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(Return from their honeymoon(1)

A month had passed since Wilson and Selina started their honeymoon. Derek and Amy waited anxiously at the arrivals hall in the airport, holding each other by the hand.     

Amy stretched her neck over the heads of passengers who came out. But they did not see the familiar faces of Wilson and Selina. "Why haven't they come out yet? Was their flight delayed?" she asked Derek beside her. "Where are they?"    

Derek checked his watch for the time. "I don't know. They should have come out by now,"  Derek answered. He was unaware of the reason for their lateness too.     

Wilson and Selina were supposed to be there at 10 o'clock. Amy grabbed Derek's arm to look at his watch and discovered it was already 10:30. Gradually, the frown on Amy's face was deepening to a scowl.   

Derek hugged Amy and stroked her back to calm her down. "Their luggage probably got delayed and they're stuck at the baggage claim. They'll be here soon. Don't worry,"  Derek reassured her.     

Amy nodded and smiled. "You're right. I'm just so excited to see them,"  Amy told Derek. Though she looked much calmer, she was still worried in her heart.     

"Look,"  Derek pointed to the exit. Amy followed the direction of his hand and watched Wilson and Selina walking out from the terminal. Wilson pushed the cart full of luggage while Selina held on to his arm. Both of them had sunglasses on while they searched the greeters.    

 Selina easily spotted Amy, just as Amy spotted her, and waved her arm high. 

"Amy!" She took off her sunglasses and they pushed their cart towards the couple.   

Amy waved to Selina and pulled Derek to meet them halfway.     

"Selina,"  Amy called out cheerfully as the couples approached each other.     

Derek was right behind Amy when they reached each other. And he quickly caught sight of Selina and Wilson too.    

 Selina embraced Amy with a tight hug, which Amy reciprocated. They all had bright smiles on their faces.     

"What happened to you two? We've been here waiting,"  Amy said.     

"I'm so sorry, Amy. Our flight was delayed and then the luggage came out delayed,"  Selina shared. She turned back to Amy with a hug. "It's so good to see you again!"    

Derek nudged Wilson and pointed to Selina's bright, smiling face,"You two are glowing. So you must have a good trip, right?"  

"Derek, what are you two boys whispering over there?" Selina said, blushing.     

Wilson smiled at Selina. "We did have a good trip,"  Wilson answered Derek, with his eyes still kept on Selina.     

"It better be. If the honeymoon wasn't good, I'd feel sorry for Selina,"  Amy teased Wilson. She and Selina held each other's hands tightly as they missed each other terribly when Selina was away, which made them look like a pair of sisters.     

"Oh Amy, I had the best time. And you will too, with Derek, when you go on your honeymoon. It's the best feeling,"  Selina gushed to Amy. Selina didn't even know how to start describing their one-month paradise trip. But she believed Amy knew she would experience the same thing during her honeymoon.     

"By all means, give us tips!" Derek joked.   
"No problem!" Selina laughed. Wilson patted Derek on the back and said,"I got you, Derek." Then Selina turned to Amy asking,"How are Jackson and Cherry?"  

  "They have never been happier. With everything that happened, they just want to appreciate their time together,"  Derek explained. Since the incident with Lily and the tokens, Jackson and Cherry had been so happy together, along with their lovely son. It was hard to capture in words the loving feeling he felt from being around them. And most importantly, Derek didn't want to admit that he had a poor expression ability.    

 "It's true. Cherry is so happy,"  Amy echoed. They had already cut down Joe's piano lessons so Cherry could rest more peacefully.     

"Should we go see them now?" Selina suddenly asked with an excited expression on her face.     

Selina asked Wilson. He told her at the plane that they could visit Cherry and Jackson after they dropped off their luggage at home. But maybe he'll agree to visit now.   

"Why not? I'd love to see my nephew, too,"  Wilson agreed. A smile grew wider on Wilson's face when the thought of seeing Joe entered his mind.    

 "Come on, let's go have lunch at Jackson's house,"  Derek said loudly.    

 "Great!" Selina took Amy's arm and hooked it with hers. She pulled Amy to walk beside her towards the exit, while they gabbed incessantly.   

  Derek helped Wilson with the overflowing luggage cart.    

 "How come it's so easy to forget us when their best friends arrive?" Derek asked Wilson. Derek wanted to ask Amy if Selina was more important than him in her heart. and why she flinched and moved away whenever he touched her in bed. She had never looked as happy as she was whenever she was with Selina.

   "Don't worry about it, Derek, that's just the way they are. I'm sure they'll go crazy when they see Cherry later,"  Wilson pacified Derek. They weren't at Jackson's home yet but Wilson could already picture the scene later. "They won't even notice anyone else but the three of them later."    

Derek nodded in agreement with Wilson.     In the car on the way to the Chu house, Amy gave Cherry a call.     

"Hi, Amy, what's up? What made you call all of a sudden?" questioned Cherry at the other end of the phone surprised. She wasn't expecting a call from Amy at that moment.    

 "Cherry, do you know what's happening today?" Amy teased.     

"Today?" Cherry checked the date on the calendar on the wall. "Oh, Wilson and Selina are coming back today, aren't they? Mom told me last week when I visited her. It's today, right?"  

"Yes, they're back. We just picked them up at the airport,"  Amy confirmed. She handed the phone to Selina.     

"Cherry!" Selina squealed into the phone.   
  "Selina!" Cherry perked up at the sound of Selina's voice. She was so happy to hear it again.     

"Yes, Wilson and I are back,"  Selina greeted Cherry.    

 "Where are you headed now? Are you going to your house first or going somewhere else?" Cherry asked excitedly. If they were going home first, she'd ask Jackson to drive her there. She missed Wilson and Selina very much and she would love to see them. She was always bored at home, with no one to talk to, and Jackson didn't want her going far. She could only go walk a few blocks from their home and back. It bored her to death.   

  "Well, somebody missed his little nephew and he wanted to see him right away,"  Selina teased.   

"Are you on your way here now?" Cherry asked, unable to hide her excitement.    

 "Yes! Tell Lily to prepare our favorites. We really miss eating them! And we're starving!" Selina requested.     

"Tell Derek to drive faster. I'll tell Lily to prepare lunch now so it'll be ready as soon as you arrive,"  Cherry stood up from the couch and waddled towards the door.     

"Of course!" Selina responded. "Are Jackson and Joe at home, too?"    

"We're all home,"  Cherry answered in a relaxed tone. "Jackson is helping Joe with his homework. Come quickly!"    

"Okay, we're near your area now and we should be there soon,"  Selina informed Cherry.

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