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(The wedding ceremony (1)

In the evening, Derek lay on the bed, holding Amy close to him in a tight grip, like he would never let her go.     

"Derek,"  Amy said all of a sudden.     "Yes, what happened?" replied Derek tenderly.     

"I think we should start sending out our wedding invites to family and friends, tomorrow onwards. What do you think?" she said.     

Reassuringly, Derek said,"Alright. But don't stress out too much about the wedding. I've made all the necessary arrangements for our wedding party."   

 "Superb! Well done!" said Amy. But then she suddenly got a little serious and looked straight into Derek's eyes. She said,"Derek, after we get married, will you treat me as well as Jackson treats Cherry?"  

"Of course! I love you with all my heart and soul and I will do everything I can to keep you happy, as long as we both shall live,"  Derek promised.    

 Amy smiled sweetly and blushed a little. "Well that is very nice to hear!" she said.     
"Okay then, now that you are happy, shall we..." Derek's voice trailed off but his hands started to move up Amy's arms.     "Derek! Stop!" cried Amy.     

"Oh alright! Then I'll just cuddle you and sleep with you in my arms. Is that fine?" said Derek.     

"Yes. But turn the lights off first, please,"  said Amy.    

 Golden rays of warm sunshine entered through the windows, gently caressing Amy's face. She opened her eyes blearily and stretched her arms, looking forward to a great day ahead. Suddenly, her eyes fell on Derek. His perfectly angular, well chiseled face looked so perfect in the glorious sun rays that she just kept staring at him.   

Finally, she couldn't help herself. She reached out to touch her handsome fiancĂ© with her soft hands. She could feel a day old stubble on his chin.    

 "Feeling naughty again, are we?" Derek mumbled, half asleep. He pulled her closer to himself under the bed covers and held on to her tight.     

"What are you doing? Get your hands off me!" said Amy playfully.    

 "I feel cold when I don't have you close to me to keep me warm,"  replied Derek. Every word he said was genuine. 

Because it was only when Amy was with him, that he felt warm and comfortable inside. Without her, his heart would turn stonecold.    

 "Oh, so that is what I am to you now? Just a 'warmer'! I'm not here to warm you. Turn the air-conditioner on if you feel cold and let me go,"  she said, pretending to sound annoyed. But even Derek knew that inside her heart, Amy was bursting with the happiness of love. 

  But then, Derek got a little serious and ignoring her whining, he called out her name again in his trademark husky voice,"Amy..." It sent shivers down her whole body and Derek could feel the goosebumps as he held her close.   

  "Yes?" She said and lowered her head in silence.    

 "When we do have a baby, what do you think we'll have, a boy or a girl?" Derek asked, staring into nothingness and dreaming of their happy future.    

 Amy thought for a while, pondering and staring at the ceiling while she did so, lying next to the love of her life. "Well, can I be honest with you?" she said and looked at him. "I want a boy, just as cute as a button - like Joe. Sometimes I get very jealous of Cherry; she is such a lucky woman!"  

"Well, I know how to solve that problem!" He gave a knowing smile and continued,"Let's have a boy!"    

"Hah! As if you could determine what gender of baby you can have. Let nature take its course,"  reminded Amy sternly.  

   "Well, yeah,"  said Derek helplessly and then put his arm around Amy. "We could even have a beautiful baby girl. She can grow up to be just as elegant and wonderful as you are and you could make a fine pianist out of her too."    

Amy was now lost deep in thought and dreams. She could only mumble,"Yes, that would be great."    

The night was dark and the bar was noisy. Loud beats resounded across the room and people looked happy. Some were dancing wildly on the dance floor, carefree and footloose, as if there was no tomorrow. Others were holding their drinks in farther corners of the room, observing their surroundings and relishing their choice of alcohol.

 The atmosphere was crazy and it seemed as if people had come out, simply to vent their frustration and revel in the fact that they were young, free and happy.   

In the back of the bar was the lush VIP room. Mond was seated on the sofa, while two scantily dressed pretty girls hovered around him. One of them was handing him a glass of wine while the other one was dressed in a tight black mini skirt and snuggled up close to him.

     Mond took the wine from the girl who was holding the glass and drank it all in a single gulp. As if by habit, she simply put the empty glass on the counter and obediently took her place on the other side. She too happily snuggled into his chest.     

A smart man, dressed in a neat black uniform walked in. He strode over to Mond and whispered in his ear,"Good evening Mr. Mond. Mr. Aven Luo is here to see you."  

"Send him in,"  Mond replied with authority.    

 "Yes sir,"  said the man in the uniform. He straightened up and walked out.    

 Mond moved too, signalling both the girls to let go off him. They both took their hands off Mond and looked at him, anticipating orders. "Go out now!" he said simply.     

"Right sir, Mr. Mond,"  said one of the girls and obediently they stood up and turned to leave without another word or glance at him.     

Aven Luo was about to enter the room when he saw the two pretty girls exiting it. He stepped in and looked around, but Mond was seated all alone inside.    

 Aven walked in and gently closed the door behind him.    

 "Good evening, Mr. Mond,"  Aven greeted him respectfully and gave a slight nod.   

Mond paid no heed and responded in a straightforward manner,"Let's get down to business right away. I want you to resign from the Finance Department of JS Group immediately. Hand over your duties to someone else and put in your papers."

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