so Mond would not get offended. Ever since he came here, he was under the impression that Mond had called for him to give him instructions to finally take Jackson down. He did not expect this. All of his work was now done in vain.   

  "You want to know why?" Mond suddenly stood up and walked closer to Aven to size him up. He looked directly into his eyes and spoke in a serious, threatening voice,"It is because both Jackson and Derek are my brothers. 

Neither JS Group nor JC Group can ever be affected. Am I making myself clear?"

  Aven was stunned at the behaviour. Out of reflex, he even took a few steps back, deterred by Mond's seriousness. He said in disbelief,"Mr. Mond, are you sure you want to give it all up? I thought you were waiting for the right timing. I was waiting for your orders. Right now, we have the best opportunity to carry out our plans and ensure that we destroy everything we were out for. We won't get another chance as good as this one. Do you really want to suspend the plan now?"   

 "Haven't I made myself absolutely clear? Look Aven, I will give you three days to finish off all pending tasks. Hand over all your duties to someone within the group, resign from your post and leave the city with your family. If I see you creating any troubles, I won't be kind to any one of you, not even your family." Mond hissed at Aven and strode off coldly, leaving the VIP room.     

After Mond left, Aven let everything that had just happened, sink in. He leaned against the wall of the room, weakly. He could not believe all this, not only were his efforts in vain, he wasn't even going to get the money like he was promised for doing what he did. But he wasn't courageous nor powerful enough to challenge Mond. The only option left before him was to leave the city with his family, like Mond had asked him to do.  

 One week later.     

Joe woke up really early and got dressed. He excitedly rushed to his parents' bedroom and stood outside the door.     

He knocked on the door, as he called,"Daddy, Mommy, time to get up!"    "Joe, come on in,"  yelled Cherry sleepily. She woke up and rubbed her eyes. Still not fully awake, she nudged Jackson,"Wake up sweetheart. Joe is already awake and ready; we need to hurry up."    

Joe threw the door open and ran in. He found his parents still in bed; his mother was awake but his father was sleeping soundly. With an excited look on his face he climbed upon the bed and said,"Mom, Dad, hurry up! Get dressed. Today is such an important day, we can't be late." 

 "Okay, okay. Why are you up so early today?" Cherry asked her excited son.   

  "I want to go to the hotel and reach there early. I want to be there when Uncle Derek and Uncle Wilson go and pick up Aunt Amy,"  said the little boy. He continued,"That way, I'll be able to stop them and ask for the auspicious money they will give me before the ceremony. 

And I will also see how beautiful Aunt Amy looks when she is dressed up as a bride!" Joe was so enthusiastic; he could barely finish his words. He had the plan all figured out for the day and had woken to the sound of the alarm. He couldn't afford to waste a single minute.     

"Fine, Bill will drive you to the wedding. We'll come later,"  said Jackson sleepily, tucking himself deeper into the bed covers. He rolled over, annoyed and thought to himself, 'So this little boy is all ready and dressed up so early for the lucky money he is going to get.'  

"Okay. That was my plan. So I will leave right now. I knew that Mommy would not go without you. Take good care of her and I'll wait for you at the hotel. Don't be late Daddy!" With these words, Joe closed the door and ran away cheerfully.     
Cherry was worried about little Joe and screamed,"Listen Joe, take good care of yourself and call us if there is any trouble..." Her voice trailed away as she realized that her little boy had already ran down the stairs and could not hear her.  

Mond paid no heed and responded in a straightforward manner,"Let's get down to business right away. I want you to resign from the Finance Department of JS Group immediately. Hand over your duties to someone else and put in your papers."  



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