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(The beginning of a new life(1)

When they reached their home, they knew their problems were over but they were still in shock. They all simply entered the house in silence, slumped down in the living room.     

Jackson sat next to Cherry, tightly held her hand in his.     

Jackson tucked Cherry's hair behind her ear and asked,"Are you feeling okay?"    Cherry nodded. "I'm okay." The situation earlier didn't faze her except for the part with Joe.     

Cherry looked at Joe beside him and asked,"Joe, how did you know that was the Token?"    

Cherry's voice was tight and confused. She was still unsure how her son knew. She wondered what else he knew.   

Joe sensed Cherry was angry and hugged her. "Mommy."    

Cherry used her angry voice and ordered Joe,"Tell me now."    

Joe looked up at Cherry's eyes. "I know a lot of stuff about our family, Mommy. And I just guessed the pendants were the token, and I was right."    

Jackson scratched his head. "How did you know these things about our family?" Jackson and Cherry have never discussed the Chu family with Joe. He certainly did not learn what he learned from them.     

"My school is one of the best here, right, Mommy, Daddy? All my classmates know Daddy, and ever since Grandpa Andrew died, everyone has been talking about our family. All the stuff I know was learned from my classmates,"  Joe explained the truth to Jackson and Cherry. He couldn't lie to them, not after what everybody went through. Joe looked at Cherry while he said this and thought that Cherry was able to read his thoughts.   

"Yes, Mommy,"  Joe answered and his head bowed down.     

Cherry's temper flared and she removed her hand from Joe's. She avoided his eyes and looked down on the floor when she spoke,"Do you know how dangerous that was?"   

 Jackson stroked her back and tried to soothe and calm Cherry down, afraid of what the stress might do to her pregnant state. "It's okay, honey, don't get too angry. Think of our baby."    

Cherry did not hear Jackson's words. She waited for Joe to speak.     

Joe began to sob. "I'm sorry, Mommy. I'll never do that again. I'm so sorry."    

Cherry finally turned to Joe,"Joe Shen, am I still your mother? Do you still want me to take care of you? Tell me if you no longer need me and I will leave you alone and you can do whatever you want." This was the first time she was this angry at Joe. And her anger made it impossible for her to check whether her words hurt Joe.   

Joe cried at his Cherry's words. He hugged Cherry tight across her belly. "Mommy, don't leave me, Mommy! I will always listen to you. I'll be a good boy, Mommy. Don't leave me."   

 Cherry began to calm down, partly because of Jackson's actions. She realized what she said to Joe and she felt ashamed. Her son was her heart, how could she ever leave him? But Joe was just too smart for his own good. 

And he did this all the time. She was worried that one day, he would be in real danger.     

Cherry couldn't stand the thought and tears fell down her cheek. Jackson held her close to him and she buried her face on his shoulder.     

Jackson comforted Cherry and Joe as best as he could but kept silent. There was too much stuff that happened that day and his mind had trouble processing them.   

Lily slid closer to the three of them and placed her hand over Cherry's, saying,"Mrs. Cherry, please don't be mad."    

Cherry nodded at Lily's words and wiped her tears. Besides her family, Lily and Derek were here and she couldn't cry in front of them.    

 Lily reached out to Joe and wiped the tears on his cheeks,"Don't cry, Joe."    

Joe looked at Lily,"Lily, Mommy is mad at me." Lily was more than just a nanny to Joe. He also thought of her as his grandma, who took care of him all the time.    

 Lily smiled and told Joe,"Then you need to behave so your mommy won't be mad anymore, okay?"    

Joe stopped sobbing. He nodded his head at Lily,"Okay."  

When she senses that Joe had calmed down, she turned to Jackson. "Mr. Jackson, since every is here, I'd like to say something. In fact, I need to say something."    

Lily glanced at Derek, who waited for her to speak more. "Mr. Derek is also a member of this family and I think he needs to hear this, too."   

 Jackson sighed. "Tell me everything. I want to know what exactly happened. And I want to know everything Grandpa told you." He knew Lily knew everything.     
Everyone was silent as Lily began to talk.     

"When Cherry left five years ago, your Grandpa told me that you loved her above anyone else. Before she left, he thought you were cold and unfeeling and you were ready to let go of Cherry by choosing Sally. But then you changed when she left and you tried to look for her. You became a different person, your Grandpa saw that."  

Lily paused for breath and continue,"From that time on, your Grandpa changed his thoughts."    

Jackson had to know. He urged Lily to keep talking. "And it led to where we are now?"    

Lily nodded. "Yes, but it should never have escalated like this. Your Grandpa didn't plan it thoroughly. He just had faith that, as long as you were in charge of the Chu house, the Chu family would continue to be the largest and most powerful royal family here. But Eric and Jonson would not be stopped. Your Grandpa believed in you. He believed, if Eric turned against you, you would be able to overpower him."    

Lily paused to smile at the Chu family. "Your Grandpa, he changed his mind when he saw the effect Cherry had on you. It changed you. You became better. 

You were no longer bossy and ruthless. And you learned to love the people and your family."  

Derek realized what the Chu patriarch did. "That's why your Grandpa made that decision. He wants to give you the choice to choose. You can choose to give up all or some of the powers that you have." He understood what Lily said and what Andrew Chu did.     

Lily nodded. She looked deep into Jackson's eyes,"Do you understand what happened today?"    

Jackson nodded. He has always understood his Grandpa's decision since they were each other's closest confidants. Jackson knew what happened earlier and what has happened in the Chu house.     

Cherry was still confused though. She turned to Lily with furrowed eyebrows. "But Lily, you-"   

 Lily lowered her eyes to the floor. "Mr. Jackson, Mrs. Cherry, I would like to apologize. I am very sorry for hiding all of this from you."    

Jackson stared at Lily. "It was also your plan to be our nanny. Is that correct?" Jackson asked to know the truth.   

Lily smiled at Jackson. "This was always your Grandpa's plan. And he made sure that it was kept secret."

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