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(All together (1)

Joe saw the car approaching them slowly.     

"Dad, Mom, I see uncle!" he exclaimed.     Jackson and Cherry glanced at their son and then up at the car, seeing Derek in the driver's seat.   

  The car stopped by the small family and Selina got out. She hurried to Cherry, a delightful smile adorning her face.    

 "Cherry, I've missed you so much,"  Selina said, as she embraced Cherry tightly.    

 "You've finally come back! My unborn baby missed you,"  Cherry replied, reciprocating Selina's smile with a warm one of her own as she affectionately stroked Selina's arm.     

Ending their embrace, Selina leaned down and put her ear to Cherry's pregnant belly. "Sweetheart, I'm back. Did you miss me?" she whispered tenderly.  

 The others laughed softly and smiled at Selina.     

Cherry fixed her eyes on her brother. "Wilson, you must have had a wonderful honeymoon, right?" she asked. She had noticed the bright smiles shared by the newlyweds, assuring her that they must have had a great time.     

"Yes, we did,"  Wilson answered smiling. "How have you been recently? Your due date is approaching, isn't it?"   

 "Yeah,"  Cherry answered.     

Derek cut in,"Cherry has been well looked after. Nothing to worry about."   

 "Uncle, Uncle! I have taken care of mommy as well!" Joe broke in eagerly as he walked up to Wilson.   

"I see. Joe is a good boy,"  Wilson responded with a jolly smile, picking Joe up.     

"Well, let's get inside. Lily has prepared the food. We can eat soon,"  said Jackson.    

 "No time like the present, let's get inside,"  Wilson suggested.     

Selina and Amy each held one of Cherry's hands and the three ladies walked inside together.    

 Cherry and Selina chatted eagerly, with the occasional addition from Amy. They seemed to have forgotten about the men.    

 Derek watched them talking in the hall. "Look at those three, they're completely ignoring us."   

 Wilson simply smiled.     

"Perhaps Cherry has been bored at home these days and missed Selina dearly. 

She's probably begging Selina to tell her some interesting stories,"  Jackson responded, his eyes fixed on the woman he loved.   

"Look at Cherry, she is so happy now,"  Wilson observed, glad to see his sister's bright smile.     

"Cherry, you need to hear! We met so many weird people on our honeymoon!" Selina whispered to Cherry and Amy.    

 "Tell me then, I want to hear!" Cherry urged.    

 "Well, we had just finished enjoying the nearby hot spring, so we were on our way back to the hotel. Another couple followed us into the lift. The woman was begging her husband not to be mad at her and he was angrily shouting at her. He was demanding to know the father of her unborn baby and his wife just sank into silence,"  Selina told.     

"What happened then?" Amy asked eagerly. Her curiosity was apparent.  

   "She stayed silent for so long that I couldn't help but interject. I told him that of course he was the father of his wife's unborn baby,"  Selina continued. Her face turned serious. "Do you know what that man said to me?"  

"What did he say?" Cherry asked anxiously. Amy and Cherry hung on Selina's every word.     

"That man said to me, 'I've been on a business trip for six months, but it has been two months since she got pregnant. How could that baby be mine?'" Selina put on an impression of the irate man.   

  Amy and Cherry burst into laughter at last.     

"Unbelievable!" Amy exclaimed with a hearty smile.     

"If I were that man, I would divorce that woman,"  Cherry said in a resolute tone.  

   "I guess that the woman will lead a tough life since then,"  Selina remarked.

   Cherry took Selina's hand, unwilling to let Selina walk away. "What else? Tell me more. It's been so dull at home these days!" Cherry begged. She longed for more news from Selina.     

Selina smiled sweetly. "Hmm, oh! One day, after having breakfast with Wilson..." Selina kept telling the rapt women the stories from their honeymoon.    

 Around noon, they all sat together eating lunch. Everyone wore their own versions of pleasant smiles, especially Cherry. Selina's arrival had been just the thing to pull Cherry out of her dull slump.    

 "Wait a moment,"  Selina spoke loudly. "I have something to say."    

"Go ahead, Selina. You are our honored guest,"  Cherry replied. There was a collective group of soft taps across the table as everyone lay down their chopsticks to listen.     

Selina locked eyes with Wilson and said earnestly,"Our honeymoon is over. We enjoyed our honeymoon very much. 

From today on, we will lead a happy and simple life." She looked around at the others at the table and then added,"I'd like to offer our gratitude to all of you for your company and care."  

As Selina finished her speech, Joe clapped cheerfully.    

 "Joe, be serious,"  Selina turned to Joe bashfully.     

A moment went by before Cherry decided to speak up. "I have something to say too."   

 The hall fell back into silence and the others fixed their eyes on Cherry, like a queen among them.     

"We have embraced and supported the first couple. How about the next couple?" Cherry asked, looking at Derek and Amy.     
Derek smiled affectionately at Amy.     Amy lowered her head in embarrassment, pulling on Cherry's clothes. She whispered shyly,"Cherry, why would you say this without warning in front of so many people?"  

"We are all family here, Amy. No outsiders here. Your wedding ceremony with my brother will be held sooner or later,"  Selina replied to Amy, smiling earnestly. 'It wasn't hard to hear Amy's whisper to Cherry. Perhaps the others have heard too, ' she thought to herself. 

    Derek knew that Amy was a little shy, so he decided to handle this situation.     "Next week,"  Derek said gladly, holding Amy's hand supportively.     

"So soon?" Cherry exclaimed in shock.

     "Why have you set your wedding in such a hurry?" Jackson asked in surprise. 'Has Derek gotten everything ready? There is so much to take care of. 

How could he manage to get everything sorted so quickly?' Questions flew quickly through his mind.   

"Two reasons,"  Derek replied. "First, Cherry's baby will be due soon. We'd like to have our wedding before Cherry's baby is born."   

 "And the second reason?" Selina asked. She was surprised to find that Derek had some secrets.     

"The second reason is, well,"  Derek hesitated, fixing his eyes on Amy,"we will have our own baby."    

Covering her mouth in disbelief, Selina exclaimed,"Wow, what a surprise!"    Cherry was amazed as well. 'I never heard this from Amy. If Derek hadn't mentioned this, I would never know it, ' she mused.    

 "I didn't expect you would have this good news so soon,"  Jackson responded. He smiled.     

"Uncle Derek, does that mean you're having a baby too?" Joe asked. He looked sweetly at Derek, hoping he had understood what they meant.   

"Yeah,"  Derek replied.   

  "That's good. So many little cousins and sisters and brothers! I will take good care of them!" Joe cried out delightedly. He looked at Wilson and Selina. "Uncle, Aunt, your turn next!"    

"I, I..." Selina stammered for she didn't know how to respond. 'This little boy could think of these words. I don't know how to make a response, ' she thought.     They all continued their meal together, laughing and talking pleasantly.    

 Soon after lunch, Wilson and Selina left Jackson's villa. Upon reaching home, they saw Jacob and Elsa standing outside the gate.     

"Dad, Mom, we're back!" Selina exclaimed, greeting them with a smile.     "Dad,"  Wilson greeted Jacob. He wore a warm smile and turned to Elsa,"Mom."


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