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(The beginning of new life(2)

Jackson and Cherry were silent and let all the information sink in. They waited for Lily to say more.    

 Lily took a deep breath before she told Jackson the truth. "Mr. Jackson, I am the best friend of your mother's." Jackson gasped.    

 Jackson barely remembered his mother. And he was surprised to meet someone who knew his mother, beside his grandfather.    

 Lily recounted her story. "When I was younger, this city was different. It was peaceful. When your parents died, I was in a different country, going through a divorce. When I returned, I went to visit their tombs immediately. It broke my heart to not have the opportunity to say goodbye to my best friend. I went to visit your grandfather at your house afterward. You were there, playing with your friends in the yard. You were probably there too, Derek. I watched you but you didn't notice me,"  Lily narrated. "I told your Grandpa about my story and he asked for me to stay and help raise you. You were his only concern."  

Jackson remembered how terrible he had been after his parents' death. At that time, his family had changed and been no longer happy.     

Derek was curious and asked,"What's on your bracelet?"    

Lily glanced at her bracelet and explained,"It's used to control Eric and Jonson. Andrew planned it, too. He knew Eric and Jonson could cause trouble so he gave me this bracelet, the only bracelet that could really control them, no matter what."    

Jackson remembered a name he heard earlier. "Who is Hellen?"   

 Lily explained,"She's my niece. Your Grandpa had her trained abroad. And as long as anyone causes any problem for the Chu family, she'll be there to take care of it."  

Lily reassured Jackson. "But it's done now. Hellen will return to where she was after she handles Eric and Jonson. All things are over now."    

Lily turned to Cherry. "Mrs. Cherry, please don't blame Joe for knowing the tokens. Even if he didn't know, I would be the one who would reveal it. Do you remember I asked to see your pendant? I wanted to make sure that it was the token. When I confirmed that it was, I knew where the other one was."    

Jackson nodded. "Thank you. I understand why Grandpa didn't tell me any of this."    

Lily smiled. "Your Grandpa knew that you'll be fine as long as I'm with you. And the more you knew, the more problems there will be for you. You know, when your mom brought you back here, there were a lot of people who wanted both of you dead. But Hellen stopped them. It was hard. Your Grandpa had offended a lot of people and created a lot of enemies in his time."  

Jackson tried to juggle his memory. He remember his Grandpa met with a lot of people when he was a little boy. He barely remembered them though because they were so many.     

Lily laid a hand on Jackson's shoulder. "It's all over now, Mr. Jackson. It will not happen again, we will make sure of that. You will be responsible for building up the reputation of the Chu family. The JC Group will have a new start and you should seize this opportunity."    

Jackson nodded, stared straight into Lily's eyes,"Yes, yes, I can do that. I will do that." Their problems were over now. So it was time to rebuild.   

  Lily was glad at Jackson's determination. He always knew clearly what he needed to do, and what kind of house he had to build. His Grandpa might not have taught him much, but he had learned a lot. He had his own skills and talents and he would be a good head of the family.   

Cherry suddenly realized a frightening matter. "Lily, are you going to leave us?" 

The thought of Lily leaving them was more than Cherry could bear.    

 Jackson, Joe, and Derek also became concerned.     

Lily fixed her eyes on Cherry,"Mrs. Cherry, do you want me to leave?"    

"No!" Cherry shook her head and turned to Jackson. "Honey, please let Lily stay. I don't want her to leave us."    

Jackson nodded,"Of course, honey." He didn't want Lily to leave either.     

Joe affirmed what his mother said,"Yes, please, Daddy, please let her stay with us."  

  Jackson hugged Joe closer before he spoke to Lily,"Since you're my Mom's best friend, I should call you Aunt Lily."  

Lily smiled,"There is no need, Mr. Jackson. Just call me Lily."   

 Jackson continued,"Please stay with us. We don't want you to go. Let's forget everything that happened and go back to the way it was before, when you took care of us." As the head of the Chu family, he always made the final decision.     

Tears formed in Lily's eyes. She had always been worried that when the Chu family knew who she was, they would ask her to leave. She had been with them for a long time and she continued to wish she would be with them for even longer. When she heard Jackson's request, it really warmed her heart.    

 Cherry reached out to Lily, who took her hand. "Even if you leave here, where will you go? When you stay, you'll take care of us, while we take care of you."   

 Lily nodded,"Thank you, Mrs. Cherry." She turned to Jackson and Joe with a smile,"Thank you for letting me stay."  

Derek broke the silence. "Let's celebrate! Today, we just fixed Jackson's problem. 

We can move on from the past and with our lives. We have a baby coming! The birth of your baby will be bring new color to our lives."   

 Derek's words made Cherry grin and she caressed her belly instinctively. She smiled at Jackson and hugged Joe.     Jackson held her shoulder and was quite happy. Jackson responded with a big grin and hugged her tight.     

Joe, happy that his mom was no longer mad at him, held on tight to Cherry.    

 Cherry proposed to Jackson,"Honey, let's move on with our lives, for our family."    Jackson grinned,"Yes, let's do that."    

Joe pouted at his parents' exchange,"Mommy, do you still want to be with me?" He cannot imagine why his Mommy only told that to his Daddy and not to him.   

Cherry laughed,"What are you talking about, Joe?"    

Joe declared,"I will always belong to Mommy and you belong to me for ever, not Daddy."    

Jackson stated to Joe,"Joe, your Mommy will always be my woman."   

 Joe said,"Jackson, she is still my Mommy."    

Cherry reprimanded Joe. "That's very rude, Joe."  

Joe apologized,"Sorry, Mommy. I'm going to call him Daddy."

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