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(Cute son)

Cherry and Jackson went downstairs to check on lunch. They were surprised to see so much food when they got to the kitchen.   

  "Oh my, we're going to have such a hearty lunch!" Cherry clapped, pleased with Lily's preparations.     

"Thank you for preparing all this,"  Jackson thanked Lily.     

"Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, you are very kind. I am just doing my job. Today is very important for all of you with the arrival of Mr. Wilson and Mrs. Selina. I'm just happy to see you all happy together!"

 Lily shared with Cherry and Jackson.     Jackson smiled while asking. "Cherry, shall we wait for them out front?" Cherry nodded.    

 Cherry took Jackson's outstretched hand and let herself be pulled out of the kitchen, towards the front door. They waited by the gate for Wilson, Selina, Amy, and Derek.   

Joe added the last dot on his homework and replaced it with his school things. He rushed out of his room and to his parent's room. He opened it and shouted,"I'm done!" But the room was empty. Joe rushed down the stairs and to the dining room. "Mommy! Daddy! I'm done with homework!" But the living room was also empty.   

  "Mommy, Daddy, are Uncle Wilson and Auntie Selina here?" Joe shouted as he entered the living room but no one was there. Joe stood in place with a pout on his lips. "Where is everybody?" he muttered out loud.    

 He went out into the hall and saw the front door was open. Joe, curious, padded to the front and peeked out.   

  He finally saw Jackson and Cherry wait by the gate and dashed towards them.  

 "Mommy! Daddy! Why are you out here? I've been looking everywhere for you!" Joe demanded.    

 Joe rushed to Cherry's arms, who hugged him to her side. "We're waiting for your uncle and auntie."    

Joe looked up at Cherry. "I finished my homework, Mommy,"  Joe proudly announced.    

 Cherry patted Joe's head. "That's good. You can play for the rest of the day. Cherry smiled at her son and marveled at how adorable he was, as long as he was not being naughty.    

 "Thank you, Mommy, but I'll wait here for my uncle and auntie,"  Joe told Cherry. "Maybe auntie became prettier,"  Joe told his parents.    

 "Do you like beautiful women, Joe?" Cherry asked with a giggle.   

  "Of course, Mommy. They're nice to look at. And that's why Daddy loves you,"  Joe answered. He looked away to end the conversation, leaving his mother dumbfounded.   

Cherry turned to a chuckling Jackson. Cherry shook her head and wondered how she could manage with such mischievous men in her life.     

"And why are you laughing, Mr. Jackson?" Cherry asked with her hand on her waist. She pretended to be angry with a raised eyebrow.     

"Nothing,"  Jackson answered, moving his arm to avoid Cherry's swatting hand. "Our son is right, though. You're a beauty, indeed." Jackson stroked Cherry's tousled hair.    

 "So you married me just for my looks?" Cherry questioned. The thought of Jackson marrying her for her looks never crossed Cherry's mind until now. 'Are men really dictated by appearances?' she wondered.     

"That was one of the reasons,"  Jackson answered. He remembered their blind date, their first date, how he was so captivated by her natural beauty and inborn pride. And then he realized she was the woman who spent the night at his hotel room and left before he woke up. He knew, during that date, he was going to marry her and be with her forever.   

"Oh, Jackson, really?" Cherry stammered, her face flushing with anger. It was quite late to blame him with their eldest son in kindergarten and another child on the way. Cherry breathed out to calm herself down. She didn't see the point of telling him off anymore.     

"Mommy, shouldn't I marry a beautiful woman?" Joe asked while looking up at Cherry, his forehead scrunched in reflection.   

  "What are you talking about? You're too young for this kind of talk. There will be plenty of time for this when you're older,"  Cherry reprimanded Joe. She modulated her voice and continued to speak with a softer tone. "But I do hope you get married to the woman you love."  

"I know. But it seems if I marry the girl I love, it won't be expensive,"  Joe analyzed. "What do you think, Daddy?" Joe turned to Jackson, who tried to control his laughter.     

"I guess,"  Jackson nodded. "I didn't spend a lot when your mom and I got married. I didn't have to pay a bride price to her family. But the wedding ceremony was expensive though,"  Jackson warned Joe. "I invited the greatest chefs to cook the food, which all the guests loved!"   

 "Jackson, can't you stop telling this to our son?" Cherry demanded. Cherry didn't like her son being fed with negative things, especially from Jackson. He even mentioned their opulent wedding! She should have asked for the price and saved the money instead.  

   "I'm sorry, I'll stop now,"  Jackson said, as he held his tongue and smiled at Cherry.   

"Daddy, Mommy, when I get married, I want a grand wedding! I want the more spectacular ceremony,"  Joe announced. 'As part of the Chu family, my wedding must be the best!' Joe thought to himself.     

"Of course, my son. I will only throw the best wedding ceremony for the Chus. Nothing is too grand for you,"  Jackson reassured Joe. Jackson wanted only the best for his son.    

 "Alright,"  Joe nodded in response and approval. He was satisfied with Jackson's reply. "My future wife and I would like to offer our gratitude in advance, Daddy and Mommy."    

"You're only 6 and you're already thinking about marriage,"  Cherry reprimanded her son. Cherry was astounded at the thoughts that ran through her son's head.     

Cherry wagged her finger at Joe. "Remember, you are forbidden to date girls until you're in college. Do you hear me?" Cherry reminded Joe.   

"Yes, Mommy, that's what I want, too,"  Joe replied. But his face crumpled into thought. "But Mommy, do you think it's possible for your handsome son to really wait to date until college?     

Cherry was taken aback at Joe's words.    
 Joe noticed the surprise in Cherry's face and explained,"The girls in my class kept sending me breakfast, cards, trinkets and other things. They drived me crazy, Mommy, when I just wanted to focus on studying."    

"What are you talking about, Joe?" Cherry asked. Cherry realized she knew little about her son and what he went through at school.     

"It's okay, Mommy. Don't worry. I turned them all down. I'm still single,"  Joe reassured Cherry.     

Cherry was speechless. She didn't know what to say.     

She turned to Jackson for answers. "Jackson, did you have the same problems when you were Joe's age?"  

Jackson shrugged his shoulders. "I guess. But it happened more during primary school than kindergarten. I got a lot of cards and gifts from the girls in my class. And from other classes, too."    Before Cherry could say anything, Joe asked her a question.    

 "Mommy, what age were you when you had your first suitor? Did you go out with him?" Joe asked with curious eyes.    

 Jackson's interest was piqued. He didn't know a lot about Cherry's past and he also wanted to know the answer to Joe's question.     

"Well..." Cherry started. She looked at the two pairs of eager eyes.   

Joe grew impatient. "Tell me, Mommy,"  he urged.     

Jackson kept his ears open for Cherry's answer.   

"It's a secret," Cherry returned with a playful smile. "Sorry, boys, it's a secret," Cherry teased Joe and Jackson.

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